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Banana Republic

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Wildcat gets 2 HP

1 for narratively being sent flying through a window and into whatever you choose to describe him landing on in whatever condition you choose to describe him landing.

Another for well the criminals have gotten away from the initial encounter!


Glam gets 1 for the Apes getting away.

And none for smacking another hero through a building.

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Wildcat came through that with the Staggered condition, so he has less than a fighting chance to teach anyone a lesson, but that won't stop him from trying! :D

He's not holding back at all, so that'll translate to a +2 All Out Attack and a +2 Power Attack.  I can roll an attack if you'd like, but I'd imagine he's catching her flat-footed in striking back. :P  Toughness Save DC would be 24, which I doubt she'll have too much trouble with.

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Rather than having a post in which Glamazon confirms she indeed has no idea what Kool Aid is.  Let's get to the sneaky stuff.  What specifically is Wild Cat doing.  Sneaking in from a front door.  Crawling along the rooftops.  What have you.  A stealth roll is not yet required.

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