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[OOC] Brawl at the Mall


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Free Action: Extra Effort to boost his Leaping from rank 1 (x2 distance) to rank 3 (x10 distance)


Move Action: Leap vertically 50' or so, until he's on the wall somewhere below the roof. 


Free Action: Pull out his staff


Standard Action: Charging Power Attack for 5! That's a net -2 Defence, -3 to hit, and +5 DC, or +11 to hit for a DC26 Toughness save. Take me out to the ball game: 1d20+11 31 Wooo, DC31 Toughness save!


And an Acrobatics check of 25 with Skill Mastery to balance on the still-standing framework. 

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Geckoman currently has 4 HP and is uninjured. However, he'll pay a HP to get rid of the Fatigue from his Extra Effort last turn.


Move Action: Use Fast Taunt and Skill Mastery, for a result of 31 to demoralise.


Standard Action: Use a Geckorang attack, 5 increments away so -10 to hit, All-Out Attacking for 2, for -2 Defence, and a net -8 to hit. It'll be a DC21 Toughness save, with The Dragon at -2 to save if he fails to resist being demoralised. Throw a load of geckorangs: 1d20+6 25


And that's... critical hit number 2. DC26 this time!


This leaves Geckoman with 3 HP and uninjured.

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