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Orlando nightclub crowdfunding victim support


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Aside from donating money, the other big thing you can do to help if you live in America is donate some blood.  The blood banks in Orlando reached capacity within a couple of days, but only because other cities all over the country flooded them with donations.  Now the supplies are running low basically everywhere in the country except Florida.  It varies from one city, state, and region to another which organization(s) handles blood donation, but you can find out about your local blood drives with a simple Google search.  Most drives happen in mobile trailers during normal business hours, but there's usually at least one or two weekend drives in any given month.


Obviously, this depends on your eligibility, and in addition to the diseases and disabilities which can render you ineligible, there are some irrationally discriminatory restrictions regarding sexual orientation, sexual activity, and body art, among other things.  But if you are eligible, if you are healthy enough to donate, the need is greater than ever.


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