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20 Questions








Query 1: Where are you from?

My pilot was birthed in a hive in Lor space; my Diplo shell was assembled at the Factory. I'm not allowed to be more specific than that.  


Query 2: How would you describe your physical arrangement? Is this different from how others would?

As a Diplomatic model, I was required to be attractive to the Lor, though I did have some say in my appearance; I liked the sort of 'curly mop hair' I'd seen in images and videos from the planet Earth, and I specifically requested it for my Ditra. They didn't get it right the first time, so I had to send the Factory image files; I must say I'm very happy with the results!


Most citizens I encounter find me attractive...at least until they find out my race.


Query 3: Do you have distinguishing speech characteristics or recurring mannerisms?

I choose my words carefully, which some people say makes me sound 'high class' or 'educated', though some people have used very rude words instead. I've been told I'm very 'touchy' or 'tactile', which not everyone likes.


Query 4: What is your motivation in life?

To show the universe that the Nameless can be more than just con artists, smugglers and escorts; we can be anything we want to be, just like anyone else.


Query 5: What would you consider your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

I am very good with people, as I was meant to be, but unlike some Diplos I've met, I actually like meeting new people and getting to know them.


In terms of weakness...I think my curiosity is both a strength and a weakness; I've learned a great deal thanks to it, but have also gotten into my share of trouble!


Query 6: What do you love? What do you hate?

I love getting to know someone for the first time, that thrill of discovery; there's a whole universe inside every sentient being.


I hate the Communion more than anything else I've ever encountered.


Query 7: How would you describe your mental and emotional functioning?

I could say 'optimal', but that would be a bit of a joke. I possess a great deal of knowledge, but I am always eager to learn more!


In terms of emotions, to use the Earth phrase of America, I am a 'people person', and I enjoy good company, whether they be coworkers, friends or lovers. I want to get to know more people than just members of my own race, because as you might guess, telepaths are not always the best friends.


Query 8: What do you fear the most?

Another Communion attack. I still have nightmares.


Query 9: What is your greatest ambition?

To be the first Nameless Imperiatrix; why not aim for the stars if you live among them? I would be just and wise, and look amazing in my robes of office!


Query 10: How does you feel about the state of the universe and your place in it?

The universe is neither just nor kind, unless you make it so.


The Nameless wielded great power in secret for over two hundred years, but we squabbled incessantly amongst ourselves, thereby proving we were unfit to rule the galaxy. Though it was horrible beyond words or thought, the Incursion was the best thing that could have happened to us, because it literally forced is out of shells and into the light. Though millions of free souls may hate us, we finally have an opportunity to be more than what the Harvesters designed us to be; we can be a true people, with goals and dreams and lasting works of art. We can forge our own future. 


Query 11: Does you have any prejudices? How do you get along with others?

I do not always like the Lor; though I understand why they don't trust us, many agents like myself are eager to work with them to improve all lives within the Republic. The Fifty Year Plan was a weight on all my people's shoulders, and to finally be free of it is something to celebrate.


Query 12: Where do your loyalties lie? In what order?

I am loyal first and foremost to my people, especially those in my hive. Then I suppose I am loyal to the Coalition, especially the residents of Coalition Victory Station. And then lastly to the Republic; to paraphrase the Earth sage of England, it doesn't work, but it's the best thing we've got.


Query 13: Do you have a lover, sexual partner or helpmate? How do they feel about you currently?

I do not have a mate at this time, but I am actively seeking a partner. Having a partner is better than being alone, as you may share thoughts and feelings with them, discuss the events of the day, and of course sexual activities are always enioyable. I would be open to partners from almost any race, though I admit a human of Earth would be somewhat exotic!


Query 14: Do you have a family? If so, what is your relationship like?

I am a member of the Second Hive; there are several hundred of us. I tend to get along better with other Seconds than with Firsts, who are too rigid for my tastes. The less I say about the Tertians, the better; I understand their anger and mistrust, but cannot abide their actions.


Query 15: How would those closest to you describe you?

I think they'd say I like the Lor too much, but I consider that a compliment!


Query 16: Do you consider yourself a role model?

I'd like to be a role model, or at least an example, to show that the Nameless are not all bad, and that we have much to offer the Republic if we were given a chance.


Query 17: How spiritual are you? Do you follow a religious tradition?

Like most of the Nameless, I revere the Great Mother, the First Queen, the Queen Before Queens. Faith in the Mother is very personal, and I send my feelings to Her often, especially when facing a hard decision.


Query 18: Are you part of a team, or would you like to be? Why?

I'm not currently part of a team, but I think I'd enjoy that very much; I like helping people and showing other things our people can do.


Query 19: Are you aware of the planet known as Earth in the Sol System?

Yes I am; I have studied many images and flies from that strange planet. I think there are many offworlders living among them, such as the American 'Tom Cruise'.


Query 20:  How do you feel about the treatment of metahumans and offworlders on the planet known as Earth in the Sol System?

It seems that humans are not always so good to those who are unlike them; even their 'heroes' are not always trusted! But there are many good folk as well, who at least try to see beyond differences. I would like to visit that world someday.




Meta Query: If you could give one piece of advice to your hero, what would it be?

Space is big; find some good friends and stick to them like glue! Also don't be afraid to be vulnerable; the 'meatbags' appreciative that sort of thing, and in time, so will you.

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