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I suppose this will be a double-idea thread.

First, Suggest a name for My Communist-Captain America. Please, my original Idea of Hammer and Sickle is just....meh. You can also throw in how you got your character name/other possible names with a suggestion or opinion.

My Ideas thus far:

Hammer and Sickle

Red Star (Fairly sure it's taken by an actual Marvel/DC type)

Red Wall (Not the mice)

Comrade Star



The Tsar

Thanks in advance.

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DC: Red Star

Marvel: Red Guardian

Might I ask from which country CC (Captain Communist ;) ) comes as this will affect my answer?

By the way, I think Tsar and Kaiser (german for Emperor) would be particularly bad choices for a communist hero.

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Don't be afraid to use names from existing sources -- we've got a ManBat ;)

Muzhik (pronounced "moozh-eek") -- Russian for "peasant," if the char is one who wants to be associated more with the people and less with the Soviet government/Red Army/secret police. (Taken from the Silver Age Sentinels RPG.)

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Wow, completely forgot Kaiser was German. Thought Tsar was Russian. Meh.

I didn't know if there was a Russia in the Universe, so I left the country to the imagination. I was writing him with the thought of Russia.

And I like the Muzhik idea, mainly because he made an attempt to become dictator of Russia with a small army, and still intends to do so one day. So, if anything, he'd be trying to set up a communist government, and he'd need the people to feel he was on an even level with them.

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Sorry, if I gave a wrong impression: Tsar is definitely russian. (And this world does have a Russia.)

I just see no way how a truly convinced communist would ever name himself after the very symbol of oppression, the Tsar. But since he tried to set himself up a a dictator, he probably is no hardcore communist, anyway.

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Probably something an 'inventive' american reporter came up with. :P

Still, everything is better than Marvel's first attempt to create a german equivalent for Cap:


(As in the law term "Guardian of a ward" :shock: )

Thank you, Marvel! :nono:

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