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Cinco por Cinco: Hijo De La Luna

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OOC For this thread that was originally going to be set in Brazil, but I've changed it from the pitch slightly though the stopping of a serial killer still holds true @KnightDisciple


Feel free to use Gather Info or whatever else you want for Nevermore's intro to the thread.

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Online Research is able to follow online chatter that people are led to the location of the auction by using a pass phrase with certain vendors.  Although Nevermore was not able to directly learn the passphrase he was able to narrow down three different vendors attached to this auction.  Two of them sell clothing, and one sells records.  Each of their stalls are tucked away in less crowded areas of the flea market.


I'm not sure how Investigate would apply without any collected physical evidence?

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Guess/pick away!  No real consequence to failure in this case so no need to roll.

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