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For reference, Dragonfly is spending a hero point to jury-rig the following power:

Super-Senses 3 (Radiation Awareness [visual; Common descriptor, 2 ranks], Analytical [1 rank]; Extras: Affects Others, Area [General Burst]) [9pp]

This'll show everyone in the area nearby radiation (hopefully sources, people who're irradiated, etc), and display detailed information on it if available. Huzzah! SCIENCE!

As a 9pp power, this has a craft check of (10 base + 5 jury-rig + 9pp =) DC24. As Dragonfly's entire shtick is being a super-engineer, she is incapable of failing that check.

Crafting time: 9 rounds, or a bit under 1 minute.

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For the sake of the record: Dragonfly's activating her ESP (audio, visual), sweeping the general area for anything notable...and, paranoid intellectual that she is, to get a better idea of what's around in case they need to run, hide, or blow something notable up. She's not going to poke too close to anywhere that looks armed or well-defended, though.

Not yet, anyway!

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