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MAXimum Load (OOC)

Brown Dynamite

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  • 2 weeks later...

Alright, then I'm going to edit the previous post to include Mischa giving the old pew pew


Firing his E-Gun (Heat Beam Setting) DC23: 1d20+6 15 and missing


Matt can disarm him, intimidate or demoralize him into stopping, or just beat the guy up to get the information he's looking for.  Or if you think of something else (like diplomacy) scaring him by revealing powers, etc.  Either way he's pretty convinced Matt's the crazy guy going around with a knife killing Max pushers and failed to get the drop on him.

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Matt's pretty big on not getting shot at anymore! Plus, I don't think I've ever actually disarmed anyone, so it's about time I give the mechanics of it a shot.


First things first, though; he didn't pay 43pp for dogs that sit around doing nothing!



Move Action: Run up to harry Mischa.

Move Action: Harry Mischa.

Intimidate Check vs. Mischa (Fast Task: Startle): 1d20+15 31

The dog'll go ahead and pass that flat-footed on to Matt.



Move Action: Also run up to Mischa!

Standard Action: Disarm.

Disarm Attack vs. Mischa: 1d20+12-5 15

Hrrrm. Hopefully that hits, if he's flat-footed. If so, it'll be a nice DC23 (DC18 on his unarmed attacks, +5 on the power attack) Strength check or be disarmed (with Matt holding the gun!).


Either way, both Matt and the dog have move-by action; if they have movement left, Matt'll get a little distance and the dog will stand in front of the door so Mischa can't run without moving him.

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