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Claremont Academy, Bayview, Freedom City

Saturday 9th May 11:00 am

Daphne had a strange relationship with Claremont. Whilst she wasn’t quite a student, she was quite happy studying at Burroughs, she had been attending Claremont's to help learn more about her powers as well as fight alongside a kickass superhero team, when there schedules aligned.

But today she’d been asked, by that very nice headmaster, to meet one of the new students another psychic students and help them understanding their powers. Not that Daphne understood her own power completely, they’d just been there since the day she woke up from her birthing pod, it was just natural to her and her powers had only got stronger the more she used them Which she guest was kinda the point.

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After a couple of days of Claremont, Vicki was starting to feel that she at least understood where her classes were.  It didn't help that it seemed like she had more than the standard reading writing and arithmetic.  There were power classes, and ethics classes, as well as all sorts of very strange history classes.  So far it had been a very confusing and wonderful experience.  She needed to get more of a handle on her powers, that was what she was here for.  To grow and learn and become the kind of hero her dad was.

She was heading across campus, distracted by the blooming white cherry blossoms as the gently fell like spring snow.  Thankfully she had the next hour free for a study period so she was taking her time slowly heading to her next class.  Unlike many of the students, she carried no books, or purse, or for that matter anything other than the clothes she wore; jeans and a loose white blouse.

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Daphne spotted Vicki and made her way over to the other student, as she did she subtly and gently borrowed the others girls knowledge of sign language, it was natural to her that she didn't really noticed.

<"Hi there I'm Daphne Celeste."> she beamed as she signed, it was like those signers she saw on TV sometimes <The Headmaster's asked if I'd help you out with learning about you telepathy, as I'm a telepath too."> Not many could sign with pride and enthusiasm but Daphne some how managed it.

<"We've been given a couple of hours to work on this, shall we go somewhere quiet?"> 

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Vicki shook her head, looking at the girl in front of her.  Someone who not only knew that she was mute, but could sign as well!

Excitedly Vicki signed back to her, "Vicki Adams.  You don't know how good it is to find someone who can sign!  It's always a bit of an adjustment coming to a new place and trying to figure out how to communicate with people."  As her hands fluidly signed back to Daphne, her smile grew wider.  

Then it sunk in what she had 'said', that she was a telepath and was nominally here to help out.  She quickly continued her side of the silent conversation, "well I don't know if I'm a telepath or not.  I can communicate with people that I  am touching.  But, I would LOVE to sit down at talk about it with someone who knows what she is doing.  I often feel completely lost and overwhelmed."

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Daphne literally jumped up and down clapping her hand togethers, before looking a little guilty and calming down.

<”I’ve only been using telepathy with people for about a year, and when I started I was a Touch Telepath just like you. Now after lots of practice I can do it over quite a distance.”> she thought for a second then added <”I won’t start with telepathic communication until you ready, some Telepaths are sensitive about that kind of thing. Shall we go to the Zen garden to practice, it’ll be quiet with everyone in class and I can play the ancient and revered master passing on her knowledge.”> she beamed another smile.

She offered Vicki an arm to walk with her outside to the garden.

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Vicki giggled silently and nodded her agreement.  She quickly signed, "well you don't look ancient to me."

Then taking Daphne's arm, she let herself be led along and a cautious mental voice echoed through the physical link between them, <"no, I understand that far too well.  I tried to use my gifts when I was younger and it nearly always ended in torches and pitchforks... literally even once.  It was just easier to just live with my disability and sign whatever I need.  Besides, I got my text speed up really good and my phone works for most people.  Well, when I remember to have enough power and charge it.">

As they made their way down the path, she flashed a message, <"where did you learn to sign?  You can speak, right?">

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“Some say that I talk far too much, but this is unfair you can’t answer back hold on a second.”

For a few second Vicki felt a weird mental sensation a sort of mental tickle somewhere inside her brain.

There we go much better just think you answers and I can pick it up. And to be honest I’ve never used sign language before today I just needed to know it and I did, I guess I must have plucked it out of the ether or like maybe you brain.

She actually sounded, thought, a little guilty about the last part.

Come one let’s go, I have a surprise for you.

She gently but firmly started to guide the other woman towards the school's Zen guardian.

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Unfortunately for Vicki mental discipline was not necessarily her strong suit. Of course, her immediate thoughts went to how much can she really pick up. It was immediately followed up by which she apparently thought was her most embarrassing secret.

"OMG...She's going to completely find out that I still sleep with the same bear I've been sleeping with for years. I wonder if she knows whether I brush my teeth or not today. I mean I did, but I wonder if that's the sort of thing she picks up. Wait, you're getting all of this aren't you."

Realizing the train of thought that she had just gone down she smiled sheepishly.  Doing her best to keep her thoughts focused she asked the question that she wanted to know the answer to.

"So... do you find the people completely freaked out when they realize you can pick up the thoughts? I imagine that could get a little embarrassing pretty quick."

As their thoughts transferred amongst each other, they continued walking towards the gardens. Vicki could not help but be amazed at the beautiful landscaping around the campus. If the campus itself could look so beautiful what would the garden be like?

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Daphne gave a little mental giggle, and hid a similar reaction in the “real world”.

I wouldn’t worry about, though many telepaths have really organised minds. It’s also a very useful method of getting information from people, I call it the Pink Hippo method. And growing up I didn’t have any stuffed toys but I use to be lulled to sleep by TV static, the old fashioned snowstorm stuff. The lullaby of the cosmos Mother Unit use to call it. Though I have plenty of plushes not including one of Hologram, we should arrange for you to meet her she another telepath and probably more powerful than me. And more importantly she’s on television and is good at explaining stuff.

Daphne’s mental voice carried as much enthusiasm as she spoke in the real world, and not having to take a breath she could carry on and on.

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"I'm not entirely certain that I would want someone to make a plushie of me. I can't imagine that would be terribly flattering to your figure. Although, I guess it is complimentary in a certain way. ok and another thing, I'm not sure that I'm ready to have anyone sleep with me... plushie me or not. I think I would be totally weirded out if I walked into some guys room and my plushie was there."

Each time that she began to think a phrase her hand subconsciously moved towards Daphne. She had to consciously keep reminding herself that Daphne's gifts worked without touch. Hopefully, Vicki would be able to learn how she did that. because it certainly made things easier to communicate.

Her thoughts also subconsciously began to thank whoever had thought to contact Daphne about her situation. Her enthusiasm, cheerfulness, and abilities made her wonderful to talk to.


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I don’t know I’m looking forward to my own Plushie or Action Figure or even my own comic book. Her enthusiasm flowed through the mental link.

They finally reached the school Zen garden laid out in a rather traditional manner several large flat rock surrounded by carefully raked sand. With it’s walled surround shadowed by large trees it was an ocean of calm even in the middle of the school.

Ah here we are pick a rock and get comfortable, we’ll see if we can strengthen you telepathy.

She sat cross legged on the largest of the stone and gestured to nearby stone, somehow she’d not left a trace on the sand even though the rock was more or less central of the garden.

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