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Nuclear Option (OOC)

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Okay, since I'm heading to bed:
Using Concealment 2 (Visual Senses) on himself.

Then he goes to look for a back-door/other way out.

If there are any, he'll go through there, and start looking for ways to get underground, an open sewer hole or something.

If there's none, I'll write another post once you've replied!

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An open sewer hole! Well done sir!


Yes all good. 


I'm going to suggest additional friction by making Bonfire a fugutive from the law (but what law?) which will not last of course (unless you wish it so and we can contrive it so). This is ramping up the "screwing with your PC" of course so let me know if you wish otherwise!


Please pop in suggestions in OOC for thread and what you want from it. The reason for this is that I like PCs to walk away from a thread with a new complication, new outlook, new history! For instance, if you think a particular NPC is attractive (in a narrative way) let me know and we can beef him/her up and work up a connection. 


Sorry if this seems over analytical - I am not - just a heads up on the peculiar way I GM!



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Hey, it's better to have a lot of communication with the GM than to have very little! If I have any suggestions I'll go ahead and post 'em.

Also, I'm totally up for having Bonfire be a fugitive, at least until this thread is over. I imagine he knows enough people to get back on the Law's good side if he spends some time doing so between threads, but not while still inside this thread! :D

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For reference, the bag of Uranium 7 weighs 50lbs (heavy stuff, uranium!). 


That means a Medium Load for Bonfire (normally, bar extra effort). 


Whilst carrying it:

Maximum Dodge +3 (Making Defence = +6....that's a pain with dodge focus!)

Check Penalty -3 (which is not well described in books but probably means anything not attack/defence/save)

Speed 2/3 Normal


Narratively, I guess you can do something along the lines of that!


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You may wish to make a knowledge (physical sciences) roll DC 15 to understand the research data. There is a lot here though. 


Overall, the picture is incomplete, but (Aside from the above roll) there are signs that Neutron Industries are at least unclean (and quite probably rather dirty). 


Knowledge (Civics) might help but probably needs to be trainedto understand. 

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Ok, whilst the Robots are not actually attacking (just dismantling the reactor, for now), it would appear to be a good time to roll initiative. 


Initiative: 1d20 8 for Robots


Initiative: 1d20+4 15 for Marie


Initiative: 1d20 14 for Soldiers


FOr reference: Soldiers are based on the M&M Core book build, armed with grenades and SMGs

STR 13, DEX 12, CON 13, INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 10

Att +5, Defence +5, Fort +4, Reflex +1, Will +1, Tough +1 (+5 with Body Armour)

DC 16 Unarmed, DC 19 SMG, SC 20 Grenade

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Toughness vs Bonfire Fire: 1d20+10 30 Horribly unfortunate!


One robot will blast a soldier, the other will start smashing up the reactor. 


Blasts Solider Jack: 1d20+10 19 hits Jack


Toughness vs Laser Beams: 1d20+5 16 vs DC 25 is bruised and dazed. 


Round 2:


15 Marie

14 Soldier 1 - Bruised, Dazed

14 Soldier 2 - Unharmed

8 Bonfire - 1 HP

8 Robot 1 - Injured, Dazed

8 Robot 2 - Unharmed


NB: The Reactor Damage now means the room is in extreme heat conditions. Not that that affects Bonfire!



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Just noticed I mixed up Robot 1 and 2. Robot 1 is out. Robot 2 is dazed this round so cant act. 


Security Chief enters and: Initiative: Initiative: 1d20+2 3


Round 3:


15 Marie

14 Soldier 1 - Bruised

8 Bonfire - 1 HP

8 Robot 1 - Injured, Dazed

3 Security Chief


Marie wrestles with the reactor, see IC for details. 

Soldier 1 loses his dazed status but cannot act. 


Bonfire is up. 

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