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Thrown Into Confusion

Brown Dynamite

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Bayview Mall
Bayview Freedom City, New Jersey

Thursday November 19th, 2015

6:00 PM


Cathy's attempt at a shopping excursion found itself short lived.  Before the albino looking girl could even step inside the mall she was sprayed by water.  Nearby police cars raced by the teen, their sirens blaring, without so much as an apology.  The cold water soaking her body made the umbrella in her hand feel like a seemingly useless accessory.  


As she looked out into the street, Cathy could tell the police were erratically racing in the same direction.  Hinting to some sort of trouble in the city. If not some sort of rain caused traffic accident.  If she were so inclined, the moisture in the air could make following after the police an easy task for the ice controller.  But, the option of leaving it to the FCPD and going inside for a change of clothes was also on the table.

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Cathy had been putting off her shopping trip for some time but finally she had to go get some new clothes, not the type of clothes Raina was going on about her wearing and definitely not those bloody shoes probably worth more than the house her parents owned. So it didn’t take much to dissuade her for her shopping trip , though a little water didn’t bother her.


Unlike many of her fellow students Cathy wasn’t one to go rushing into danger ready to fire on the enemy. So she made her way to a secluded spot before changing into her ice form, taking care of her wet clothes now iced over. Then she took off on her ice slide to follow along in parallel to the police keeping an eye out for a good spot to stop and see what all those police were rushing towards.

After all she was watching from a distance, that wasn't rushing into danger right?

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Cathy slid after the police for five miles.  Staying out of view the entire trip to one of the city's famous water treatment plants. Four squad cars had been positioned as a sort of road block formation.  Cutting off entrance to (or exit from) the plant.  A Hispanic woman in a suit was calmly standing in the rain, without so much as a poncho, radio in hand calling out commands to someone on the other end.  Cathy was too far to make out what was being said.  But, it was clear as day that the female detective was calling the shots for the police.


The sound of more squad cars approaching could be heard in the distance.  Whatever was going on at the plant had attracted a lot of local attention.  The last time the plant had this many flashing lights, was when the Green Man failed to transform all the people of Freedom City into plant life using the city's water source.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Cathy stood for a few moments on the roof looking down at the police assembled, a moment of doubt in herself. She might be seen as a superhero, especially back home, but here she was just one of many others and not very confident in her own abilities. She could have just flow over, but that seemed rather rude when they were here to just do there job.


Taking a deep breath to calm her nerves she created a ice slide down to where the police had gathered, trying to act as confident as she didn’t feel.

“Hello, I’m Frostbyte. Can you tell me what’s going on here?”

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"Frostbyte?  Oh you must be Comrade Frost's younger sister."  The female detective mused unenthused at the revelation  Her posture completely nonplussed by the heroine appearing on the scene with her flashy ice slide.  The woman was seemingly gifted with a level of disinterest that could only come from years of interacting with the sort of larger than life figures that find themselves on the front page of the Freedom Ledger and other publications.  


"We don't really know what's going on.  The whole plant's alarms were buzzing with activity.  The first boots on the ground have spotted a couple of dead employees outside of the plant.  And this poor sap."  The detective knocked on the back seat of a nearby patrol car.  In it was a guard, shivering clearly shaken up by whatever he saw.  "He's still in shock, I haven't gotten the chance to get a read of the situation from him.  You're free to give it a shot if you want kid.  Detective Archer, by the way."

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  • 2 months later...

“Ah not quite, does the accent not give that away?” she gritted her teeth a little not to lose her temper, after all she reminded herself she was still rather new.

She wasn’t about to tell the police how to do there job, FCPD must have to deal with some pretty weird stuff everyday, so she followed Detective Archer’s lead and went over to check on the Security Guard. She didn’t get to close, the cold that always surrounded her might do him some harm, but instead stopped just by the car's door smiling in what she hope was a reassuring manner.

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  • 4 weeks later...



The security in the police car looked up nervously.  After a moment he raised a hand with trepidation.  Waving at the young heroine.  The female detective looked mildly amused at the comment.  "It may surprise you.  But, the members of the Freedom League with enough of a rapport with the FCPD for me to answer that all tend to wear dark colors and jump from rooftops.  For all I know one of you is putting up a fake accent."


The detective looked back and forth between the guard and girl.  "If you'd like to ask him a few questions be my guest.  Personally, I'm going to go see if my boys at the plant have an update for me.  Been quiet for too long."

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  • 1 year later...

"I know a couple of people like that who like to stalk in the shadows, but it's really not for me. Please be careful Detective I'll join you as quickly as I can."

As she walked over to the car with the guard within she concentrated on suppressing or at least reducing, the aura of cold that always surrounded her, it wouldn't help the shocked guard to get a blast of near-freezing air. She was a little better since coming to Claremont, but far from perfect as Raina like to remind her frequently.

"Hello there I'm Frostbyte and I'm here to try and help. Could you tell me what you saw earlier?" she spoke softly and gently to the startled guard.

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The guard looked up at Frostbyte clearly still shaken by the experience.  He was wheezing before even speaking.  Wheezing hard enough it almost seemed as if he would vomit right there on the spot.  This went on for a few more seconds before he began to settle.  His body trembling all over of which Frostbyte's less than summery air had nothing to do with.


"I had just started my shift.  We had been answering calls all day from higher ups thanks to the upcoming OSHA safety audit.  So much for safe."  The guard spent some time staring at his hands and tumbing through his fingers.  Finding the need to pause his story and recompose himself yet again.


"Some contractor, or at least we thought he was a contractor ringed in.  Saying he was here to inspect the filtration system.  But, we don't just get unscheduled visits here.  So we asked for IDy'know?  We were just doing our jobs"

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  • 1 month later...


Her friend might disagree based on her at school but she was actually pretty good at dealing with people, she'd been handling mini-disasters for quite a few years before coming to Freedom City.


"Please carry on, anything you can remember could be very important." Cathy tried to encourage the man in a soft understanding tone.


She was well aware that time was probably limited here, but she could easily catch up with the action when needed, and it could be important if she had to fight the foe.

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