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[OOC] Gone Hawking

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First off: Yeah, definitely no animal that would be native to parts around Freedom.

The scratches are, almost certainly, claws, judging by how they run down the torsos and the space between them. Quite large claws, if the amount of dried blood and other stuff next to them is any indication they go fairly deep. Claws, Talons, or something similar. But certainly more than one per attack, not really something that was easily faked.

The shoulder was, if the parts surrounding it are any indication, just ripped off with a lot of force. Quite a lot, considering it would have to break through at least a few bones. But it wasn't carefully removed or anything. Just brute forced, with almost complete certainty. Whatever did this probably grabbed (or bit?) onto one part, and was strong enough to rip the rest away.


As for the area surrounding the corpses, there's not much to tell. The photos aren't that great, and focus on the corpses, so it's hard to tell anything about them by the background. Except for the fact it's, almost certainly, in Wharton.

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Okay, so:



There’s some tracks in the area. Most of them don’t seem to belong to the corpse. However, what’s noticeable is that all of them keep a fair bit of distance from it, about 3 ft. Even the ones clearly belonging to predators, that would get an easy meal from a corpse like this just lying around.

There’s also tracks belonging to the dead animal, coming from the north. They’re pretty old and faded at this point, just barely noticeable. As well as a really strange looking, barely visible set of tracks, that doesn’t really look like anything Riley’s seen before. A single, sort of jaggedy rectangle, with distances of perhaps 2 ft between the prints.

There’s also one set of human (shoe) footprints, probably some sort of park ranger

Upon looking around a bit, Riley notices that there’s no birds close-by (Jann excluded). None on any of the trees that are directly within line of sight. A closer inspection of the corpse reveals that there’s something on all the wounds, which, when inspected closer, looks fairly similar to charred flesh. It might even be!

There’s not actually much else in the area when it comes to searching through the grass. Some broken twigs that help with the tracks, a bush of berries (ripe, but untouched), but nothing that really stands out as not fitting in.

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The Bunny won't do anything, Jann's gonna go for another ranged attack as I just realized I never got him Move-By Attack.


Trading 4 Attack for Damage


Attack: 1d20+9 29

And it's a Crit. Let's make it +5 Damage, for a total of 16 Damage, so, DC 31.

Toughness Save: 1d20+6 24


Aw. Just another Daze + Bruise. 3 Bruises now.

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Okay! Jann's gonna go for a slam attack, and activate his Jetpack to carry him upwards next turn:


+4 Damage from an Accelerated Move

+2 Hit from the Charge

-2 Defense too


Gonna tradeoff 5 Attack for damage, and then attacking with the BP:


Attack: 1d20+10 13 (just realized i put in the wrong campaign, oops!)

Ouch. That one fails, so let's spend a HP on that, bringing Jann down to 3 HP (since he had one from before)


Rerolling Attack: 1d20+10 14

Make that 24, which means another +3 Damage from Autoattack

4+5+3+the Base 7 for a DC34 Save:


Toughness Save: 1d20+16 30

Just a Bruise on the rock, as for Jann:


Toughness Save: 1d20+7 10

Ouch. That's another HP ... except oh wait, you can only use reroll once a turn.

Sooo ... well, dang, he's down. Not even Staggered, just completely unconscious


I really did not think this through!

Ah, well, tension!


Burning Rock is gonna concentrate on the flames, but not attack direcly!

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Well, Riley is not gonna leave an unconscious person there in the woods on fire. He is going to stow his bow, pick up Jann, and try and stagger off through the forest doing a fireman's carry. 

Will he take the jetpack off Jann first? Let's roll a die. 


Heads yes, tails no. 


Yes! Okay he'll cut Jann out of the jetpack with his hatchet first. 


Once he's done that, he'll run until he can find cover and get away from the flames. 



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Works for me!
However, while cutting him out, Riley will see that the armor, in parts, is attached directly into Jann's body. So quickly cutting him out would carry some risk with it, essentially ripping needles directly out of his body.
And doing it carefully would probably take more time than he currently has!

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Okay! On Jann's intiative, the jetpack goes off, which shoots him sideways with some force, not enough to carry him far but enough to trip the two!

The fire continues to spread and almost catches up!

And as I mentioned, Jann mentioned something about a small cave that could be accessed by swimming at a small river a bit further

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