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I assume this is handled like a regular attack/grapple roll against the car?  Not sure about the mechanics for stopping it, but a 700 pound lizard hanging off your back bumper can't be good for speed and handling, if nothing else.


In a grapple, your first roll to establish it is just a melee attack, and then your full grapple bonus comes into play when your opponent struggles with you, right?  Either way, Leviathan will Charge for this attack, since his Defense doesn't seem important right now (although if he fails and you want to have him plow face-first through somebody's apartment, that'd be funny).  Charge bonus included in the roll.


Grabbing cars: 1d20+12 32


...Not the roll I'd have wanted that natural 20 for, but whatever.  What kinds of Critical Hits options are available for this weird scenario, do you think?

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