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Low Orbit


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Roulette can make an Galactic Knowlegde roll to see what he remembers of Photonic, Grunt, and Bleed. 


Photonic DC 15

Photonic is a cyborg alien who is has made many terrorist attacks against the Lor. He is known have power over light, in particular, able to project a holographic field to look like anybody


Grunt DC 10

An alien from a high gravity world, Grunt is a dedicated soldier with a blunt sledgehammer approach, ruthless and obedient


Bleed DC 10

Is a new bounty hunter who has a reputation for thrill seeking rather than taking money. She is known for being very very fast on the draw and in her movements.

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Round 1:


29 - Blood - Unharmed

25 - Photonic - Unharmed

20 - Grunt - Unharmed

18 - Roulette - Unharmed - 4 HP


Blood acts first, flat footing Photonic. He fortunately has uncanny dodge: 1d20+12=16 and she missed. 


Photonic turns invisible, and then unarmed strikes Blood, 1d20+15=32 hitting comfortably, and causing a DC 20 Toughness save: 1d20+6=15 Bleed is Dazed and Bruised. 


Grunt is going to fire into where Photonic was...


Engines damaged!


Roulette is up!

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So this is space...the thin atmosphere here gives a +5 situational bonus to the effects of space. And positively, you still have gravity!



On the third round of exposure to vacuum, a creature must succeed on a Fortitude save (DC 20) each round or suffer from aeroembolism (“the
bendsâ€). A failed save means excruciating pain as small air bubbles form in the creature’s bloodstream; the creature is considered stunned and
remains so until returned to normal atmospheric pressure. A failure by 5 or more also causes unconsciousness.
The real danger of vacuum comes from suffocation, though holding one’s breath in vacuum damages the lungs. A character who attempts to hold
his breath must make a Constitution check (DC 15) every round; the DC increases by 1 each round, and on a successful check the character takes 1
point of Constitution damage (from the pressure on the linings of his lungs). If the check fails, or when the character simply stops holding his breath, he
begins to suffocate. In the next round, he becomes disabled and unconscious.The following round, he’s dying. On the third round, he dies.

No radiation problems either, the magnetosphere of the planet protects you. 
So CON check (at +5) or suffocation!
The door is still open but can be manually closed. It takes a DC 5 Roll to get there without being blown out (DEX or STR whatever highest), or you can wait another round till all air has been blown out. CLosing it is a DC 10 Know Tech (untrained) roll, or just brute strength (DC 15 STR roll, can make a roll every round)
Any other clever ideas, then feel free!
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Constitution Check: 1d20+9 19

Dex Check to Reach the Door: 1d20+3 5 Well that was close
He would dive if not for the fact I imagine his helmet on the suit is a good ways away.

Knowledge (Technology) [untrained]: 1d20+2 5 that, however, was not
Strength Check to flex those muscles: 1d20+0 6


Umm creates a seal by shooting nonstop large spread eye hard light lasers.  Pew, pew!  That is of course a joke.

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Ok that works, you are now in a sealed environment. 


Grunt is going to manually open the engine room bulkhead (which I shall say he can do due to High G super strength!) Air comes rushing in, but lets give one more Fort Save from the vaccuum before we resume normal atmosphere! Could you throw me a last Fort Save.


1d20+6=8 Blood fails, and coughs up blood! She has -1 CON damage. 

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