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Lift Me Up So High (OOC)


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There is a lot here I need to know.


1: Is there a leak or can this boat be saved? Knowing they're in cold waters, it'd be a bad idea to tell them to abandon ship.

2: Can she lift all three with her abilities? She's not that strong, and dropping one of the sailors could be fatal.

3: They can answer if they got anti-exposure suits or a life raft aboard.


Just for future reference, if you have questions about a thread that has no OOC post yet, feel free to start an OOC post and list your questions. Anybody can do it, not just the thread starter. If you want to make sure someone sees it, you can also PM the questions straight to them. Spoiler tags are okay, but this just keeps things cleaner. :) 


1. The boat is definitely taking on water somewhere, and it has a pronounced starboard tilt. Seahawk's got no knowledge of boats, so it's hard to say if it's ultimately salvageable, but she does know that the boat shouldn't look like that in the water, and also the mast has snapped off. 


2. Not all at once, no. At Str 10, her heavy load is 100lbs, so she could not physically hold on to all the sailors even with some sort of rig to carry them all at once. Her suit does not offer any additional strength, so it's no help here. She could potentially use Flight Leverage to take hold of the back of the boat and push it along towards shore, but that's risky because of the Drawback on her Flight. 

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