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[OOC] Strait Up Theft


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So broadly speaking, going to the Black Flag, looking horrible Lovecraft spells up in her library, and getting drunk all night. 


If its ok with you!


Ritual feat used for: Concealment 4 (Normal Sight, Extras: Continuous Duration, Flaws: Passive) [4 PP]


Thats 16 hours to research, and 1 hour to perform which seems about right, timewise?


Also, if its ok, Ill use her Drunkard status to get blind drunk during the ritual, and thus inflict sickened status on her until she sobersup (if you feel that is appropriate)


Checking with you before making ritual rolls




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Looking at the DC for the ritual,


Design - 10 + PP Cost = 14. And to take a -5 penalty would half the time to 8 hours. And taking 1 would still automatically pass. 


Ritual - 15 + PP Cost = 19, Again, taking 1 will still pass. 


So, I guess its about 10 hours of drunken reading off Lovecraftian tomes, +1 HP, Sickened status?


A few posts to narrate? ( I guess with you kicking off)

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With a -2 penalty for sickened status, and thus +5 total acrobatics skill, I was hoping for an amusing failure:


Stumbles drunkenly: 1d20+5 24 but she made it!


However, before going on, I am happy to wave that, earn an HP, and have some amusing failure of dexterity and evaporation of concealment - whatever you think works best for the thread! :)

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Depends on where you want to take it and which part of Flintlock you want to explore!

You can have her just silently stay and listen, or you can have her cause some chaos! And also get to use her various powers!


The latter would probably lead to some combat, while the first would just be more listening!

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Okay, the thief will attempt to climb over a fence, about 2 meters high, to get away


1d20 + 8 = 12

And fails! I'll use a fiat/Reroll to say she makes it, so that's another HP to Flintlock


Flintlock | 4HP | Sickened


So, for Flintlock, she can either try the same DC 15 Climb, or a DC20 Acrobatics to jump from a crate next to the fence over it.

Post coming up in just a sec!

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So be it! Happy to say its a failure on Flintlocks part, and the thief escaped. If you feel she can still make a go of the chase, she will. Also happy to take a bruise from that fall if you think its pertinent!

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