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Praetorians: Duty Unto Death

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Okay, so things should be wrapping up with Incursion by the end of this month.  Figured I would put this up to help us coordinate things with the growing roster of PCs and for people to plan threads for Praetorian teams.

As it stands now, we have: 

Old Team (those held in suspended animation by the Curator)
Paradigm (Thevshi)
The Traveller (Tiffany Korta)
Elite (Blue Rose)
Dragonid (ca_lazerdwarf)
Kharag (RobRX)
Moon Moth (Exaccus)
Huhunu (Mad Scientist)
Mater Vyrdna (Vahnyu)  

New Members (those who join/associate with the team post-Incursion)
Corona- Lor Liaison (Raveled)
Cavalier- Star Knight Representative (Trollthumper) 

Other members that are in the works/possible…
Ringdown (old team member) (Sorus)
[Eve] (old team member) (Hestina)
Solar Sentinel (new member) (Thunder King)

Edited by Thevshi
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So, even though Incursion has not officially wrapped up, I figured it was time to get things rolling with a post-Incursion thread for the team (this one would actually be all the PCs, something that is probably not advisable most of the time, but is of for this one).  Hopefully Hestina will be able to get her character rolling soon (and maybe Sorus as well?), as I hope to have this thread up sometime next week.

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On a side note, I was wondering if the site upgrade may have unflagged some people from following threads without their being aware of it?  Only a handful of the above list are, for example, currently getting notifications for the Tales of the Praetorians: We Are Legion threads.

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The site change-over reset everyone's Notification preferences, I believe, so people aren't getting emails and suchlike.

I'll have to get Corona's edits up soon, so we're all on the same page re: Praetorians.

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Cool things all around. May I also suggest a Guidebook page for the Praetorians as a whole? Something readily available with their story as a whole, links for team members, HQs and Vehicles, so that we don't have to go searching for burried threads?

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Okay, here is our post-Incursion thread! 

For the moment only Tiff, TT, Rav and my character are in the scene (Vahn, maybe Mater Vyrdna is in the command center as well overseeing the installation of equipment)

I will be moving to get everyone evolved soon enough! 

Sorus, Hestina, if you two can get your characters up soon enough, we can get them into the thread as well!

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