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Jurassic Fight Club

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Animal Man is going to assume the form of a bloodhound, and the associated bump to his senses, to go super-sleuth on the crime scene.  The relevant bits of the Shapeshifting allocation are as follows:


Enhanced Skills 4 (Notice 5, Search 5, Survival 5, Investigate 5)

Super-Senses 6 (Olafactory - Acute, Analytical, Tracking, Counters Obscure, Extended)

Enhanced Feats 1 (Skill Mastery (Investigate, Notice, Search, Survival))


He'll take a 10 on each of the above skills for a 25 on Notice & Investigate, 21 on Search and 20 on Survival. 


I think the skills are in a bit of a fuzzy area, so if he can't get one or any of these skills let me know. 

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Okay sorry for the delay.

The creature obviously has a rather unique smell which mean it pretty easy to track. Whilst fatal wounded there no where near enough blood around, meaning it was killed somewhere else. You can't detect any nearby vehicle and you picking up that humans, probably four or more, carried the creature to dump it here.

All this suggests that it was killed elsewhere and bought and dumped in the warehouse.  

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