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Nuclear Depths (OOC)


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Hopefully I didn't skip through too much. I'm assuming Cass does all of this real quick so nobody really has time to say anything.

If you want to do some more interaction before the scene outside the church, tell me and I'll edit the post accordingly.

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Fort Save: 1d20+8 27 Marie also makes her save. 

For ease/narrative flow, Casey drops down fast asleep. 



INitiative: 1d20+10 16 for the Gasman

Initiative vs Gasman: 1d20+4 5


Round 1:


17 - Bonfire - Unharmed - 1 HP

16 - Gasman - Unharmed

5 - Marie - Unharmed


Bonfire is up. The gas grenade is full of a sleeping gas poison. This means another Fort Save in round 11 (or after combat). 



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That will hit irrespective of feint (which would technically flat foot him rather than surprise him, but irrelevant!)


Save vs Suffocation: 1d20+8 15 fails the save. 


The Gas Man is now Suffocating, which means -1 Attack/Defence/Reflex, and only one action / round. 

Must also make a DC 10 CON check, which: CON Check vs Suffocation: 1d20+2 3 He spectacularly fails, and drops unconscious. 


Combat over!


I am presuming you dont maintain the suffocation (to cause dying / death) - let me know otherwise - 


You should probably also roll for the poison effect of Fatigue


Fort save vs poison: 1d20+6 21 which Marie makes. 

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Ok, the Zumbies (U for uranium) have an initiative of 1, as per standard horror fare. 


Which means you dont really have to roll for initiative. You may wish too. Ill say Casey and Marie have a nominal initiative of 10, but its rather academic as they are immune to Marie and Casey wont fight. 


So Bonfire is up!

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