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Media Frenzy (OOC)

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Worth noting: Drone Master is one of the more memorable rogues gallery member's for hyperactive's parents (and Hyperactive) don't know how much these guys researched them, but these drones look very much like Drone Master's. But like Alexandra will tell you: way better.

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Ok cool: for this thread I had in mind - although he wont be the antagonist - an old enemy of his parents, but a minor one, called "The Parrot" who had ventriliquist like powers and robot puppets (very Silver age). He is now very old, and had a major stroke a few years ago. Would that be ok cannon. 

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So for this scene feel free to narrate any backstory you wish about the "Parrot", with the following guidelines:


1. Only crossed swords a few times (two or three)

2. Minor supervillian with psychic-based ventriliquist powers, sometimes used relatively low powered robots to do his work. 

3. Dressed like a parrot, could mimic anyone / anything. 

4. Was not exactly evil, more disturbed in the head, with violent outbursts and low self esteem. 

5. On that note, he was trying to break it into entertainment, and whilst modestly skilled and completely obsessed with being famous, he was too unstable to win anybody over. 

6. "Retired", secret ID intact (i.e. he escaped some how) and unknown, at least twenty years ago. 

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Ok so I guess DM2 would have used her computer skill and online research she definitely took 10 on that. I imagine she's PL 5 at most. So whatever you think is appropriate, and also she's showing Hyperactive what he would care about: Chance for fame.


so a 15 at least. But I just want to know how big a deal this guy actually is.

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Zuyt is hot stuff, but not well known. He is considered a talent by those in the know, and displays a high level of smarts and charisma. He is essentially on the cusp of fame being new, and whilst he divides critics, everyone agrees he is a name to look out for. 


His boast about multi-media is true - he is talented in computers as well as filming and art. 

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Ok so Taking 10 on a notice Check unless I can take 20 via quickness. Looking for anything that looks like it could be dangerous.


also looking for Zyte/a camera. Hyperactive probably would wait for Zyte before he starts really talking if possible. 


and finally just noting that Hyperactive is sincere right now. If he has to repeat it he may not be...

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It certainly does hit (they are minions)


Fort Save vs Paralyse: 1d20+7 19 now, I had a brain fart - their fort bonus is actually +4 not +7, which would make their save 16, just failing. On the principle that minions take the worst result (some debate about that for non damage but Ill ignore it), and we dont want splattered brains at this juncture, the thug is paralysed (and effectively out)


Open fire on Hyperactive: 3#1d20+5 13 19 18 they all open fire, they all miss Hyperactive. 


Post your zipping around IC :)

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Thats an automatic hit, and, for that matter, and automatic knockout. 


For their action, the two remaining thugs will run, scoot outside, onto some nifty Quad Bikes!


And in the nick of Narrative time, Ztye, Michelle, and Zane! are arriving outside for more civillians at risk!


For all those civvies at risk, an HP, So:


Hyperactive 2 HP - Unharmed

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