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December 29th, 10.43 PM, 2016

Outside the Long Ladder tavern, Southside, Freedom City


"I keep tellin' you, mask, I won't say nonthin'!"

Theo Braithwaite, the so-called 'worst informant in Freedom' was certainly living up to his name. As he dangled from Psy Strike's telekinetic grip, his face a mask of terror as four pudgy limbs flailed from a core that resembled an over-the-hill barrel, he'd proclaimed total ignorance of the job going down tonight at the docks under the Atlantis casino. He definitely didn't want to get in any trouble with Garcia, "Big Al" Driogano or his witchy sidekick, and anyway the secret tunnels would stop intruders no matter how many friends she called in, on account of their being reliant on hidden mechanisms that nobody on the wrong side would ever find.


And there were like thirty men there anyway, so she'd never deal with it herself.


It was days after Christmas, and the few tired-eyed people wandering under the garish lights and tinsel that remained after the massive snowstorm didn't even bother glancing over, except to yell "Shut up, Theo!"

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I'm glad I picked the idiot to get information out of, Rose thought as she listened to the confession from the guy who was telling her nothing. "That's a whole lot of nothin' you've just told me, Theo. Thanks." Before he could respond, she tossed him away, and started making her way to the docks, running down there down alleys and side streets so that she didn't hit anyone on her way. She jumped up to a rooftop to get a better view of whatever was happening down below, whilst she went over the info she was given. Thirty guys, secret tunnels and Garcia involved? This is something major. I best put a stop to it before they get away with some serious loot.

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Atlantis was only the second-most ostentatious semi-legal hotel-casino on the Boardwalk, but it needed a supply chain equal and a half to the Southside Palace downstream. Which made for plenty of entrances. 


For example, the water-treatment tunnels that kept the various streams and pools and aquariums supplied with clean, regularly-replaced water. 


The family didn't have money to burn, but to keep their license they needed to make sure nothing went wrong on as fine a line as possible. But the water was one thing they could not afford to skimp on. It was thoroughly checked, re-checked and evaluated every day and night to ensure the highest quality. Which left a very clear access point: wait for the maintenance staff to go in and follow after them, then vanish into one of the tunnels and find the secret passages.


Like the secret passsage marked 'TO DOCKS'.


Soon, Rose was in a dank, concrete maze filled with the sound of rushing water, the distant thump of music and a thousand other things. The pipes carrying used water ran overhead, but vanished into walls or bent into the ceiling to make following them a maddening process. It was dark, too, the floors being flat and clear was all that made it bearable. A few of the pipes leaked, just a little, leaving wet patches or standing pools.


The passageways were otherwise completely empty. And the kinds of doors that Theo had mentioned were nowhere in evidence...

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