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Once More, With Feeling!

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March 9th, Evening

Warp had been wondering for a while how she would get back in contact with Velocity. The last time she had spoken with the speedster was before her meltdown after the Day of Wrath. She had called Velocity for a pep-talk, to try to get herself back into a healthy mindset, to help the gnawing at her mind. It hadn't worked, but Warp had appreciated the attempt. She wasn't sure what Velocity thought of her. A corner of her mind spat that surely Velocity hated her. Another insisted that was likely paranoia. The rest of her remained unsure. And so she had spent close to four months after being active staring at the new phone she'd gotten her hands on for Warp, wondering if Velocity even still used the same number.


Apparently she still did. Joy.


Ever living for drama, Warp suggested a meeting in the same place they had the first time, on the roof of the building in the Theatre district that Warp had asked Velocity for help on years ago as a gangly, awkward and desperate teenager. The landscape had changed since then A few of the community theaters had been torn down, or remodeled, or stayed stubbornly the same and, in their pride, highlighted how much the district had changed in half a decade.


Warp had changed, too. She was a little taller, more comfortable. She looked about college aged. And also her eyes and hands glowed with a deep red, with crack-like patterns extending up her arms and across her body. She was sitting on the top of a metal vent on the Barbary's roof, drumming her fingers loudly against the metal, breathing deep and trying to think in circles.

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