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Human Tapestry

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A villain sprung up out of talk for Spitfire and Vitalus team up thread. Things discussed:


- Will be a credible threat first appearance. Jobber afterwards.

- Powers were never really decided on. Takes tattoos off people? Empowers himself off of others tattoos? Forces control on inked persons?

- Tone of the villain will be a silver interpretation of an iron age villain. He's rude and angry and doesn't like anyone!


These are subject to change. If the peanut gallery wants to chime in/get on this, speak up :D

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So for powers I think we should look to summon minion and the minions come from the tattoos.


I don't think they should all be the same, so Broad would be good to add to it


Plus that way we can work in fighting some of our favorite Tattoos we hate to give like:



Bugs Bunny

the zodiac symbols


Chinese lettering!

oh of course we'd have to fight a dragon! Duh!


as far as PL goes

Credible threat version:  Pl14-15


Post threat Jobber:  PL9-12?


Maybe he has something that amps his power, which is why he's chosen now to make his bid in the world of super villainy


Perhaps some sort of ancient tattoo ink that boosts his powers?

Or he made some sort of deal with a Power of somekind (I believe there's a FC Villain that does just that sort of thing)


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Not sure about a source of power, but in Hawaiian myth, weresharks (exactly what it sounds like.) were marked with Tattoos. 


I have also seen a tattoo based hero (used a different system) that could turn into any creature he had slain. He had to be able to touch his tattoos to use his ability.


so maybe this person can take powers/abilities/forms from people and defeated foes. And has gotten their hands on something really powerful. 


Just ideas! 

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Thanks, @Kolohehonu! I know little about Hawaiian myth, so if you wanna consult on that.


@EviscerusNox, I'm not too sure about minions. Well, not too many at least. I'd like for Human Tapestry to do well without the minions.


So, where do we start this? Wesley has a shop in Riverside. @alderwitch's Renegade has a shop (hey, wanna join in?). It doesn't have to be a shop. could be a convention or a get together.




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I figure spitfire might show up at a convention looking to make connections/get a job since his shop closed down while he was away


So for human tapestry maybe he draws different Powers from the tattoos on his skin then.  Either a variable array of different arrays depending on the tattoo he accesses


 I could be persuaded to write up a whole box sheet if needed


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I figure we could work on the stats together.


I like a little bit of both. Wereshark with the ability to power up from tattoos. The minions, if he has any, could be human followers.


It takes all of us together to put him down the first time. That said, I don't want this to be a boring slog of a fight. Any ideas on how we could avoid "he swings we swing"?

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well if we go wereshark maybe his tattoos give him some water powers as well?  Give him an array so he's not just blasting or punching at us, like create object and snare and the like.  Make it dynamic so he can have multiple things going at once to give us all troubles.


Plus instead of it's just us trying to beat him, say he has some of the bystanders in death traps or something, we have to deal with those while we fight him to save everyone?

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Human Tapestry stats.


Shark Totem (made by EternalPhoenix)




Growth 6




Tattoo Powers X (up to PL14)


Afterwards, when he's defeated, he'll probably not have this power or have a quantifiable not so powerful version of it.


Storywise, he's either actually a wereshark aware of his divinity and it sparks. Or he was a human who wanted power and somehow got it. Maybe he made a deal with the devil. maybe he went through shady genetics brokers. Either way, he's made his way to the tattoo convention to show off. Feeling slighted (somehow), he goes on a rampage!

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