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The Eternal Dragon (PL 10)

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The Eternal Dragon



Power Level: 10 (150/154PP)

Trade-Offs: -2 Attack / +2 Damage (True Dragon Claw)

Unspent Power Points: 4


In Brief: Mastered the martial arts at a young age and gained the power of a dragon. Currently billionaire playboy Jason Draco.


Residence: Draco Towers

Base of Operations: Northern Freedom City

Alternate Identity:Jason Draco

Identity: Public or Secret

Birthplace: Northern Freedom City

Occupation: Founder and Ceo of Draco Enterprises

Affiliations: N/A

Family: None alive but had a mother and father named Amy and Jacob Draco.



Age: 25 (DoB:1991)

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Caucasian


Weight:160 lbs

Eyes: Blue


Jason (on a day to day basis) wears a simple gray suit with a red tie.

Jason’s costume consists of a red domino mask and a black, flexible bodysuit.


Power Descriptions:

Jason has the soul of a dragon inhabiting his body, which allows him to do several things. He can control flames, talk to people far away or to everyone within five miles with a Dragon Roar, and heal himself or others with his ki. His prime combat ability is to summon the True Dragon Claw. This Claw is a potent weapon that can also be used as a ranged attack.



Jason Draco was born to a loving mom and dad in Northern Freedom City. His father owned a prominent weapons company, Draco Enterprises, that made the family quite a bit of money. When Jason turned 18, he and his parents went on an expedition in the Himalayas. They had two guides along with them to keep the 3 of them safe on the journey up. Little did they know, the guides would turn on them and end up killing Jason’s mother and father. Traumatized by the fact he couldn’t save them, Jason ran further into the mountains.


He eventually found a strange city, full of people wearing ancient clothing. They took him in, healed his wounds, and began teaching him the art of Doragon Kuro. After mastering it to the best of his ability, they put him to a final test. He would attempt to absorb the Dragon Soul that so many before him couldn’t. It only took him one try to take the power of the dragon for himself.

He defeated the two men who had killed his parents, sent them to jail, and went back to Freedom City after the three long years he had been gone.


He came back to a man named Silver Stone running the company. Silver Stone seemed to be personable enough, so Jason entrusted him for four more years as Jason went to an Ivy League School to study business. Silver Stone was in fact, unhappy with his loss of power over the company. Jason during this time, began working as The Eternal Dragon. When he came back to take over, Silver Stone instead proposed he take over a smaller branch of the company for now, just to get the experience necessary to run the company. Jason begrudgingly agreed to it and is now running the Future Endeavors branch of his company. Stone is now plotting ways to take over Draco Enterprises.


Personality & Motivation:

Eternal Dragon is a man who’s always looking for the finer things in life and always seems to be smiling. He became a hero to protect people the way he couldn’t protect his family.


Powers & Tactics:

Uses unarmed attacks against weaker opponents and uses his True Dragon Claw against the people he can’t beat without it. Uses his prior martial arts training in Doragon Kuro to keep up to snuff.



Secret Identity: If Jason’s identity were known, he may have issues running his company or with general life.


Sense of Honor: Will not strike an enemy on the back, will always come to the defense of the defenseless, will not lie to a friend


Fame: Jason Draco is a billionaire playboy, what did you expect?


Phobia: Spiders, why did it have to be spiders?


Abilities: 8 + 8 + 8 + 4 +6 + 4 = 38PP

Strength: 18 (+4)

Dexterity: 18 (+4)

Constitution: 18 (+4)

Intelligence: 14 (+2)

Wisdom: 16 (+3)

Charisma: 14 (+2)


Combat: 12 + 12 = 24PP

Initiative: +4

Attack: Base +6,+8 Melee, +6 Ranged,

Grapple: +12

Defense: +10 (+6 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), + 3 Flat-Footed

Knockback: -3


Saving Throws: 4+ 5 + 5 = 14PP

Toughness: +4/+10(+4 Con, +6 [Defensive Roll])

Fortitude: +8 (+4 Con, +4)

Reflex: +9 (+4 Dex, +5)

Will: +8 (+3 Wis, +5)


Skills: 76R = 19PP

Acrobatics 12 (+16)

Climb 4 (+8)

Concentration 4 (+7)

Gather Information 12 (+14)

Diplomacy 12 (+14)

Intimidate 4 (+6)

Knowledge (Business) 8 (+10)

Knowledge (Tactics) 8 (+10)

Sense Motive 8 (+11)

Stealth 4 (+8)


Feats: 25 PP

Acrobatic Bluff

Attack Focus (Melee) 2

Benefit 3 (Wealth)



Defensive Attack

Defensive Roll 3

Dodge Focus 4


Improved Sunder

Improved Trip

Instant Up

Master Plan

Move by Action

Power Attack

Takedown Attack 1



Powers: 20+7+1+1+7 = 30 PP


Chi Powers 8 (16 pp array; Feats: Alternate Power 4 ) [20]

  • Base Power: Healing 5 (Dragon Skin) (Extra: Resurrection; Feat: Regrowth) {16/16 }
  • Alt Power: Damage 8 (True Dragon Claw) (Extra: Penetrating 2; Feats: Affects Insubstantial; Improved Critical; Mighty) {13/16 }
  • Alt Power: Damage 10 (Dragon Flame) (Extra: Range [Ranged]; Feats: Affects Insubstantial, Homing,  Incurable, Indirect 2, Precise, Ricochet 1, Split Attack; Flaw: Distracting; Drawbacks: Full Power, Power Loss) {16/16}
  • Alt Power: Communication 5: (Sense Type:Mental; Extra:Omni-Directional; Feat:Selective) {11/16}
  • Alt Power: Damage 8 (Rapid Combo) (Extras:General Area [40' Burst], Selective Attack; Flaw: Action [Full-Round]) {16/16}


Dragon Spirit 3 (6 pp array; Feat: Alternate Power 1) [7 pp]

  • Base Power: Quickness 2 + Speed 1 (up to 2) + Enhanced Feat 2 ( Improved Initiative 2) + Super Movement 1 (Wall Running; Flaw: Only while moving) {2+1+2+1=6/6}
  • Alt Power: Super-Strength 3 (Effective Strength 33, Heavy load: 2,440 lbs ) {6/6}  


Leaping 1 ( Jumping Distance x2: Running Jump [28'], Standing Jump [14'] High Jump [7'] ) (Jump Training)(1 pp)


Speed 1 (10 mph, 100'/rnd) (Speed Training) [1pp]


Swimming 1 ( 2.5 mph, 25'/rnd ) (Swim Training) [1 pp]




Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP


DC Block

ATTACK              RANGE      SAVE                           EFFECT

Unarmed             Touch       DC 19                      Damage (Physical)
Dragon Fire         Ranged      DC 25                      Damage ()
Rapid Combo         Area        DC 23                      Damage ()
True Dragon Claw    Touch       DC 27 Toughness            Damage ()

Totals: Abilities (38) + Combat (24) + Saving Throws (14) + Skills (19) + Feats (25) + Powers (30) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/154 Power Points



Edited by HG Morrison
+2 PP for April 2016
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Yay your first character GO.  I do not think I have seen a martial artist that is more shifted to damage than attack bonus.

I have some comments though.


First, you need to fix the spacing for a lot of the things take a look at some of the other PCs out there (some of mine have spacing that has been messed up by board updates, but Paradigm's was recently fixed).

Drop the "Progress To Bronzer Status" line, we keep track of that progress separate from individual characters now. 

So, minor thing, if Draco Enterprises was already in existence when he came back, how is Jason the founder?  Probably should correct that.  But on a broader note, I think we should talk a bit in chat about some of your fluff.  I think you are writing yourself out of some possibly interesting stories.

Complications:You need to provide a bit more detail for GMs to these, particularly the Honor, otherwise a GM does not know how to possibly use it.  (I assume the Secret is Secret ID?) 


So, there are a number of issues here. 

Abilities are fine, but you have listed the bonuses as the cost at the top line, you have actually spent 38 pp on abilities, not 17 (you do have the correct cost down at the point totals at the bottom of your sheet however).  So minor correction there. 

First, you need to list the 12 pp you are spending on BAB and BDB, seeing as you do have the correct 24 pp spent in total. 

For your attack, you should have +10 with the True Dragon Claw thanks to your attack specialization, however, as that attack does +12 damage total, this violates PL caps (that will be discussed below).

Defense, I am a bit confused, you seem to be paying for +6 BDB, but then you say in the parentheses that you have +3 base and 3 ranks of Dodge Focus (which you do not have).  This needs to be clarified.  Also, you are below PL caps with your defense/toughness, so that is something you should likely fix. 

With 3 ranks of Defensive Roll, you would have +10 toughness (as under our house rules each rank gives you +2 toughness, and cannot be used to boost your Reflex save). 

For your other saves.....I would really reconsider moving some points to here, having all your saves this low is likely to cause some trouble.  (also, just going off your base Wis, your Will save would only be +3).   

No real issue, but not sure you gain much from having the Concentration skill, as that is mainly for keeping Concentration and Sustained powers up when you take damage or encounter other effects that could break your concentration.   

So, a few things to note. 

Ambidexterity, likely your call, but not sure you will see much use out of this feat. 

Attack Specialization, as noted above, this breaks PL caps with your True Dragon Claw attack, as you are +10 to hit, +12 damage (ie PL 11 cap) 

Benefit 1 (Status), what is the status?  You need to define what it is, and may not truly be necessary to buy the feat depending on what you are thinking with this. 

Contacts, not sure how much this feat will benefit you, as it allows you to make Gather Information checks quickly.  Seeing as you do not have the Gather Information skill, you would only have your Cha bonus (+2) on these checks.  I would probably drop this. 

Critical Strike, this feat has to be tied to the Favored Opponent feat, allowing you to still get critical strikes even if the favored opponent has Immunity: Critical Hits.  I would drop this feat. 

Equipment 7: Looking at your equipment list, you do not need to pay for a cellphone (considering you have Wealth 3), but you might want to look at our house rules regarding communication equipment.   

For the HQ (five floors of Draco Towers), while I see 13 features, I need to know what you are spending the other 3 ep on.  I assume the size is Large (2 ep)?  (which is the size of the Atoms' family headquarters in the Goodman Building)  Also, not sure what benefit you get from the Lab and Workshop, as your character has no technical skills to make use of those facilities.  You can always add them later if you pick up those skills. 

On the Limousine and Yacht, first, not sure you really need to buy these things (as I assume you will not be driving the Limousine into combat at Eternal Dragon?).  Under our house rules, with Wealth 3, you are assumed to have all sorts of toys like cars, limos, etc.  You only need to buy them if you it is something you will be using in combat (like a Batmobile).  If you really want to buy them, I would make an array, buy the Yacht and make the Limo an alternate vehicle (you won't be using both at the same time). 

Improved Block 3, I rather doubt this will see much use (I have never used Improved Block on one of my characters is four years).  I think you can get by with only 1 rank (if even that). 

Improved Critical (Unarmed), just want to be sure that you realize this only applies to your normal Strength unarmed attack. 

Instant Up, this may not be a feat that you need.  The same thing can be accomplished with Acrobatics, needing on a DC20 result (ie a 4 or better for you on 1d210).   

Startle, while you have ranks in Intimidate, you might get more mileage out of Acrobatic Bluff instead. 

Well-Informed, this feat has the same problem as Contacts, it allows you to make Gather Information checks when you encounter someone/something for the first time.  Without ranks in that skill, the feat is of very little use.


Powers:  Like with combat, you need to list the cost of all the powers on the main line (you do have the total down at the bottom) 

Absorption, so, why is he able to absorb all energy effects?  Given his theme, might it not make more sense having it limited to only fire/heat effects (cutting the cost in half and giving you 2 ranks instead of 1)?  Alternatively, you might consider just buying the Healing Power and make it limited to self and give it either a limitation (or complication) that it requires some sort of fire/heat to be used.  That will give you a lot more healing (though you would not get the protection Absorption gives you, but at 1 or 2 ranks, that is pretty minimal anyway). 

Communication, Selective is a Feat for this power, not an Extra (if it was an extra, the cost would be 15 pp, not 11). 

True Dragon Claw, okay, this one I need to understand more.  What is this exactly?  Right now you have it built as some sort of martial arts/chi power he can use to cause more damage, which is fine.  The problem is how does he "throw" that?  Also, that feat means that once it is thrown, you have to do something to recover it before you can use it again (such as going to pick it up, or refocusing your chi), so it cannot be used in consecutive rounds.  If this is supposed to be some sort of melee weapon, it should probably be bought as a device.  Also, the Critical Strike feat here has the same problem as the normal feat you have (ie must be tied to the Favored Opponent feat).  You also need to provide the total cost of the power (which I assume is 12 based on the total powers you list at the base of the sheet).

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One note, it has been pointed out to me that we do allow Critical Strike without the Favored Opponent feat under our house rules, however, it requires using a hero point (or taking fatigue) to temporarily acquire that feat for an encounter.  So, you can certainly keep the feat, but at this point it seems you would find better use for that power point elsewhere (and you certainly do not need the feat a second time under the True Dragon Claw power).

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Much improved GO, still a few things, some minor, some a bit more of an issue. 

Saves: You have spent 3 + 4 + 5 = 12 (no 4, 4, 5).  While overall they are still slightly low, they are much better. 

Combat:  You are still below PL 10 power caps with your defense/toughness total.  (Only +6 defense/+10 toughness).  There are two things you can do: 1) make the character a PL 8 built on 150 pp (which would mean adjusting some other things) or 2) shave some points elsewhere to free up points to improve your defense (with either more BDB and/or Dodge Focus).  I have a suggestion below on how you can free up some points (as you have not accurately totaled your Skills/Feats as well). 

Skills: I count 75 skill ranks, which is 18.75 pp.  First it needs to round out fully, but also is more pp than you have accounted for.  Might be helpful to lower some skills slightly. 

Feats: I count 25 feats, not 20, which means you are 5 pp over here (in addition to having spent over for skills discussed above). 

So, you are either going to need to drop some feats or save some points elsewhere.  Here are a couple things to consider: 

Attractive: You do not need this feat for your character to be "attractive," the feat just provides a situational bonus to bluff and diplomacy (ie your character has learned how to use his looks to influence those that might be attracted to him).  In addition, because of the +4 bonus that this feat can provide to those skills, Attractive figures into the PL caps for skills.  Right now your Diplomacy will break caps with the feat.  So, you either need to lower Diplomacy (by 1 rank) or drop this feat. 

Startle: With how much you have lowered your Intimidate, might be best to just drop the feat. 

Takedown Attack 2:  Having the second rank might be something to consider dropping.  The second rank just allows you to continuing making takedown attacks (moving no more than 5' between them) if you take out your target(s) with a single hit.  Against tougher opponents (supervillains and other heroic opponents), it will be hard to get much use out of this.  Against minions, you do not need the second rank to be able to continue making takedown attacks. 

Headquarters: I do not think you need it huge (large is likely big enough for what you have described).  One option to save points how might be to leave off the HQ for now, just say (based on his wealth) he has a nice place in the city, and you can add the HQ later.  But, your choice if you want to keep it. 


No real issues here, though the ranged attack is rather low power for a PL 10.  I have a thought if you want to keep him at PL 10 that can save you some points and allow you to better meet caps.

Why don’t you combined the healing with the strike/blast and call it "Chi Powers," with individual names still for the alt powers?  Something like this: 

Chi Powers 8 (16 pp array; feats: 2 alt powers) [18 pp]
Base Power: Healing 5 (Dragon Skin) (Extra: Resurrection; Feat: Regrowth) {16/16 pp}
Alt Power: Strike 8 (True Dragon Claw) (Extra: Penetrating 2; Feat: Affects Insubstantial; Improved Critical; Mighty) {13/16 pp}
Alt Power: Blast 10 (name) (Flaw: Full Power; Feats: Affects Insubstantial; Improved Critical; Homing; Accurate 2) {15/16 pp}


This frees up 9 pp that you can use to take care of some of the total miscalculations discussed above, and to bump your defense up to meet PL caps.  It also gives you a ranged attack that is at PL caps (+10 hit/+10 damage). 

You might also want to consider getting a rank of Speed and Leaping and call it "training," something common for martial artists.


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We are getting close GO.  Still a few things.

For attributes, don’t list your effective strength when adjusted by Superstrength here, just list it down under the Superstrength entry (this would confuse someone to think you have a +11 strength bonus for damage, which you don’t) 

For combat, you should list that you have +10 to hit with your blast (thanks to the accuracy 2)

For skills, I am counting 19 pp worth of skills. 


A couple of things here.

First, for the Chi powers, you have 3 alt slots, not 2 (though the cost is correct).

For the blast, you have the total price wrong, with the power loss drawback, you would be at only 11 pp spent.  Might as well spend 3 more that you have available and make it Blast 10 so you hit the PL cap.

As for the Communication power, I did not put that in the array because I figured you might want to have access to it when using other powers in the array, and you will lose that as you have it set up.  If you are good with that, then that is fine. 

For the three training “powers,” as they each only cost 1 pp, I would not bother putting them in an array. 

For the Dragon Spirit array, there are some issues.

First, you cannot put Superspeed as it is in an array like this, that is because part of Superspeed is an array (and you cannot put an array inside an array).  You can certainly buy the components of Superspeed, and even some of the tricks it provides. 

You can buy Quickness 3 and Speed 3 (which can go up to Speed 4 when combined with your training), then add the Improved Initiative 3 (though this creates some problems when you switch the array to the alt power).  That is 9 pp.  Add Super Movement: Wall Running 2 (Flaw: Only while moving) for another 2 pp would be 11 pp.  I would really not suggest the Tiring flaw, as you will render yourself unconscious in four rounds max (that includes using your Hero Point to buy of some of the fatigue).   

To give your melee attack the Rapid Attack alt from Superspeed, what you should do is buy another alt slot in your Chi array and just have your Strike power with the Extra: Targeted Burst Area, Flaw: Zero Range.  That will not cost any more than your normal Strike power, and will give you a 60’ radius burst area.  (you can reduce it slightly if you like with Progression: Reduced area)  If you wanted to make it Selective (ie only hit the targets in the area you want to hit and not hit any friendlies), then you will have to adjust the ranks of the burst area Strike down, as that will cost 1 extra PP per rank for the selective feat. 

As for the Superstrength, again, I would not add Tiring (and you don’t need that flaw, as you have more than enough points for 3 ranks of Superstength in the array.  Also, when you switch from one power in the array to the other, the superstrength shuts off, so you do not need to change the duration.

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Here is my suggestion for how to possibly adjust things with the Dragon Spirit Array: 

Dragon Spirit 3 (6 pp array, 1 alt power) [7 pp]
Base Power: Quickness 2, Speed 1 (up to 2), Improved Initiative 2, Super Movement 1: Wall Running (Flaw: Only while moving) {6/6}
Alt Power: Superstrength 3 (Effective Strength 33 (heavy load: 2,440 lbs) {3/3} 


That frees up 4 pp, 2 of which can be used to fix the error in skills. 

You can use 1 of the others to buy another Alternate Slot under the Chi array to add a Rapid Attack type of attack.

That leaves 1 extra pp for something else.

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So minor things. 

Alt Power: Blast 10 (Dragon Flame) (Flaw: Full Power, Power Loss(Underwater); Feats: Affects Insubstantial; Improved Critical; Homing; Accurate 2) {14/16 pp}

Both Full Power and Power Loss are Drawbacks not Flaws.  Which means costwise it's overcost in the slot.

Alt Power: Strike 8 (Rapid Combo) (Extra:Area Burst 40’, Selective Attack) (Flaw:Zero Range) {16/16}

If I'm honest, I have no idea what Zero Range is meant to mean.   It is already touch ranged with a 40' Burst.  Are you bringing it down to Personal?  Because that doesn't exactly seem like a good thing to do with a damage effect and seems weirdly not kosher with an area on top of damage.  Even if it was instead a self destruct effect I think you'd be better off with something like Side Effect (but that doesn't seem to be the case either). I'd personally suggest the Action flaw instead, raising it to a full action to perform the attack, but it's up to you.  For all I know whatever Zero Range means may work.

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