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[OOC] Fantastic Bloggers and Where to Find Them


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Okay, so this technically is an area attack. However, it's a mostly harmless one, as the foam and tiny ice shards will not do anything beyond minor damage to anyone who isn't specifically Vulnerable to them. So, I'd say there's no need to roll, feel free to describe it any way you like, as the damage won't be enough to cause anything serious. (Maybe Tristan even dodges it completely? Who knows?)

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Given that Tristan is a Toughness-shifted brick, currently without the actual brick, I don't think he'll be dodging much of anything, especially caught by surprise as he is.  But if he isn't going to be hurt, then there's a doctor in the house!  Will you allow me to make a Medicine roll to revive Cass?  ...And some sort of Knowledge check to learn more about him and his abilities, when Tristan gets to work?  :D

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Okay, I'd say it's a Life Sciences Knowledge then (that's the right one, I think? Otherwise correct me!)


I'll just do it as a spoiler thing, and keeping in mind the fact there's not a whole lot of quipment, so:


His body is certainly a lot warmer than that of average humans, that's not really something that requires and check to figure out.



Much like his hair, his eyes too are a shade of strong red. He does not appear to wear contacts, and the fact his hair is red all the way to the roots probably means it's part of his natural body.



Apart from the heat, his body is about as human as everyone else's. There are no obvious differences, but his blood, from the small amount that is currently visible, doesn't quite appear to be right. It's hard to tell what it may be, but it'd probably be the easiest way to figure out more.


It's a bit vague, a) because there's not a lot of equipment, b) because I'm tired :P and c) because I actually hadn't thought about this aspect of his powers too much before.. If you want to know anything else though, tell me and I'll respond with additional information!

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Hmmm.  Well, Leviathan probably doesn't have convenient lab vials on him, but would you allow him to take a sample by wiping a bit of that blood onto a napkin and pocketing it?  And then in the epilogue of the game, if you're interested, he'll run proper tests in his lab.  I assume that dried blood of this type would be less useful, but Leviathan is quite good at what he does; a damaged sample might also limit what he could learn, even taking a leisurely 20 on his check, if you wanted to keep him from getting anything too useful.  I don't want to pilfer all your character's secrets or anything, but this way, you'd have the whole adventure to decide exactly what you were willing to give away (possibly something that sets up another adventure!).


Either way, if you're up for this, then I'd rather do it while Bonfire is still unconscious so that I don't have to blunder a Sleight of Hand check.  :P

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