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May 1st


Chicago, the Seasonal


Enter: Zyte Guyst


(aka Alvin Gaye)


Zyte Guyst was a short guy, with a mop of unruly dyed red hair and and an artistic beard. He just about pulled off being cool and trendy without turning himself into a pastiche. Zyte was a bit of an artist, a multi-media film maker who had seeped into the internet and film festivals. He liked making in-ya-face, provocative art house films and investigative journalism. Truth was often bent, but as Zyte always said "what is truth, anyhowways?"


With a portable camera by slung over his shoulder, and his favourite entourage of Zane! the cool stuntguy / bodyguard and Michelle Hill, ex-actress, now sensible aide, he proudly pressed the knocker. 


"Unanounced is best, huh, Hilly?" he asked his aide. 


"Uh-huh, sure, Zyte, always the best..." she sighed, and examined her nails. They were well done, and whilst they could be admired, didn't need examining. She just didn't want to be there right now. Her job was to curb Zyte's excesses. She didn't feel like she was doing a good job...





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"Can I help you?" A voice asked through the door. On the other end of the line was a young woman with an earpiece in. Alexandra Philips aka Drone Master II was supposed to be learning from Mr. October, one of Chicago's heroes. Instead she had to patch into the Seasonal's security system via her technopathy. "Whoever you actually are?" 


"What's up DM2?" Asked Mr. October, calling for a time out with the other two young heroes in training. 


"Someone is at the door sir. I mean they don't look dangerous. I could shoot them." Grinned Alexandra activating two of her "quintocopter" drones, a very different design from her mother the original Drone Master. 


"Anyone here actually think these guys are here for deadly trouble?" October asked. The three young heroes shook their head no, even the drones did. "Lets hear them out first." 


"If it's a stupid answer can I still shoot them?" 


"DM." October replied folding his arm. 


"I'll take that as a maybe." The young lady replied with a grin. She turned her focus back to the door. "So who are you? Why are you here? And what is up with your stupid beard... sorry my boss said that was rude." 

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Zyte gave the thumbs up to Zane! who responded eagerly in the same manner. So did Michelle, without being eager at all. 


"Great" she said despairingly to Zyte. 


"Neat-0!" said Zyte with a grin. "So, this is Zyte Guyst, multi-media art-eest, and I am here to speak to a Miss S. Speedster, and a Mr. October, coolest superheroes in North Chicago!" he said, giving a winning (at least in his own mind) grin. 


"Seriously, we are no threat, Just armed with a camera and a few questions. Can't let our heroes be forgotten! I can paint them in a great light!...err...they are in, right?" he asked, hopping from foot to foot with excitement. 

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"They're here for a meeting." Drone Master told Mr. October as he grabbed his cape. It was more tedious than anything during training. Drone Master looked up the day's schedule. "Not on there. I'd tell him to go back, but well I don't actually think that would help. Now should I shoot him?" She sighed. "I uh had them on speaker for all that, sorry Mr. October."


"Pencil them in. You guys can have a break. If this runs long or they get rowdy, the three of you can escort them out." Mr. October said before sending a text to his wife to meet the guests in the "kitchen." It was a room in the front of the base that could be used for cooking, but mainly served to make guests feel at ease. "DM have our guests escorted in by drones." 


"Ok you've been granted a meeting." DM said and unlocked the reinforced oak doors and caused them to swing inwards. Six quintocopters flew out of the front hall and surrounded the small group. All of them at once let out DM's voice. "Follow closely please, the rotors are sharp." 



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"Cool!" said Ztyle, pointing with both hands at the drones. "Like, totally the Drone Master, right? Am I right? Am I?"


"Sure you are!" said Michelle and Zane! in totally different tones. 


"You know it, dudes!" said Zyte, swaggering forward. "Zyte has his finger on the pulse. And what has the pulse got on it?"


"Your finger" echoed Michelle and Zane!


"And your finger is up your...murmured Michelle, as quietly as possible. 


"So, hey, like is it cool, I mean, I know it is cool, but like its also cool to ask, is it cool to film here?" asked Zyte, bringing out his camera and hovering over the "On" switch. 

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"Oh no. If I was the original Drone Master, you'd be dead." DM2 said. She kept them in line as she lead them to the "Kitchen." The three of them were escorted into a kitchen with an island and bar with a set of stools. October's Red Maple leaves were on the walls and counter tops. Sunset Speedster and Mr. October we're in full costume. The two of them were in their full red and orange gear, which was the same as the neatly displayed utensils. 


They gave their look over of the three visitors. Sunset looked at her husband and he shrugged. Neither of them were impressed. 


"You can." Mr. October declared, this was the public portion of the base. He folded his thick arms over his chest. "Do you want some water Mr. Guyst or any of your crew?" October asked. 


"Feel free to take a seat." Sunset Speedster said, not bothering to take one herself. "Thanks for showing them in DM2."


"You're welcome ma'am." DM2 responded. She blinked as she moved most of her consciousness away from the room. 

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"Just some Ultra-whizz, for me, thanks!"


"And me!" echoed Zane, already twitchy from caffeine withdrawal. 


"Just water for everyone" superseded Michelle. 


Zyst seemed to carry on energy and enthusiasm undimmed. "So, wow, the Sunset Speedster! Mr. October! you look great, seriously! What a great role model you are to kids today" he said. 


"I'm making a small multi-media art-doc on the legacy of superheroes through the ages. What echoes do they have in the now? What do they regret, what would they change, what would they be most proud of? How do they think they have affected the world we live in today? I'm not talking about saving the world, I'm talking about their cultural influence" he said. He had the air of someone, who despite his evident ego and superficial charm, actually had a grasp on psycho-social issues. 


"Care to share?"

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"Well you seem up to date, Mr. Guyst." Mr. October said smiling. The man wasn't a threat, and the two of them were both secure enough and rehearsed enough to field any kind of question. "I'm sure you're familiar with the hero training we do here at the Seasonal. But if you want a story that defines our vision-" 


"Parrot, really?" Asked Sunset Speedster as three glasses of water appeared in front of the crew. Superspeed made checking for weapons easy too.


"Yes Parrot dear. We were far younger heroes when we faced him. In the few times we faced him, he was a thief he mostly stole exotic birds from Lincoln park and Brookfield zoo, it was clear he wasn't an evil man." 


"Just sick." Sunset Speedster added in. "He would use his powers of mimicry and mechanical control to break into places and get away. He was a kleptomaniac." 


"Eventually he got away, fell off the radar after his one major success." Mr. October said. "Now here was our realization, we were the most active heroes at the time. But were we making the world better for people like our son? If his parents weren't heroes who knows what a terror he could have been?" They did. They'd faced Ku'mana and multiple versions of Sedate. "In fact, parrot is the reason why Drone Master II is our ward. And a few other heroes we are mentoring." 


"I know Condor passed a few years ago, but his daughter may be helpful." Sunset Speedster added. "There aren't a lot of heroes in Chicago, but I suppose most of us would be legacies after a fashion." 

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"Thats great!" said Zyte, turning off his camera. 


"You know, I think I have tracked down the Parrot. And his son" he explained. "I'm not sure, but it would be a great story. A kind of legacy thing. Reflections on fame and fortunes..." he explained, gazing into the distance, entranced by his own vision, his hands expanding the imaginary screen in front of him. 


"And as a parallel, I would like to speak to your son, Hyperactive! Great name, great guy. Would like to give him a spotlight, chance to speak out. Trust me, Zyst can reach mega-audiences!" he said, full of encouragement. 


"You don't have to fear anything from the Parrot, let me reassure you" he added, quickly. "Although from what I understand, your son can more than handle himself, am I right? Yes, I am right!" he said, confidently. "If I am right, and I am, the man I think is the Parrot is in his eighties and had a major stroke. Wheelchair bound and not the man he was. Which might be a good thing, although I think he might still be a little cynical and bitter...all great stories to show, though!"

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"I'm sure our son would love to meet you. He would be very very excited to have even more spotlight." Sunset Speedster said with a slight smile. "And we'd love to help Parrot and his son in any way we can." 


"We want to make sure all parties are represented fairly." Mr. October added. His son had a habit of shoving his foot in his mouth, or worse yet to keep running when his foot should be in his mouth. "And yes Hyperactive is a capable hero in his own right, we aren't worried about his safety." Mr. October said, ignoring the disapproving look from his wife. She hated when he spoke for her emotions. "We can absolutely reach out to him for you."


"You said Parrot is in a wheelchair. What about the son?" She cut in at super speed. "Hyperactive should have any information he needs." 



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"His Son, ah, well...if I am right about the Parrot, his son is an actor called Adam Altman works in Hollywood, or at least, tries too. He isn't bad, but he isn't great either. And you know what Hollywood is like. You have to have famous parents, famous luck, or famous talent to succeed. Adam hasn't got any. Been trying for the past year. Done a few pilots in supporting roles, ended up in a few low budget flicks like Zombie Pirate Hell and My Hyena is on Fire!, but not getting anywhere. Doubt he will, really" he said, almost sadly. 


"But you know, with a bit of publicity, he might stand a chance. No such thing as bad publicity! Hell, I make my career on it!" he said cheerfully. "And talent, of course. I got my finger on the pulse, and the pulse has my finger ON IT!" he said, snapping both his fingers and feeling awesome, his eyes closed with the bliss of being himself. 


"But I doubt a second rate Hollywood actor is going to be much of a danger. Even if he did co-star in By the thrust of my blade!....some medieval ninja flick, I think" he said, for once not entirely sure of myself. 


"So, how do I hook up with your AWESOME! son?"

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Warrior Cave, just outside Waco, TX. 


Hyperactive hated desk duty. Especially with nothing happening! The world could move painfully slow for the young speedster, and today was one of those days. 




Hyperactive saw the message flash on screen. He flipped the switch and started checking his gloves and boots. 

"Hey can I talk to- Oh hey Hyperactive!" Alexandra Phillips said. 

"DM2! What is up?" Hyperactive replied before raising an eyebrow. "How did you know I answered?"

"Is Alan Alchemy a computer scientist?" Asked DM2. Hyperactive raised a finger. "I hacked your web cam. We got a visitor, a Zyte Guyst, film guy from Hollywood. Wants to talk to you."

"Why?" Hyperactive asked trying to make the video call two-way. 

"Well he's looking to make some kind of piece about Parrot and his son." She paused. "Something about legacies."

"Go talk to Condor." 

"He digs the name Hyperactive." DM said before dumping everything she had found on Zyte online. 

"Have I told you that you're my favorite sister recently?" Hyperactive asked as he started tracking with DM2's numbers of fame. 

"Expect an angry text from Kas." Laughed Alexandra. "I'll patch you into the room." 


"Mr. Guyst, I hear you have a proposition for me?"

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"I sure do, Mr. Active! I mean, let me first say what an absolute MONSTER! it is to speak to you. That's means awesome by the way" said Zyte, enthusiastic and airy. 


"Look, let me introduce myself. My name is Zyte. Zyte Guyst. Like in Zeitgeist, because I have my finger on the pulse, and on the pulse is my finger! Monstersauce!" he said, speaking fluently but with eloquence and elocution. 


"I am the new kid on the block when it comes to Multi-media 360 degrees 4D art. Stick with me, my friend, and I'll have your name on viral holo-memes throughout the land!"


His pause was brief and only to catch breath. 


"I'm doing an art-house docu-drama piece on the legacy of superheroes through the ages. I want to speak to the new generation about the previous one. And you sound like a perfect fit! I know you may not have the best image, but I can give you publicity supreme!"


"I'm doing a parallel piece on the Parrot, speaking to his son, too...I hope" he said, mumbling the latter. "If you are up for it, I would love to interview you together, you know, a bit of peace and love and all that?"


"Anyway, I'm doing this all in Hollywood? Can you meet me there? I understand travel is not an issue for you...whooya!"

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Hyperactive watched DM2 live fact check this guy. It all checked out. He needed a story and Hyperactive loved good publicity. He was fairly certain this wasn't a trap, even a purely social one. 


"I'd be happy to honor my parent's legacy by helping any way I can. Also would love to meet Parrot. Heard all about him from my folks and Condor growing up." He would have to run home, he'd need that framed article Parrot escapes from and with Condor. From the time Parrot had robbed the Lincoln park zoo and got away. He'd always wondered what happened to that bird. "I can meet you there. I'm on shift for two more hours before my peers can relieve me and then I can run right over. Will have to stop and grab some clothes to meet in. But then I should be there."

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The very next day...midday...


Hollywood, land of broken dreams and crushed souls...


And, as it happened, the offices of Zyte Guyst. He had his own offices, named, appropriately enough Pulse Media!


Whilst Hyperactive could zip around the country in minutes, Zyte had to make do with his personal luxury plane in a few hours. He also wanted to prepare and look over filmed footage. 


By midday, however, he was ready for Hyperactive. Just him, Zane!, Michelle, and a few poor lackeys trying to get a leg up on his coat tails. Admittedly, some of his employees had genuine talent, like the make up artist and lighting engineer. But overall, Zuyt like to get involved in everything. Annoyingly, he was quite good at everything too. 


Michelle was waiting outside as the clock struck midday. She didn't think Hyperactive would be late, but she looked at her watch anyway. In her other hand, some double frothed skinny machiato for Hyperactive, and a selection of donuts. 

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Hyperactive arrived in a flash of speed. He'd promised Emily he'd pick up some flowers from that little flower shop in LA while he was out here. She'd decided not to come, work with AEGIS. He had learned not to ask. He was just glad her job made actual money. Instead of all the favors he had to trade in.


Hyperactive had changed into a more formal version of his usual get up. His helmet had been replaced with a ski goggles like visor. The green plastic wrapped over his eyes and went back almost to the ears where it locked into a silver metal. It still covered most of his face, but it left some of his forehead, all his nose, and all his hair exposed. Still protected his secret identity. He had gone with a black suit, Hyperactive Green shirt, and Silver tie with green H's. His shoes though were the same as his usual suit. 


In one hand was a bag with his normal suit, helmet, and the article. No sense in going anywhere without his normal costume. He arrived right in front of the young woman with the coffee. 


"Hello, I'm Hyperactive." He smiled and gave a slight bow. "I'm here to meet with Zuyt Guyst?"

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"Welcome to Pulse Media!" said Michelle, with a practised smile. She was quite good at it, in honesty - a switch and she went into professional acting mode. "My name is Michelle and I am here to look after you. We are so looking forward to working with you" she added, offering the coffee and donuts. 


She opened the door and let Hyperactive in. The Pulse Media studios were not bad, not great, certainly functional. It lacked the sheen of some major Hollywood players, and whilst it had its little luxuries like a kitchen and a backyard pool, it did not drip those luxuries. It was also basically open plan, with only a small office to the side for Zyte, complete with en-suite bathroom and a range of his casual clothes. 


On one matter it did excel. Electronics. Realms of computers, wires, a back up generator, and cameras. Zyte had his own server here, and all the IT to back it up. He could run a Special-effects company from this place, or be a games designer. And he did in fact dabble in those areas. 


Zyte spotted Hyperactive straight away. 


"Wow! You are awesome! So glad you can come. Seriously. Awesome. Seriously awesome" he said, enthusiastic and friendly. 


"Do you need anything? Coffee? Donuts? Mystical lightning bolts? Well, don't have any mystical lightning bolts here. Might have to order those in. But seriously, anything you want. Have a go on my VR game Die bureaucrat, DIE! if you want. We have some burgers flipping out back, you can take a swim too if you packed your trunks..."


"Michelle, you did offer him donuts, didn't you?"

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Hyperactive beamed. He had already eaten all the doughnuts. The run across the country had made him famished. He had snapped a few pics for his sisters. DM2 would be furiously jealous. 


"It's an honor to be here." Hyperactive adjusted his suit. "No need for mystical lightning, that's more of my associates' domains." He laughed. "I'll pass on any more doughnuts and I try to avoid caffeine usually, stereotypical speedster. And as much as I appreciate the offer for video games, I tend to break most electronics. Though VR would be an interesting training tool..." Hyperactive's mind ran away for a while. "But I will say you could give Archetech a run for their money." Probably true, Archetech wasn't as big on the entertainment things. 


"This place is awesome Mr. Guyst. Or can I call you Zyte." 



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"You can indeed, my friend, you can indeed!" smiled Zyte, warmly. Or at least, apparently warmly. This was Hollywood, after all. Everyone was an actor. 


"Please, take a seat. Have some more donuts!" he clicked his fingers at Michelle, who groaned. "Get some more donuts delivered. Make sure it includes some Double creamy choc-nuts, my fave!"


Turning back to Hyperactive, he set up his camera. 


"This ok? Just some basic docu-footage. Cant be shown without your permission etceteraaah etceteraah" he said, affecting a yawn at the law. "I was just going to start with a few basic questions. What was it like growing up with Superhero parents? Did you feel you had something to live up to? Are they proud? Disappointed? A bit of both?"

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"Well those are some good questions." Hyperactive smiled. "But it isn't just my parents. My grandfather was a super, Summer Son. Also my parents friends helped raise me, and yep they were super. Believe me it made it impossible to sneak out when your uncle is the Condor, Chicago's Cowl." He laughed and then paused on a sad smile. "I miss him." 


"But yes I was pushed. I was held to a higher standard. I made Dad proud, mom knew I could do better. A little better technique and I'd go faster. A little better control and I'd make less of a mess. Uncle Condor was quick to push me, but he also made sure I knew the scale of my achievements. There was a time for celebration, even for the small things." 


"Also when mom is the team medic, you can never play Sick." He laughed again. "I was trained from the day I could run to become Summer Son II. It was always difficult. I was running a race against someone who was boxing. Not comparable at all. But compared I was."

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"Wow, awesome stuff!" said Zyte, giving the thumbs up and turning off the camera. 


"That's just the warm up though. The real bite is I think I have tracked down a supervillain called the Parrot, whom I believe had a few run ins with your parents. Huh, great stories. I loved the robotic emu stealing the duchess' pearl necklace. You couldn't make it up!" he said, pleased with himself. 


"Living in some hospice now. Had a stroke, wheel chair bound. Guy is over eighty. I wanted to get his side of the story, too, and his Sons. Now, admittedly I haven't actually got proof he is the Parrot. But I figure with you there, a camera, and the chance to tell his story...well, it might push him, you know? Nobodies going to prosecute now, anyway. He hasn't been active for over thirty years and never really committed anything worse than theft. Plus he's an old, sick man."


"What do you say? A chance to explore your past?"

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"Well I'm absolutely down to explore my past. I wasn't aware Parrot had multiple kids." Hyperactive smiled. He grabbed a few more doughnuts. "So why do you think he's Parrot? If you don't have any conclusive evidence I'm just interested in what pulse you're feeling." Hey Hyperactive of all people loved the catchphrase game. 


"Yes the emu was great. I remember the way uncle Condor used to tell the stories. The way he had a knack of appearing even when Condor couldn't detect him. Mom and Dad couldn't either, but Condor was a world class detective. He had a degree of professional respect for the guy." Hyperactive paused. "He really wanted to help Parrot. So did my parents." 

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"Simple" replied Zyte "I created a computer algorithm tracking down web hits for The Parrot and cross referenced them with web search psych - profiles...and...ah....well, yes, it may have been a little bit borderline grey kind of area in the possibly not quite legal sense" he squirmed, his pride and caution fighting a battle. 


"Tsk hsss...." hissed Michelle. 


"Anyway, its not actually proof so to speak but between digging around in the internet and good old fashioned bribery...I mean, financial incentives. I am 97% sure I got him. Walter Altman...lives in the Gold Star retirement home right here in Hollywood. Not sure its a gold star service, though..."


"The best way, I think, is to approach is son, Adam Altman...some second rate action actor. Third rate, maybe. I mean, he hasn't hit the big time..." he frowned. 


"If we can persuade him to see Walter, maybe we get the tears flowing, we all start being open and honest and, like, healing, you know?" he explained. 


"In any case, I can see your family have tried to help the Parrot. Maybe you could give yourself an image boost, awesome - style, by helping the Altmans?"

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"Let me guess, you keep him in line?" Hyperactive asked Michelle. He wasn't sure how much that entailed but he worked with Dr. Orion, it wasn't a fun job. 


"I'm happy to meet with the Altman's. Yeah Parrot is critical to the work the Seasonal and dare I say the Warrior Cave does. So any meeting would be a great step." He smiled. Hyperactive was beginning to form the idea that not all of this man's research might be above board. He'd text Alexandra about any odd breaches in security, retired supervillains were one thing active heroes were another. He didn't seem the type to sell secret identities for money, but this man seemed like he'd do anything for fame. So would you Tyson. Which wasn't true, not really anywhere near it, but it had a kernel of reality in it. 


"You're right, I'd hate to walk in on an old man like I'm there to arrest him." Hyperactive smiled. "His son Adam I'd love to meet."

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A little later...


...Hollywood, "Pumpathon" Gym


As it happened, Adam Waltman was at Pumpathon Gym. He seemed to be there half the time, finding little in terms of gainful employment. 


"Sure, he hitting the iron" said the Receptionist, a bored failed actress just the wrong side of thirty (and thus, virtually on the scrap heap by Hollywood standards). She stopped doing her pink nails for a moment. "Careful though, he is a bit of a...." she crossed her eyes and tapped the side of her head. 


And in the gym itself, smelling of sweat, exercise, and chemical help for sweat and exercise, was Adam Altman himself. 


By first glances, he should have made it. He was tall, about 6'2", and whilst not incredibly handsome, he had a certain look to him. He was pushing insane weights, and had the body to show for it. His face was contorted in a mask of equally insane effort. 


"Gods, look at those Guns!" murmured Zyte, observing Adam curling some horrifically big dumb bell. 


"Mr. Altman, Mr. Altman? Could I have a moment of your time? Mr name is Guyst. Zyte Guyste...you may have heard of me?" he said, boldly interrupting. 


"Huh...what do you want?" grunted Adam. He has a smooth voice, but it seemed sort of flat, controlled, almost vacant. 


"And whats with him? Come to make your name in Hollywood?" he asked Hyperactive, with a foul bitterness to his words. "Maybe Superheroes have a chance. Rest of us have to suck it up..." he spat.

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