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Seahawk's looking for a +1... or +2...

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I'm thinking of a interesting little adventure on the dwarf planet Eris... a little bit of chaos as it were, and Seahawk will be one of the participants... but I don't want to hog the spotlight so I thought perhaps having a one or two other brave astronauts could join her...

Pretty much looking for PL10-12 characters, Spaceworthiness or life support a must, although suits for the adventure will be provided... note it's the equipment type, so the risk you take on is your own there. The point of the trip to Eris is purely Seahawk wanting to get away from it all, and it turns into a scientific expedition. A working holiday... lucky her.

But this will get exiting for all involved!

So... who else has the taste for going to the final frontier?

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Well the other end of the wormhole is Praetorian space so no reason they couldn't be scouting the other side, special if it involves someone who's from Earth and would get distracted by some strange readings...

Which is an roundabout way to say that I wouldn't mind The Traveller in this thread, if you'll have me.

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I hate to say this, but I think I'd better run one thread at a time.

Some things have been happening where I think my mental stamina can only take so much. I might do this after I'm done with "Wild Endeavor". Thing is at the moment my issue is I don't got the energy suddenly to run.

Might be the weather though, and the weather will be improving after Saturday so my tune might change, this could be just fatigue and lack of sleep talking.


Addendum: Tonight is refreshing... I'll see how I feel Wednesday. Then it's on.

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Okay, so as I understand it, it is looking like Seahawk, The Traveler, and Huhunu as the people going on this crazy trip? I'll start the planning and we will begin Saturday. Please be watching this thread, as I will announce the OOC/IC here.

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