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[IC] Open Border Trade


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Arh-Zhak wasn’t really on the way when it came to space travel. Still, trade happened, and with it the exchange of messages. One of said messages had made its way to Kharag, the one known by many names, former Emperor of the Za’akis and current Praetorian. It was that last status that explained this message.

It came from CoVic itself. Kharag was needed, and he was to meet with a fellow Praetorian, who would explain further. The meeting spot would be on Arh-Zhak itself, an establishment close to the planet’s main spaceport. Further mentioned in the message was to come prepared, and to be ready for the undertaking to take some time.



Some time later…




The Shady Hole was a pretty average establishment. It offered all the joys and pleasures of Arh-Zhak, plus whatever it could get from being quite close to a spaceport. People from all over the galaxy were here, their affiliations not a matter of concern so long as they remained peaceful. These places were great meeting spots, nobody looked out of place, and nobody cared what people were saying.

And so, on the mentioned time, Kharag set foot into the building. The light was low, with some coloured lights lighting up various areas of the rooms, the first visible thing being the large round bar in the middle of the main room.

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