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Deadbolt (OOC)

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Awesome! So that means Echo is Exhausted!


We have a minute of conversation; unless you want to attack the Gas Man of course, and then the poison effect kicks in; another DC 15 Fort save!


Post away IC, or if you want to attack / intimidate / perform (dance) then post here too!

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Sense  Motive vs Bluff: 1d20+8 23 Unfortunately, a good roll!


Gas Man will grab Jack by the collar. We can go to combat if you wish, although note Poison Fatigue is hitting soon. If you wish to grab Jack, lets make it opposed strength rolls. Of course, you may wish to try something else non-combat! (or just roll with it!)

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So, Echo's going to try to tail the Gas Man back to wherever he's taking Jack (nobody said superheroes were honest). She'll be sticking to the rooftops - if another Stealth check is required, she'll just take 10 on that one too. Let me know if any other checks are needed!

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