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Some interesting things - 

1. The ax does indeed seem to be haunted by a spirit of bloody murder! A minor spirit of bloody murder, sure, but bloody murder all the same.

As for Comrade Frost, he is a puzzle. He is a vampire! But appears to be animated by something other than the typical necromantic energies of a vampire - something extradimensional and cold. He's more like a walking gateway to some other place than anything else. 

2. Comrade Frost actually has his own Wikipedia entry. Dimitri Peshkov, aka Comrade Frost, is a veteran Russian superhero who has been active since the 1940s. He's been posted to liason work with the Freedom League for some time now. 

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This is the most infernal cellphone of all - an Android! 

It's oddly blank - no games, no extra files, just a list of transactions and phone numbers from all over the city, names Isaac recognizes as people connected to the antique or magical artifact community all over town. Lew Siffer's been active here for a couple of months, selling all sorts of things. The phone has no personalization information at all. It doesn't feel like a store-bought phone, it feels like someone _made_, or _summoned_ a phone for some fell purpose. 

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Good catch, Sakuro! Sorry for the delay; I've been without Internet. 

Comrade Frost will go Insubstantial - and then attack with his Strike! He'll Power Attack for +2 (which he can do via our House Rules), taking advantage of the Aid bonus from Isaac. 

http://orokos.com/roll/311389 = 27 

That certainly hits! Tou save vs DC 27...


http://orokos.com/roll/311390 = 32


Lew Siffer drops a Rank 10 area effect. 

DC 20 Reflex save - leading to DC 25/22 Damage 

Frost's Reflex save

http://orokos.com/roll/311391 = 24, woo!

Tou vs 22... 

http://orokos.com/roll/311392 = 16

Ouch! Buuut Frost does have his Healing, so I'll go ahead and make a check for that 

Check vs DC 10 

http://orokos.com/roll/311394 = 12

He makes it! Frost is merely dazed. 

Go ahead and make your rolls, Sakuro, and then I'll post IC for Frost and the demon (who has just blown up his own shop!)

http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/3777-ecalsneergs-improved-archetypes/?do=findComment&comment=105719 - the demon's stats, by the way. 

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Isaac had made a point of taking cover, putting a wall between himself and Lew, on his turn. That's why I asked. But if the wall exploded along with the rest of the building I can see how that wouldn't help at all.

Would Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent stunt something or pull out a ritual? I think it'd be in character for them to run from a demon now that it is obviously a scary super powered being, as it would be for Isaac. This entire scenario, from the beginning, stuck me playing the Isaac persona rather than the Stormcrow one. Which I didn't want, but in staying true to the character I couldn't just toss his secret identity aside. Been frustrated by that.

Fortunately I can think of something that may help, yet won't obviously shatter his secret identity. But I want to make sure it actually sticks, so I'm going to save that HP and not act this turn.

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