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Dropping in... (Seahawk & Mirror w/Miss A)

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Seahawk was heading to Wharton to try out something in the forest, namely to test out a theory with her ability to infuse her body with energy... if she could use that energy to amplify her strength, what happened with those sailors wouldn't be as much of an issue. As she got to the forest there was a warning test on her helmet's HUD...


Fuel Out, activate parachute... Warning, Parachute module not installed...


"Activate Parachute? There's supposed to be a parachute on this thing?"


She starts falling from the sky as the glowing wing-like nimbus from her flight pack disappears. She almost instantly starts tumbling. "OH CRAAAAAAAAAP!" She shouts as her pack tries to sputter to life to try to slow down, but to no avail.


Warning, still at terminal velocity, apply emergency measures... Severe or Fatal injury is now a likelyhood... Recording data for black box...


"I WOULD IF I HAD ANY, YOU INFERNAL... Oh dear, this is gonna hurt, isn't it? Miss A really needs to put that new power supply in t..."


A loud crashing sound is heard through the forest over the sounds of nature, followed by a splash. Seahawk's crumpled body floats up to the surface of a small lake... or large pond... Seahawk wouldn't know, She's dead at least for now. Bouyed by her suit's life preserver.


Warning, pilot has suffered terminal injury. Inflated life preserver for retrieval of corpse. Contact with Archetech HQ has failed. Logging crash data to black box. Activating beacon.


A couple small lights start flashing on the strap of her flight pack with a regular beep...


Outside of that, it is quiet at the impact site. But Seahawk's fall didn't go unnoticed...

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"Bwahahahaha, did you see that fall? That must have hurt!"


"Mary, not now, someone could be dead, or dying."


"Pffft, death isn't that bad, I mean, I got stuck with you this time, but look at me, I'm fine!"


"That's why I'm worried."


Mirror said before taking off in a brisk jog. It was fairly easy for him to get over various obstacles, and get through the forest, but it took him twenty minutes to even reach the clearing where she could have fallen. By then, his hat had a few twigs sticking to it, and he had lost track of where person had fallen. Finally he noticed her in the water, floating there, still. 


"I'm to late."


Before he could jump in to get the body, he heard a small snort from Mary.


"Wait a second, just watch."

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Swahawk stood in a white, empty reality. A place she calls "The waiting room". It was her second visit here... she's started to learn what it was... her power's way of locking her into her body. To give her powers time to build up for a massive regenerative burst... followed by about 30 seconds of pain.


Oh god... at least the life preserver worked... Okay... what happened to me... Broken neck? no... busted ribs again... gonna be coughing up blood. I bet my internal organs are a real chunky salsa. Better get my faceplate open so I can cough it out... broken back too. Busted leg... left hand's shattered... I really, REALLY gotta get that parachute put in this thing... This is gonna hurt.


Wait is someone wa... oh god... this... YEAAARRRGGHHH!


Mirror sees a explosion of white and gold light coming from the faceplate of Seahawk's flightsuit, before she flips open the visor with her working right arm. The sound of creaking and clicking and some wretching is heard as she tries to swim... and fail. "Hah.. hah... YEAAARRRGGGHHH!" The sight was not pretty as her body re-arranged itself into it's proper form. There was a few moments again... then she turned to Mirror... she was temporarily exhausted, but not out of it. "H... Hey... mind taking that stick and help pull me over... I'm a bit..." She coughs up something into the water out of Mirror's view... "Ugh... sorry, had to get that out. I just want some help to shore... still getting my energy back."


She didn't look in trouble... but she still looked like that was incredibly painful...


Lifesigns detected... as well as lessening terminal injuries. Notifying pilot that radio is down, and flight is inoperable due to lack of fuel. No ration pack ins...


"Yeah yeah, NOT INSTALLED... Confounded buzzkill..." Seahawk whined.

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Wincing, Mirror did his best not to watch her body fix itself. Hearing about regeneration always made his stomach a little queazey, and this just proved to him that it couldn't be anywhere near comfortable to have your body do that. Using his cane, he held it out to her, planting his feet firmly so he'd be stable. The, flight pack he guessed, looked heavy, and couldn't be easy to swim with.


"Told you to wait. Doubt this one fears death, though the pain might still make her avoid it. That looked like it hurt, a lot."


Ignoring Mary, Mirror used his left hand to knock some twigs off his suit, and hat before Seahawk could grab the cane, quickly holding it again to be sure he could get her back to shore. He was stronger then he looked, but then, he was barely a healthy weight to begin with, and didn't look strong at all.


"That looks like it hurts at least as bad as getting those injuries. Come on, lets get you out of the water."

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"T... thanks." She said, getting herself over to the side of the small lake and getting to her hands and knees to catch her breath. She closes the clear faceplate to ehr suit and uses it's oxygen supply to help boost her a bit as she gets back to her feet. "So... to whom do I owe the honor of your presence?" Seahawk said, smiling and nodding. Although the cowl-like hood she was wearing hid her eyes under a pair of goggles, all underneath a bubble-windscreen that was the front faceplate of the helmet of her flight suit. She turned off the beacon as she extended a hand for a handshake, it was her left hand, as the bones re-alligned and healed. "Oh... forgot that was happening... I'm Seahawk. Just started on this whole flying without a airplane thing. Just got done saving some sailors in distress... it'll probably be on the news tonight I wager."


She hugged her self, crossing her arms over the red inflated life vest that was a part of her suit provided some warmth as she crossed her arms. She always felt cold after this sort of resurrection thermal regulators or not. Might have been more psycho-somatic. "That... crash really hurt. I hope it wasn't too disturbing the... after-effects. First time someone's actually seen me do that."


The seemingly invincible test pilot showed some weakness...

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"My names Mirror."


He said with a small tip of his hat, resting the can by his side once more, held firmly in his right hand. 


"Yeah, the after effects looked far from pleasant, you gonna be okay after something like that? Regardless of whatever physical injury it doesn't leave, pain does mess with the mind. I understand about someone seeing a mishap like that one, regardless of why, and what it does to someone, an accident like that isn't pleasant for anyone involved."


"It was for me, got to see something I've not seen before. A human fall out of the skies, die, and then come back to life."


Glaring at Mary, glad for his mask, he waited to see what Seahawk would say next. This was the second person he'd met, knowingly anyway, that not only had powers, but was another hero, that is, if her story checked out. He kept himself way to relaxed throughout all of this, it was probably more then a little disconcerting to some, but it was an attempt to further distinguish Mirror from the scrawny Alton hiding just beneath the mask. Make it a little harder to recognize him from the much more shy, but (that he showed anyway) more compassionate him that he was most of the time. He still cared, he hoped she'd be okay, and that this wouldn't happen to her again.

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"Yeah... seems however my powers work... the act of actually regenerating like that isn't painful for very long. Sort of glad it happens. Reminds me to be careful." She said, wondering if she should just uncover her face... but he was masked... perhaps a few more questions to this Good Samaritan would help. "So... what brings you to these woods, Mirror? Me I was just heading out here for some quiet training with my powers when Phbbbt... bad luck came knocking first."


She giggled as she stretched out, her back and other bones finally getting just right. "Aah, this part I like, it's like a deep tissue massage if I time it hrrr... ahhh... right."


"There... I can get back to trainin'. Of course I don't mind talkin' too. I got all day."


She presses a button and her suit turns international orange and red, although in a different livery and configuration from her test-pilot mode's uniform design. "I'd better keep visible for now... in case there's hunters... but it isn't hunting season as far as I know right now..."

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"Me? Just a nice quiet walk. My method of getting out here required a little use pf my powers, so I thought it best to be in my suit. As for the matter of hunters, I don't know the hunting season up here, or if its even legal in this forest. If it is, I doubt they'd confuse someone that's bright blue, and purple standing next to orange, and red to be something their hunting. If it is, then I have to wonder about what's running around in these woods. As for talkin', having some company for a little while is always nice. At least I have a suit designed for winter today. The other night I was in a much thinner thing, nearly caught hypothermia because of it. 'Course, the mask helps, not a lot, but a little."


He said, talking a little bit more to get back into the grove of things, and tilted his head up at the sky, watching it, though keeping Seahawk in sight so he could respond if he had to, though he doubted he'd need to do much more then talk, she seemed nice. 

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Seahawk walked ahead of Mirror, looking around for something until she found it. "Ah... I knew there'd be some heavy stones around here." She said, walking over to a substantial collection of stones ranging up from 300 pounds to one that was closer to 1000 and one that was a massive 1 and a half tons!


"Today I get to try something I've been suspecting..." She said, sitting down in front of the biggest stone... She opened up her helmet setting it aside. "I'm about to do something here that well... requires trust." She said, pulling back the cowl of her suit and the goggles/mask that covered the upper part of her face, revealing a blonde-haired elf-like woman with green eyes. "Name's... Naomi... And I'm going to be putting a lot of effort into this... at least to start." She said, unbuckling the flight pack and setting it next to her helmet.


She looked at her hands letting them flare to life... She knew the feeling of that energy moving, so then she thought of concentrating it, then letting it move through her body, like fuel going to every muscle. Her skin seemed to glow slightly as she stood up. The glow faded as she walks over to the 1000 pound stone and in a motion that looked patently easy she lifted it as if it was just a phone book. "I... well, first try and bingo..." She said with a smile. She looked over the largest stone... "Some day I might have to move that much material in one go..."


She stretched after setting her first stone down. "That's the thing about this power... it's all internalized... understanding the energy flow is really, really important."

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After a moment of internal debate, Mirror removes his mask, and the top hat revealing his face. He was skinny, very skinny, but his face was softer then you would think for having almost nothing on it. His silver-grey eyes were fairly rare, at least, as pure grey as they were. He had shoulder length, light brown, though there were still little hints of the dirty blonde it had been when he was young.


"Well, Naomi, you can call me Alton."


"You showed her just like that? Oh man, that could cause trouble."

Alton watched Naomi pick up the rather large stone. There were circumstances where he could move twelve tons of material, at his max, though it was limited to glass. 


"Energy flow is always, regardless of what powers you have. For example, I can move glass around without touching it, and only glass. Nothing else, not sure why, but if I'm ever going to do more then move it from A to B, I'm going to have to figure out how the energy flows through the glass. Not something I've got the hang of yet."


He could always feel the energy flowing through his body, but he didn't know how it flowed through the glass, and until he figure that, moving it was about all he could do. There was a little bit of glass nearby, his mask and cane namely, and with a twist of his wrist, he made them float, bobbing gently in the air, not moved by the breeze. He could feel the energy leaving his body, and then it was gone, he couldn't feel it anymore, but he knew it was there, inside the glass, and making it act to his will.

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Naomi started to pull on the biggest stone, 1.5 tons of pure unadulterated rock. At first it didn't budge until it finally moved and she put all the effort she could into lifting it... it felt like her maximum. She was breathing heavily before dropping it 10 feet from where she picked it up with a thump. She drops to one knee, resting a hand on the rock as she catches her breath. "Well... in theory... I can do this. In practice... I need practice!" She said, looking over to Alton. She leaned against a rock, pulling out the one thing in terms of "food" she knew she had. A couple candy bars. She offers one to Alton.


"It seems it's not I got more to learn, it's more on how to use what I know!" She said with a smile.


The blonde haired elf-girl seemed very much happy to have someone to talk to that had powers. She seemed a little comical even with the puffed up life preserver around her head and down the front. But she didn't seem to mind that, leaning back to have a headrest. "To be honest it's been one heck of a day so far. I flew for the first time today, helped save some people, and ended up crashing into you. Can't say it hasn't been a good day."


Just then some raindrops begin to fall... "Oh... I guess that 10% chance wasn't so much of a small chance." She said, getting up and rummaging through a pouch that was a part of the straps of her flight pack. She offers a semi-clear rain poncho to Alton. "Least I can do... maybe we should head back to civilization. I saw a truck stop about 2 miles away... saw it as I sorta... well... landed. Bound to be a pay phone there, even in this era of cell phones. Ming wanna go to our identities again while we do so."


She puts on her helmet after pulling back over her head the hood of her suit and the goggles, she lets her suit deflate the life preserver, it taking the form again of a padded collar, and straps on her flight pack to keep it secure. The suit turns navy blue with white trim, with some patches of red once more. There was a grumble in her stomach now... seems having a light breakfast means dinner will have to carry the load. "And while a candy bar is nice, I really want some greasy, authentic Truck-stop food! I'll cover your tab if you're interested?"


What was Seahawk's game? Being this nice was... well a breath of fresh air, but her being this casual after coming back from the dead no more than a hour ago...


Seahawk just smiled. "Sometimes it's all about attitude. When it rains you just put on your raincoat, lean a shoulder to the wind, and carry on."

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Alton took the candy bar, tucking it into his pocket, and then slipped on the poncho. After that, he put his mask back on, least his face couldn't get wet, and put his hat back on, it'd get wet, but he had fallen into fountains a few times when he was still getting the hang of his powers, and had learned the hard way that this hat would be fine with a little water. 


"I haven't had truck stop food since I got to Freedom City a few months back. No harm in some, and I'll pay my own bill, don't spend my money on much anyway. At least there are some trees between here, and that truck stop to help block out the rain."


Mirror said as he picked up his cane, and rested it on the ground beside him. There was rarely a time it hadn't been useful to him so far, and was basically part of his outfit now. He still had the brass knuckles tucked away inside of the actual suit part of his outfit, a just in case. He hadn't used them yet, and sometimes forgot they were there, but he had a feeling they'd come in handy someday.


"Attitude is always an issue with people these days. There's so much going on, most people are starting to shut down when anything new happens. Can't do that, gotta keep movin forward, talkin, and workin to get through everything. Whether it's lifting a heavy boulder, dealing with a crash, or simply being asked to stay an hour after work with no extra pay for the fourth time in a week. Anyway, point us, more people need to learn to keep workin despite what's going on, glad to have found someone that understands that."

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The two make their way along as the rain gets a little heavier. A late, late winter or early, early spring rain. The ground wasn't getting muddy just yet... things had just thawed out and dried up somewhat, but the spring rains had started to kick in...


Meanwhile, at JoBob's Roadkill Dine-In Cafe...


"So... we still got the present?" A man dressed in a black business suit and a brown raincoat sits at his booth, while talking with another dressed sort of military surplus. The military surplus guy scratched his head. "Yeah, Miss A and her bloodhounds have been all over this. Luckily someone in that group we got into Archetech managed to get this out." He said, holding up a flash drive. "1.75 GB of data... top of the line specs on that jet engine."


"Yeah... I heard they killed a pilot to get this."


"That's what I heard... But I also heard something weird happened to the pilot."


"That's the last thing we need, a darned Cyborg with a vendetta."


A waitress walks over, dressed in stereotypical Hillbilly chic. "What can I get'cha boys?"


The man in the business ensemble looked a bit annoyed. He knew she was there in ear shot. He pulls up the turtleneck he had under his blazer, and pulls over a hood with what looked like a white skull motif. The Military surplus guy pulls down the skull-faced knit hat he was wearing, drawing a small hold-out while the black suited man stun-guns the waitress.


"Aero, guard the back and get control of the kitchen. We're gonna need an exit, and I'm taking this waitress." He said, Aero nodding with a "Gotcha Breaker". Pushing the button on a device he pulls out of his business suit as everyone's cell-phones and electronics short out as he moves to the front entrance. "Everyone... stay in your seats. SHADOW is very pleased to announce we now own this fine establishment." He said, noticing a older man was starting to sweat in the back. But it wasn't of any consequence to breaker that the old man's pacemaker was busted from the concentrated EMP that was set off by Breaker's gadget.


Back with the hiking superheroes...


The two make it over a hill and through the thinning trees, Seahawk and Mirror see Jo Bob's. What was odd, was the gaudy sign of a crazed cook cooking a dead skunk in a skillet was off... usually it's red neon sign drawing in truckers and hungry vacationers would be on even during the day with it's noisy electric hum...

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Seahawk saw the diner with all the cars parked in front. "Well, seems that big sign's just not working... Here's our destination. Jo Bob's. They got the best burgers I've had that aren't fast food, and that's saying something. That and the onion rings. Best stuff on earth."


She starts walking ahead. "So... don't got anything against food that makes it feel like your arteries are hardening?" She said. "That, and this place has a history of serving superheroes. There's been many a trucker stuck during a blizzard that doesn't owe his life to a Superhero taking them here to use the pay phone to call for help or just to let someone know he's alive. The proprietor likes being a outpost for the wandering tourist and long hauler."


"I just discovered this place after getting myself down from a ejection when I was doing more Test Pilot work for Archetech. I was hanging from a pine by my parachute for a bit until Joe Bob got me down with his ladder and invited me to dine."


"Guy's former Airforce. He's in his 60's now. Got a pacemaker."

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Mirror laughed.


"Can't have been comfortable in that pine. I've ended up tangled up in some weird places, but never a tree. As for the food, I'm from way south of here, most of the food is greasy, though delicious, I'm used to it."


Mirror opened the door, about to turn back to Seahawk when he froze, seeing what was going on.


"Yeah, I don't think so buddy."


With a flick of his arm, a beam of light came out of the glass handle on his cane, aimed for breakers knee to get him on the ground, and unable, or willing, to fight as quickly as possible.

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Mirror's attack did it's job, flooring Breaker leaving him reeling for a moment. What was spotted is that it looked like a field snapped that had formed when the attack first hit, a translucent blue field that looked hexagonal... The commotion wasn't lost on Aero, but he was too tied up with keeping the Kitchen workers in line. He pulls out a large pistol from his jacket and readies it, turning off it's safety. "MOVE!" He shouts, moving his hostages from the help in the Kitchen to where the patrons of the establishment were. "No one moves, no one gets hurt! ON YOUR KNEES!"


He looks around, he seems focussed on something on the counter the two were sitting at... "Oh crap."

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Seahawk saw the situation was moving to a hostage crisis... but there was an opening. He was behind the Hostages... She jumps into the fray, sliding along the counter, as things fling off from her stunt. She throws a crisp roundhouse using the momentum of her slide to turn around and get ready to nail the guy. She connects as she tackles on to him, not in any position to attack. "What was that? Last I checked we were taking control of this situation. Drop your weapons and surrender... NOW." She said, seeing a similar field form and pop from her attack.


She looked at Breaker. "Mirror... secure that guy. There's some extension cords behind the counter...

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"How about I just knock him out and prevent him from having a chance to get up, hmmm? They have some tech on them, and they might be able to cut out of normal binds, and if they're conscious, they'll struggle, and make it harder to prevent that."


With that, Mirror twirls the cane in his hand, before attempting to bring it down on the prone man, Breaker, to keep him down, and out for the rest of the fight. As new to this as he was, Mirror had always been a better safe, then sorry kind of guy. Breaker would probably have a headache, and maybe a concussion, but it meant no one else had a chance of getting hurt, so Mirror thought the risk was worth it.

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Mirror takes a swing, connecting with Breaker, but it didn't seem to do anything but anger Breaker. He grinned as the cane was still against his chin. "AERO! Let's Go!" Aero looked confused "But..." "NOW!!!"


Aero looked at Seahawk with a grin pulling a lanyard on his suit, causing it to puff out, then Aero shows off the gadget's ability... to create sonic disruption through sudden and violent changes of air pressure... and he bursts his suit with such violence Seahawk is hit with a conical blast of 500 mile per hour winds, slamming through the cafe window behind her, knocking outside with her the older gentleman sitting in fear in his seat...


Breaker grins and disappears in a weird stream of blue and white energy, appearing behind Aero running out with him out the back door. The gust of wind also slams several patrons of the cafe in the cone of the cyclone he created, injuring them badly. Mirror was even knocked down, but otherwise was left uninjured.


Breaker was laughing. "Man I love that suit..." but Aero wasn't pleased. "We lost the flash drive."


Breaker looked back. "No worries... I think our escape's enough for now. Those wannabe superheros got enough on their hands. We'll just have to find a different prize for SHADOW to get our honor back."


Aero laughed. "Heh, Plan B?"


Breaker nodded as he grabbed the scruff of Aero's neck and they disappeared in a pulse of blue and white light.

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Seahawk rolls over, her suit's defenses did their job, in fact in the last moment she managed to take most of the impact of being thrown out into the driveway. Her Right Arm was fractured in a few places from landing on it, but that would correct itself. "Sir, are you okay?"


The older man was breathing heavily, popping a nitro. "M... My Diner!!!"


Seahawk kneeled next to him placing a hand on his shoulder. "It's okay... it seems whoever they were they ran off. I'd better get inside and check on the patrons and workers. You're gonna be alright?"


Jo Bob nodded. "Good, I want a great burger once things get sorted here. Okay?"


Seahawk walked away favoring her arm as she went back in to the Cafe to check in on her companion. "Mirror, you okay?" She asked, looking around to see if anyone still had a working phone.

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Mirror was busy straightening his mask when Seahawk came back in. After picking his hat up, and brushing it off, he put it back on and nodded.


"I'm alright, bit startled, but I'm alright. I wonder what all of that was about."


He said as he picked his cane up from where he dropped it. 


"Is everyone okay?"


He said to everyone as he looked around, seeing what kind of damage had been done to the place. As he asked, he noticed the broken window, and with a wave of his hand he, carefully, and slowly, started moving all the glass to pile neatly into the corner so that no one would step on it, or slip, or what have you and cut themselves.

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Seahawk walks in, looking over the minor injuries sustained by the majority, although those nearer the cone were slower to get up, there was signs of broken arms. "Dangit... They would have done this anyways..." She said, looking at the strangely empty stall where the two were sitting before they started trouble. The flash drive that started it all was against the wall, it somehow didn't get blown outside. Seahawk picks it up looking at it. "Archetech property?"


She looked at Mirror. "I gotta call this in."


She pulls out her cell phone and calls the authorities, and makes a second call in the form of a text.


There's been an entanglement with some well kitted terrorists.
Wharton State Forest, Jo Bob's.
Found a flash drive, you might be interested.
Also, there's a new face with me who assisted. He seems new in town.


"It's gonna take some paramedics to sort this out." She said.


She turned to those in the Diner. "Everyone... I've just called for the paramedics and the police. They should be here shortly. Remain calm."


Seahawk was wishing she knew of a way to take some first responder courses.


Also... I need some SAR or First Responder training.
I'll talk about that once I'm back to base.
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Only a minute later, Seahawk received a return text message from Miss A.


 OMW stay where you are. 


Sure enough, just minutes later, while the sirens were still far away but getting closer, Miss Americana landed in front of the diner and took a look around. She hadn't taken time to change into her costume, so was still wearing maroon slacks and a navy blazer over a white blouse and looking quite like a CEO, if CEOs flew without planes and visited truck stops. After taking a second to get her bearings, she walked inside. "Seahawk? We lost your beacon signal more than an hour ago. What happened? Are you all right?" 

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Seahawk turned to Miss A. "Oh, Miss A... heh, didn't think I'd see you here... Yeah had a malfunction with my pack, might wanna let Naomi know about it." She said, handing over a flash drive. "I believe this belongs to the Aeronautics division. It seems the... terrorists for lack of a better term were part of the group that stole the data in regards to the prototype."


"As for me... and the malfunction, let's just say I spent some time regenerating in a pond about 4 clicks that way." She said, pointing in the direction of where the pond was. "Luckily I was helped out by a wandering superhuman in the area." she said, gesturing to Mirror. "I get sorta tired after a regeneration, and wasn't up for swimming back to shore."


She smiled, walking over to Mirror. "Mirror... this is Miss Americana. I'm sort of under her wing as I learn the ropes in Freedom City." She said tapping the chin of her helmet, as if to suggest it was time to keep in their superhero guises.

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"Pleasure to meet you Ma'am."


Mirror said with a tip of his hat, and short bow.


"I'm Mirror, I'm new in town, and was out on a walk when I bumped into Seahawk here."


Resting his cane on the ground, he looked around at the mess that was the diner, though he had helped a bit with moving the glass, there was still a lot to clean up. No doubt his hair would be in a mess after all of this, but thankfully, it was hidden inside of his hat.


"Wow Mirror, you really meet some odd people in weird places. I mean, those guys, these women, you need to go on enthusiastic walks in the woods more often."


Mary said from where her spirit was sitting in a corner. She had been quiet for awhile, in fact, she had been in the kitchen, and walking around outside since they had gotten here. 

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