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Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting (OOC)

Brown Dynamite

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Alright so these muggers are not going to answer.  And instead just get straight to attacking Jack and Foreshadow respectively. 


Two of them are going Aid the other two vs Jack Foreshadow respectively: 2#1d20+6 17 24


Giving a +2 Atk Bonus to the other two each.  Although they still have a low chance of hitting let's see how it goes.


One ninja mugger Charges (-2 Def/+2Atk) to Attack Jack (DC19): 1d20+10 15 Missing!


the other also, 


Chargest (-2 Def/+2Atk) to  Attack  Foreshadow (DC19): 1d20+10 17 Missing as well 


They're PL5 minions so feel free to take 10, mow the two who attacked Jack down.


Something Foreshadow does while Power (-2Atk/+2 Dmg) Attacking)  Tou Save (DC21): 2#1d20+3 15 5

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She isn't sure what her roommate does for work.  Kimiko knows that she does something dangerous like security work.  Kimiko is pretty positive that it isn't anything illegal.  She is able to provide a sketch with a the symbol for the number four repeatedly used to form a pentagonal shape.



The gym area has a Kendo training dummy.  It seems to be rigged to swing back at an attacker when it's struck rather than being a stationary target.  The French  watercolor painting had Japanese characters written on top of the art.  Although it's clear both that the characters were painted by a different hand than the artist.   If asked Kimiko will translate it as "To serve is duty, duty is Samurai, Samurai is immortality".  Lastly, Jack is able to spot that there is a key inside the dirt for the bonsai tree.

Gather Information


When pressed Kimiko answers that the key opens the onyx chest.  She also reveals that though she doesn't know what her roommate does for a living, said roommate has been sloppier with keeping her stuff private over the past week.  Notes and sketches left all over the place, though her roommate usually hides it before Kimiko can get a close look as to what she's been doing

Inside the Chest


Various news articles related to West Coast organized crime activity are circled.  Specifically activity related to the Takazumi-Gumi (one of the most influential Yakuza organizations).  And the Silver Oni, a motorcycle gang that according to the articles was currently suspected to be temporarily in Freedom City 


Foreshadow will take the round to find files on the computer.  It's not a mastercraft pc or anything.  But, will still take him long enough that he can't search around  Find Files (Computer): 1d20+10 21  Foreshadow is able to find notes detailing speculation of a financial connection between the Silver Oni and Takazumi-Gumi.  As well as some sort of local shipping manifest, detailing cargo boats traveling too California for some reason.


Notice: 1d20+15 34 The only thing Foreshadow catches that Jack didn't was a torn fan with a rising sun and green dragon in the center of the sun.

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Alright, let's see how this goes:


Jack of all Blades

Move Action: Doing to ol' springboard off the wall to strike from above move. He's going to choose to ignore the Suppression Fire and incur an attack against his 28 Defence.

Standard Action: Taking 10 against the first gunman minion for a 30. That's a DC 16 Fort Save vs Drain Toughness and a DC 21 + up to 3 Autofire Toughness Save vs Damage.

He'll do the same to the second guy if Takedown Attack comes into play but I'm holding off on Power Attack so that Foreshadow can get in on this, too.

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attempts to shoot Jack of All Blades: 1d20+9 29  O.o  Well minions can't score a critical hit, but that does hit.  DC20 Tou Save.


Since Jack will make it through, let's just react to the rest of that.


Letsee, full Autofire bonus by a wide margin.  Fort Save vs Drain: 1d20+5 21

Tou Save: 1d20+8 22 and thanks to Autofire he's out


Takedown Attack applies, so

Fort Save vs Drain: 1d20+5 14 He fails!  Toughness is at 6.

Tou Save: 1d20+6 23 and thanks to Autofire he's out too!





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Alrighty, I've thought it through.  And have decided we'll field battle rules it.


50 helmet wearing thugs


Force Modifier +5 


ATK: +9

Damage: +11

Toughness: +7 

Defense: +4


Rather than rolling Init will just go back and forth with them getting the initial attack, much like the previous thugs


Bum Rush Jack: 1d20+9 28 The Dice Gods really seem to want Jack to get hit this thread.


Well that'll be a DC26 TOU Save

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Whole lotta rolling to follow here!


Tou Save: 1d20+7 21  Would make them Shaken and Disrupted.


Now.  The field battle rules would suggest that the Drain Tou and Taunt wouldn't actually apply.  But, let's give 'em a -4 Circumstance penalty (-2 for the taunt and -2 for it being a spectacular/destructive use of powers) to Morale checks.  They're also at another -2 for being Shaken.


Morale Check (DC10): 1d20-2 11


Meanwhile, Foreshadow and Kimiko will head to a nearby elevator and he will take an HP to give the  four thugs  inside the initial attack  Two of which will be aiding the other two,

Aid other Helmet Wearing Thugs: 2#1d20+11 14 19 

Shoot Foreshadow: 2#1d20+13 28 20  The first one hits thanks to being Aided


Tou Save: 1d20+7 10 Oof 

Spending an HP to Re-roll

Tou Save (Re-roll): 1d20+7 8 Double Oof +10=18 so he picks up a Bruise



Power (-5/+5) Attack vs nearest Helmet Wearing Thug : 1d20+15 35

With the Crit that will knock one right out and then I'll remember that taking 10 exists and Foreshadow will just take 10 on the rest, not that he could miss.

Tou Saves: 3#1d20+8 12 14 20



Second Two Minute Round



Will give Jack back that HP to allow them to actually attack (but keeping the -2 Shaken penalty) during the round after being Shaken.  Jack will be up after the IC posts from the previous!

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