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The FcPbP Extended Relationship Chart


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Greetings! Now, when exploring settings with a lot of history, I’ve always been a fan of Relationship Charts. They’re a nice way to learn more about a character at just a glance. And, since I’m also a fan of projects that are more than I can reliably handle, I’ve decided to try working on one for FcPbP.


But, I’m not just interested in romatic relationships. Platonic’s where it’s at! So, what I’m planning, and obviously feedback is appreciated, is having a more complete version. Platonic relationships, romantic ones, others too.


Since archive-diving is a lot more difficult than just asking, that is where other players come in! You all probably have a better idea who your character knows, has worked with, is friends with, and so on. I decided to whip up a quick template, if anybody else can think of more relationships to add onto there, feel free to suggest them, I’m striving for completion here! Otherwise, just fill out the template and post it here/send it to me per PM, and I'll get around to adding things in.


Character Name:


Friends: (Character and Player Names, i.e. : Mr. Blue (Elohdon), Ruby Voxx (Darksider42), The Primal Spirit (Zen Gypsy) )

Close Friends:

Former Friends:



Former Teammates:




Serious Relationship:


Broke up/Divorced:





Enemies: (Focus is on PCs here so hopefully not too many!)


Now, this is all voluntary, no need to feel forced to do it. If you have time to and feel like doing it, I obviously appreciate it, but if you don’t, then don’t do it. This will take a while either way, and thanks to the nature of relationships there will be some degree of completion even if one player doesn’t have time to do it for their own characters.


Also, before adding anything into the file I will make I will ask everybody who’s characters would be involved in it, so I don’t step on anybody’s toes. Which is why I’m also asking everybody that ends up filling in the template to add in everybody’s player names. I can still look for the players otherwise, but it makes it easier. I added in links to the character sheets into my example, but that's not so much necessary, just appreciated.

Refs, if you feel this is better suited for the news forum feel free to move it there.


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Character Name: Fast-Forward 


Friends: Wail 

Close Friends: 

Former Friends:


Teammates: Hologram (wife), Thoughtspeed (son)

Former Teammates: Clock Queen


Lovers: Richard's never been physically unfaithful to Paige. 


Serious Relationship: 

Married: Hologram. Ironically, despite their bad-boy/girl past, Fast-Forward and Hologram have been a (mostly) monogamous couple for the last thirty years - and have never seriously dated anyone else. 

Broke up/Divorced: They had some moments back in the day, but now they're one of those long-term couples that finishes each other's sandwiches. 


Related: Heroing for Fast-Forward has always been a family affair - his mother, father, wife, son, and in-laws have all been involved in the superhero world. Not all of them on the same side, though! 


Rivals: Presto 


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