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WE'RE GETTING THE BAND BACK TOGETHER! ...for the first time.


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So in Mammoth's HellQ I made a few allusions to the fact that he was singing in a band named Firedream.  I just figured that when some of his more musically inclined schoolmates realized that he would do the most awesome monstervoice, they'd find a way to recruit him.  So now I'm thinking that if the entire band is super-powered, that would actually turn into a kind of ongoing plot hook.  


So now I'm wondering if anyone else would be interested in playing members of Claremont's own ... Firedream!  A high-school fusion band with metal, jazz, hip-hop and new age influences.  But then they are teenagers, influence is almost all they have. Mammoth himself is still acclimatizing to human culture, and his creative contribution will probably be a kitchen sink approach.  I'd be interested in hearing anyone else chime in. 


Someone in chat - Raveled, I think - mentioned that Grimalkins might have an open mic night.  I've already been thinking that the Kick Off gathering might be a good place for Firedream to play.  And as I implied earlier, this could turn into an ongoing series, like that odd subgenre of cartoon that took over Saturday mornings a quarter century ago that wound up giving us a shark... playing the drums...  


This could use some more thought.  But still, it might be fun, and that's what I'm going for.  Anyone interested?


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Huh, never actually posted in here, so:


Jann has no music performance skills at the moment, but as instruments also fall under the category of things that work with his power, he could easily pick up whatever instrument is still needed. :D

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