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The Sick and the Serpentine (OOC)


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Capt Hammer isn't actually bluffing; being genuine (at least, right now). Seems a bit tense and perhaps a bit drowsy or hypnotised, but not in a full out mind controlled way, just that kind of dreamy trance one can get driving down a motorway or the like. 


With super senses active, please make a notice roll DC 15

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Swapping to Pele array

im going to hit the snake with the bag. Which as a note has the costume and schoolwork in it. He could crush the helmet, if you feel like making this real complicated.


Smack the Snake: 1d20+7 12


I doubt that hits but in any case Kid K stands his ground. See if he wants to grapple with a superhuman Lua warrior.

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The Snake will attack back (as you say, thats a miss: For reference using the Constrictor Snake stats of core book, namely defence +5). 


Attack Kimo: 1d20+5 15 which I think is just a hit. 


DC 18 Toughness save, and as it has Improved Grab feat, a grapple. Its grapple roll is: Grapple vs KK: 1d20+8 18. Given KK will have a grapple of +22, that will fail automatically. 


Meaning Round 2 and KK is up again. 

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Toughness vs KK: 1d20+3 19


Bruised as well. 


As for grapple: grapple vs KK2: 1d20+8 23 which means you have the snake pinned and grappled (Fail by 5). 


Given your overwhelming grapple advantage, lets pause at that moment with narrative bendy-time. Other stuff will happen, but feel free to damage it or throw it according to your whim. 


Also please direct me as to how this might interact with his secret ID and visibility and how you might want to play it. 

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Ok I may have this wrong but its about 200, 250 lbs. Your effective throwing STR if 66. Thats 50 points more than needed to lift the snake as a heavy load, or 10 points on the distance progression table, meaning x1000 range, or 5000'. More than enough to put it out of play. 

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Will Save vs Mind Reading: 1d20+5 13 a failed Will save vs Mind Reading. You can read surface thoughts for as long as you are concentrating (next will save, 1 minute). 


I'm exerting some control over Diplomacy check for these characters. That roll is enough to dull their vexation at you, but I'm going to bypass the whole "Friendly / Unfriendly" ratings - I personally don't find those helpful for major characters in a story. 

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