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  1. Still up for it. Sorry, a tad busy with moving around and work and such.
  2. Actually already saw a picture with Rorschach going at it with someone. It was on G4 when they were discussing. Rorschach And here's a picture I found.
  3. In light of my recent failure to even get an RP off the ground, being bored and seeing not much has been going on. Understandable, life happens, yadda, yadda. I myself work and struggle to find time sometimes...but... I'm just a tad curious, no ill means in this message. When is something going to happen with a campaign? Be it singular, or site-wide. I just want something to happen.
  4. O.k, so my little adventure is hopefully about to lift off the ground. Here's the general premise for now. Done with that. Now, if you're interested post here, with which character/s you will be using. A few notes... -I'd like to keep this fairly serious, with a good deal of RPing done. -Aside from the 'bosses', all fighting with henchmen will constitute 'Closed Attacks'. meaning you can engage and finish off a few henchmen at a time. Just stay within the means of your powers. I'll throw in a few random rolls to keep things interesting. -If/once approved the 'bosses' will be played by the Ref's. And the 'bosses' aren't going to be a cake walk.
  5. Ryoga

    Character Edits

    I'd like to use 1 PP to add a rank to strength for Captain Communist. I hope this is how the update thread works.
  6. Ivan looks at the add with a mix of confusion and humor. His English was poor, very poor still. He only knew words vital in the busy world, greetings, money exchanges, business phrases. Small bits from each category. He scrawled on a piece of paper quickly with some broken english, but familiar cyrillic. 'I will Survey the street if in, C.C' Ivan himself isn't that bad. His intentions as of yet were unknown, though if one studied his character a little, they could figure he's still sore about The Russia Incident. He's recently arrived to Freedom City, So he looks to make a name. And while his motives have been questionable, he would be willing to tone down his 'eagerness' a little bit if it allowed him an in with others to gain notoriety.
  7. I had wanted to use a few of these for the adventure I have coming up, just so I can get RPing and such. WaspHawk and the Unifier would be the main villains of the new adventure, the reason Unifier as 10+ Pl, is because Captain Communist is PL 10, and there would be other heroes, so to event the odds of 3 or more on 1, I added in some PL 10+ NPC's. Overshadow, I can drop, since he already exists. I failed to check that. CZAR, well, I was being a bit selfish there. I had a whole story-line pretaining to Captain Communists improvement and back-story that I intended to write up in the future, and The CZAR would be a like Minded Rival in taking over Russia, so I had a few encounters planned with The CZAR that would allow for some interesting writing for me and such. Yeah, i'm selfish >.< 8-)
  8. Pixar, one amazing movie every two years. Toy story, Incredibles, Wall-E....
  9. Maybe a different species? less evolved, more primal. They may release the old one for a campaign or something. Never know with WoTC, no matter how stupid what I just said sounds >.
  10. Dunno, haven't got the new monster manual, but that sounds awesome either way.
  11. That works better. I will attempt to change the name of the thread. But aside form that, are they acceptable?
  12. Last call, just to confirm if you're in on this quest. I've submitted it for a Ref's help, though all I'll need is help on the two 'bosses'. So...who's in?
  13. Name: Captain Communist Rough Idea: Turkey is under attack by Unitol. Operaton Turkish Takeover has started, and Parahumans are disappearing, while the Turkish militia has been beat down at every turn. Unitol all but controls Turkey now. A surviving hero has escaped from Turkey and brought the news to Freedom Cities mayor, in hopes to get some sort of help. More can be found Here Other Characters: PC's: Myself, and two others who have shown interest. Though I intend to post a final call, and get a tally. NPC's: Unifier, WaspHawk Current Threads: In Ashcrofts party, though it lacks activity currently. Note: Thread will allow Closed Attacks on NPC's but I will need the Ref's to NPC WaspHawk and a couple of his minions, and Unifier.
  14. Most Ideas Courtesy of ATT Posters. These aren't fleshed out NPC's, but Ideas to work off of. Many coming from Crooks! 1st ed. Unitol: Group led by Overshadow, situated in the Middle East. Mainly military conquests carried out. latest project is the conquest of Turkey and the annihilation and testing of it's Parahumans. OverShadow: Leader of Unitol, very poweful, and commands a vast army. (don't know much about him myself, If I were to use him which I intend to, i'd read up on him first, but this is what I got for now.) Unifier: Figurehead in charge of Unitol. Right hand man of Overshadow, though he lusts for more power. Commander of Operation Turkish Takeout. WaspHawk: General in Command of the Skies for Unitol. Directly under the hand of the Unifier. He commands a unit that specializes in airborne fighting. Behemoth: Time passed, and the Behemoth slowly lost more and more sanity, until eventually, at his request, he was locked away in a mountain retreat, with a self sustaining system that would eventually let him die as peacefully as he could. Overshadow, hearing of this through various agents sought out the powerful Behemoth and collared him. Enough to give him consciousness, but free-will is not evident. he will not act until Overshadow gives the word, now Behemoth is merely a shell, a killing machine. CZAR: Super-powered half human abomination. Still angry at humanity and Russia for it's betrayal. He seeks conquest of Russia, and has often fought The Proletariat and Protonik in attempts to gain a foothold somewhere, though they continue to thwart his attempts to expand. The thought being that when he raises himself one step, he will not retreat another. Better to stop him in mid step, than attempt to force him off when he's cemented in. Protonik: Protector of Russia. (Don't have much on him yet. same for Proletariat. Have to get those books. This is more a placeholder for them at the moment.
  15. Fighters seem fun, the one in my group had a Maul, and he well...he cleaved a hell of a lot and was taking down things left and right. they also seem to have a bit more punch and oomph. overall, every class now gets some fun things, and nifty little tricks, all thanks to the At-will, encounter, and Daily powers. Also, no minuses to stats depending on your race. sweet.
  16. I know there's a system online, but I'm running one using 4th edition, and i'll just be converting monsters and such to regular DnD monsters. It's really just Fire-emblem based on the general concept of the Sacred Stones, and the basic hellish monsters, nothing too fantastic aside from A dragon at most. I'm running this for my friends who want an adventure, and they also want to get into DnD. I plan to run it from 1-10, basic stuff, but I want some insight on How I should build this. this is 'basically' my first time DMing, at least my first time DMing IRL. I just wrote this up, I plan to increase the length and depth, make it more novel-like. Or at least a bit better. So first I decided to set some Goals for myself. So I'd kind of stay on track, I put it on the inside of my folder. Campaign Checklist - - Build Story/World Geography - Build Progression for players to follow in story - Flesh out Key NPC's - Write up Specific Encounters and piece story together. After that I got to work. I knew I wanted a Fire Emblem feel, and had already decided to go the course of the 5 stones, but how i'd implement them was now my problem. Here's the quick prologue I'd give to potential players and such. The PC's are warriors various nations who have been sent on a mission to fight the Enemy nations of Greilia and Falasan. A war has waged between the forces of Radiance; 3 nations who believe in The Radiata as the Way of Life. And the Forces of Ebon, who believe in the Ebones as the Way of Life. Each force fights for the enemy nations stone. As it is told, If the Radiata prevails, Radiance will rule, and the Radiata will bring peace to Man and Earth, for them to coincide forever peacefully. If the Ebones prevails, the Ebon will rule and Ebones will will bring supreme power to it's followers and enslave the animals and forces of the planet, while it's faction leaders are granted immortality. (So Peaceful Mortality Vs. Chaotic Immortality). In all there are five stones, one for each of the nations involved in the conflict. The PC's, currently at the Capital of Greilia, have been ordered to strike into the heart of the castle and dispose of it's King, Hourus, and take the Greilian Stone. So, the incredibly broken, but small premise of what I wanted to do with the game. Get the stones, stop Falasan. Next, I'd Give SOME of this information to the players to give them an Idea of what was going on for world events, and to help them build a character background. Notes for Players: Radiata Forces Carelia: Noble, slightly snobby, highly righteous. People torn between war, though the general populace realizes it's necessary to stop the Ebon. Ash Sea Islands: A tad wild, though they can act civilized, kind of like Hawaiian natives. Tara: Bearers of a 400 year long alliance with Carelia, Very religious, led by a Holy Figure, not a king. Ebon Forces Greilia: Fairly small nation, mostly a buffer zone to Falasan. Relatively small military, recently with a new King, mostly an asset and feared for their highly specialized assassins and spies. Falasan: Highly militarized, Largest military in the world, and well trained to boot. Years of fighting Barbarian hoards to it's Eastern boarder along the coast has trained it's soldiers well. They have even managed to assimilate some of the barbarians into their military. Led by what many consider to be a maniac. Now I needed some figures to put into the world, nothing too heavy, just an idea to get the first encounters set up, and help the Players RP a little. Notable Figures Section: Carelia: King Garthon: Warrior King who has retired. Lost an arm in battle and resides to watching the kingdom, though he is a bit of a scatter-brain when it comes to defense, his lack of an arm is a perfect testament to that. Tiger Generals: Maximus Hubris: (Fighter 6) - Proud, snobbish, Legend of the battlefield. Famous for fighting on the frontlines with his men. Tristan Kerth: (Wizard 6) - Chief Tactician of Carelia, Quiet, A Leper who hides himself in his cloaks. Sabriel Leshan: (Cleric 5) Holy Advisor to Carelia, an integrated Emissary from Tara. Tarahask McCost: (Rogue 4) Unofficial addition to the Tiger Generals, Operates in shady dealings and the counter-spy network in Carelia. Notable Figures - A.S.I King Mok: Tribal leader, very aggressive, though honorable to his allies. His people converted by Tara to follow The Radiance many years ago. Notable Figure - Tara His Holiness Albaster: Near Decrepit spiritual leader of Tara. Peaceful, though he has recently called a crusade and started conscripting peasants to defeat The Ebon. Notable Figures - Greilia King Horus: (Warlord 5) A young king who has been strung along by Falasan and it's king. He has recently come to power through means of a Coup. His skills in the Martial arts and reputation as a strong tactician is what made the Coup successful. Knowing his army to be weak, he invested more money and time in his Spy Network, making it a force to be feared by all nations. Wolf Pack - Remulus, Romulus, Loki, Hunter (All Rogue 3) A group of well trained assassin and spy division leaders. Often found with Serk Maddigan when not on direct duty. Serk Maddigan (Rogue 5) High skilled Spy and Assassin who has carried out various mission. killed the previous king of Greilia with ease, and has run numerous missions in the name of Greilia and Falasan. Notable Figures - Falasan King Grehk: (Warrior 7) Imposing figure, A certifiable madman. Very powerful and skilled fighter. Master at the art of building an army, and moving them fairly effectively. Cobra Commanders (G.I JOE!!!) Zurich Faust: (Warlord 6) Keen warrior who sits behind his men and gives ordres. does not speak often, leaving that to his boisterous right hand man and fellow general. ???(Germ): (Warlock 6) A clothed figure who is rarely seen, mostly due to his inclination to kill anything and anything that talks to him, even his subordinates. Basher Maddigan: (Fighter 6) Brother to Serk Maddigan, of the Maddigan house, a prominent house that auctions its sons off to be great warriors. The two most prominent have gained general-ship. Very loud, and a good friend of Zurich. Soooooo...This is all I have so far. Any suggestions on how I should continue from here, Any constructive criticism? Thanks for your time and input ahead of time.
  17. Alright, so I just got back from a session of DnD with a group i'm in. I ran a Eladren Wizard, 20 Int = Awesome. For the Wizard class... I really enjoy how the spells are done. Actually, for everyone. The At-Will, Encounter, and Daily use of abilities and spells is really nifty and makes things a lot easier. I'm starting to think I enjoy 4e a lot more. sure, no monks, sorcerers, gnomes etc...but it's really awesome. I really enjoyed it.
  18. I think a kid on ATT statted a bunch of Marvel Heroes to MnM and PL 10 or other various PL's. We could use that for reference if it can be found.
  19. SPOILERS WITHIN! Just came in the mail yesterday. As far as the book content and such, I think this is one of the best. Sure, they axed Gnomes, whine, whine, but they added Tieflings and Dragon-born. I also like the layout of this book a lot more. Classes have their spells and abilities and such in the same section as the class. No more flipping back and forth through the book trying to figure things out. Also, they now add artifacts and 'Concordance' (How much your artifact likes you on a scale of 1-20 means it'll be more powerful in your hands). There's a lot more, but I really liked it. Now the GSL, All I can say to that is BS. it's WotC flexing their ever-growing muscles. WotC seems to have gone from the local shop's best friend, giving supplements, and respecting third party, to realizing the power it holds with various franchises, the games, gleemax, dreamscape, Magic, etc... and saying, 'We need you, but we want profit more, so you make this stuff, we take, and you work for us now....No! Of course were not like the Mafia!' Ah..Sorry. I like the book, but WotC is starting to worry me, and make gaming future seem like more and more of a monopoly.
  20. i'd be up for it, dibs on Cap.
  21. Ryoga

    Common Cause

    Still Interested.
  22. I like the idea of The Unifier being Overshadow's subordinate. I of course need to read up on Overshadow. I'll submit the NPC soon, not now though, really busy/tired. hopefully later.
  23. Ivan arrived by taxi, the only way he could afford while 'in disguise'. He tossed the driver his fee and a small tip, he was disgusted with the man and the things he spoke of. From what Ivan could understand, the man had fornicated a woman whom he seemed to have absolutely no respect for. The fat man looked at the 'tip' and seemed to be taken aback. 'wuz this? ya cheap ******!, you's got a fancy suit, why da cheap tip?' Ivan glared at the man, sending visible chills through the fat drivers system. Ivan could do that, he needed to be able to get people to quiet down and do as they're told without exerting his energy. The driver quickly closed the door for Ivan and sped off into the night, obviously spooked. With the peon gone, Ivan turned on his heel and looked at the mansion in it's full splendor now. One word came to mind 'English'. It wasn't with disdain he said it, but with dread. The English always proved stubborn, more-so than Americans. They weren't as active in thwarting a good time or plans, but when they did so, they made sure they had a good hand to work with. Ivan walked through the entrances, gates and other such things to get to the main door. Along the way he guessed this man was obsessed with Knights and honor. Ivan sighed before he decided to make an entrance with the other guests that were streaming in. 'An English honor hound....great...' Ivan thought to himself as he made his way into the house. The house shows further that this 'Ashcroft' man doesn't have all his priorities straight. On first sight the man is sloppy, He would leave a car that is being built and modded out in the open when guests were on their way. He was also highly dependent on his servants, perhaps one trait was caused by another. Finally the man must be from some sort of inherited wealth, for he had too much time on his hands from the look of the cars to earn money himself. Ivan was regretting this trip already. He figured he'd meet some rich suit types, get an in with them, throw some ideas their way about 'Russian Land Investments' and then get funding to build his army. But it seemed this man would only attract others of inherited wealth, and crazy americans lusting after oil. Inherited wealth was not his type of wealth, it tended to make people lazy, complacent, and snobbish. While crazies and oilers were simply insane, blithering southern hicks. Another american demographic that wasn't useful to him. As Ivan stands in the foyer he looks around for someone to talk to. Anyone who seems remotely normal or cultured. Ready to attempt English Conversation with someone. OOC: Edited...cause of a word..Meh.
  24. Okay, so I based this idea off of a 'Caper' in 'Crooks!' MnM book. But I'm going to be tinkering with the ideas throughout and changing a bit around. here's the general premise. Premise: In the country of Turkey, ‘The Unifier’ has taken over and his troops have stared a man-hunt for all para-humans in the area. Stories of his trained troops finding a way to de-power the parahumans and being taken away to who-knows-where haunt any para-humans still left. Little to no news of this has reached Freedom City, only small groups know of it due to one para-human who escaped and came to FC for help, hearing of it’s abundance of powerful heroes. Lacking knowledge of the city though, the hero known as ‘Ratchet’ metal molding shape-shifter, went directly to the governmental offices and called for help. No one there could directly help, fearing repercussions of getting involved in another nations dispute, so the mayor sent out a call to all heroes. He knew there would be little response, for many were pre-occupied, but he had to do something. The mayors call was in the form of a letter sent to all heroes and neutral figures with powers or means to stop this mad-man. ’Calling all Para-Humans! ’Turkey has come under the hand of a horrible dictator named ‘The Unifier’. He has amassed a military force of Anti-Para-Human soldiers who have developed a primitive weapon that ‘de-powers’ para-humans. The weakened and hunted Para-humans that he has been hunting down for some time are then taken away for testing to an unknown facility. Help your fellow Para-Humans, stop this dictator before his power spreads! I can not openly condone this, so this message never existed as far as we are concerned. America cannot become involved at the moment, but please, you must do something.’
  25. Starting to get the vibe that the second option is going to be favored. I just need to start thinking up a villain, setting, and such. Keep throwing in input. the more the better for now.
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