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Tattered Marks (OOC)

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Notice checks from everybody, please. Hitting a 15 will let you realize that the hippie's bleeding pretty badly under his jacket.


Asli can hit 22 with her Skill Mastery, so.

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Renegade's Knowledge (Arcane) is skill mastered at a +15 for a 25.


  • Alderwitch
    Well, he's skill mastered at a +15, so 25 is where he's at.
    2:01 PM
  • Raveled
    Okay, let's say... Lost Carcosa was an ancient human realm. They worshiped eldritch horrors and collapsed in on themselves.
    2:04 PM
    Carcosa is like Xanadu for the deeply disturbed and magical types.


So, I think he's going to stunt off his Enochian Tattoo Array:

  • Heal 10 (Flaw: Limited to Others) [10 PP] (Holy, Celestial)
  • Linked: Emotion Control 10 (Calm, Power Feat: Mind Blank, Drawback: Noticeable) [20 PP]

For 30 of his available 32 PP in that array. The Heal should auto clear the worst of his injury conditions, the Calm is a DC20 Will Save and Ray will spend the HP to clear his fatigue just in case. 

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