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Supreme Ultimate Competition: The Freedom Winner's Party [ic]

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March 10th, 2017 6:45 PM

The High Steaks


The restaurant and casino of the High Steaks was a buzz of activity. Out front and inside the Supreme Ultimate Competition had set up shop. They had corralled reporters and rolled out a red carpet for anyone who would be attending the winner's party. Security guards and drones buzzed about, but it was quite easy for anyone who had one of the golden invitations to be allowed in. A few clearly superhuman bouncers also stood at the front, ready to toss anyone who did not deserve their place among the winners. 


Too be fair though, it wasn't just fighters who were in the restaurant. Plenty of people had clearly paid enough to rub elbows with the winners, perhaps in hopes of securing product endorsements when the competition was over. The crew and managers of a few competitors seemed to be present as well. Everyone was mingling and watching the various displays that had been brought in for the occasion and were hanging from drones, whoever was running this competition certainly liked their drones. 

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This wasn’t Terrifica’s scene. It just…wasn’t. She took one look at the glitz and glamour that appealed to all the wrong sides of her psyche, and stealthed in through the basement. The parking garage, to be precise. It was far less secured than the direct entrance. She entered the restaurant unannounced and to no fanfare, which was how she preferred it. She found what was just about the only empty table and waved off the waitstaff. She simply surveilled the area. There were some faces she recognized, and some she didn’t. She really wasn’t sure why she was here, aside from a chance at those drones.

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Amid the buzz of excitement and crowds drawing attention to themselves, Terrifica went unnoticed. It seemed that those who came in generally had a swirl of attention around them and few wanted to pull away from those circles. The drones passing by were of the same style as the ones used during the fights, with one main exception, no one was visibly controlling them. Terrifica couldn't see anyone with a tablet like Pink had, at least not in the room. 


Inside the dining room though, there was a flow. Most people wouldn't notice it, but then again, most people weren't Terrifica. The drones apparently had short battery lives, and using them to hold up monitors and ferry drinks about clearly drained them. In just the few minutes she was there she watched the drones practically change guard switching places holding things up. They then shuffled about before heading down a hallway. Which also happened to be the same hallway event staff were going. 

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Jann did not know much about these kinds of events. He’d seen them in a few movies, but apart from that, had never even heard of one in his time here in Freedom. What did he have to do? What did he have to wear? Did it matter? Would he have to prepare for a firefight? Those seemed to be rather common at these events.


One of his friends had given him some basic styling after school, and once that was done, Jann made his way towards the event. He would not be there right on time, he had to deal with some minor things first. He arrived in front of the building some time after the event had officially started. His outfit wasn’t quite “gala”, and more “goth”, with black tac-pants and a red vest that had its sleeves cut off. IT was closed, hiding all of Jann’s equipment below. His hair (or feathers, depending on the view), were styled ever so slightly. He walked up, showed his card, and then went inside, doing his best to scan his surroundings for anything that looked suspicious.

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A small crowd of reporters came up to Jann as he entered the event and asked a jumble of questions as he tried to just get into the event. Most of the other fighters seemed to be facing the same interactions. Drones zipped about and one brought Jann a flute of champagne and left it in his hand without a pause. 


In looking for anything suspicious Jann saw something or rather someone who stuck out. A young lady with tanned skin in a black dress was coming straight for him. And she was flying with wings like Jann's. 


"Ok ok leave him alone or would you like an exclusive interview with the ground." She said blocking the crowd off from Jann.

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Jann wasn’t sure about the attention he was getting. He enjoyed it. It was the spotlight, it was where he belonged. It was his birthright, even. Yet, at the same time, he was not here as Jann Lo-Nah, and perhaps being recognized would lead to issues. And he did not want to deal with scolding from the League or the one that used to be Raven again. So he did his best to push through the reporters without paying them too much attention. All the while still allowing for a few photographs of him walking, even if they’d all be from angles that would conceal at least part of him.


As he was approached, he began to take slower steps, before coming to a halt. His eyes kept up contact with the woman’s face, but in his periphery, he scanned the room. It was better to be safe than sorry, as he had heard many times. Jann didn’t know who she was. Most likely not Aerie, judging by her appearance.


He took to the sky as well, to be on the same altitude as her, above the heads of everybody else (now if that wasn’t going to attract attention, he didn’t know what would.) “Greetings. Have we met before?”

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"No, we haven't met." She smiled and batted her eyes. She sipped the drink she had, it wasn't the Champagne, but a sweet smelling wine. "I'm Sah Ma-Ku, or the Miami Angel as they call me." She laughed again and came closer. "I saw your fight and well I wanted to get to know you." 


The rest of the party looked fairly controlled. There was some security but it was mostly reporters. Besides that he could see on many of the screens a fight from earlier in the day: Angel was solidly thrashing a young man from the Aerie. She moved with a remarkable degree of speed and agility as she practically danced around her foe using two hook swords. 

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An intriguing development. She clearly was not Aerie, but she was one of Jann’s people. Somebody like him, sent away? Perhaps gone by herself? Perhaps something else entirely. There was only one way to figure it out. Jann remained up in the air, a casual position, just enjoying the fact he was able to stretch his wings.


There was one easy way to check. Something that would reveal much about her origins, a few simple words. To outsiders, it would sounds strange, unlike anything they’d heard before. But perhaps, she understood. “[Sahmaku? I take it we may converse in privacy, then? Unbothered by the rest. It is a pleasure to meet you, I did not expect to meet one of ours here.]”


Her fight was interesting to watch. She certainly deserved to be at this party. Jann could spot one or two very minor mistakes, but nothing that actually affected a fight against most opponents. Her choice of weaponry was intriguing too. Jann had been trained in the Hook Swords, and while he held some favour for them, he preferred a set of other weapons. If nothing else, she would make for a good sparring partner. And whoever she was fighting … more questions.

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It took Sahmaku a few moments and a sip of whatever she was drinking before she responded. "[I would like nothing more than that.]" she managed. Her speech was halting and archaic even, not a first language. ["I apologize, my mastery of the old tongue is not very... skillful.]" she blushed. ["As far as privacy, They have been giving winners basically free reins. I am certain a spot could be located. I did not believe I would meet one of us either, much less two."] She cocked her head and finished off whatever she was drinking, before flying off away from the main crowd. "Sorry, I didn't pay much atttention when I was supposed to be learning that language. I can manage understanding it, mostly but I guess we don't call it the old tongue for nothing." 


Meanwhile one of the drones swooped low to where Terrifica sat. It dropped a note and hovered nearby. On a small piece of paper: Song will see you if you would like. Then the drone turned and headed towards where the drones seemed to be recharging.

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An interesting development. It answered one question, but at the same time created many more. And yet, at the same time, Jann did still not really know what was happening. Something about everything made him slightly uneasy, and it was not just knowing how these events, according to movies, always ended up turning out. Yet, there was only one way to learn more.


Immediately, Jann followed along, keeping some distance between him and Sahmaku. And with that, he switched back to speaking English, his accent shining through once more. “I am proficient enough to speak in this one, then. Now, what is your reason for seeking me out? I presume there is something to it, correct? With the way you controlled the crowd.“

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"I grew up pretty far from anyone like me, besides my family." Sahmaku said as she found an empty meeting room. She ducked in and smiled before landing and sitting on the table. "You don't really go back to the Aerie do you?"




As one of the drones passed by Terrifica the connection took. There were a few firewalls, but they fell apart under Terrifica's mind and skill. Whoever was behind this wasn't in the building. They were bouncing the control signals off sattelites around the world. She could probably figure it out, but before she had a chance the speakers on the drone started. 

"Hello Terrifica. I see your skills are  not exaggerated. I am Song. I'd meet you in person, but alas I'm not in Freedom currently."


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Jann knew there were some who no longer stayed in the Aerie. He’d never met one. And not planned on it either, truth be told. It was strange. He and her were the same, yet also not. There were differences, in language and culture. She would probably only know from stories. On the other hand, it meant she would certainly not recognize him. And that was a good thing.


“Yes. Born in the homeland, and grew up there. Currently staying here in Freedom City for education and training. “


“You were born here, in America, correct? How did that happen? There are some who leave, but they are rare, your family one of them? “


Throughout the entire conversation, Jann’s body did not make a single unnecessary movement. His mouth was the only thing that moved, letting what he’d done before carry him around. Only when he landed he moved again, and only to take a seat. Even his breathing was barely noticeable.

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