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Tales From The FCPD: Dirty Money (OOC)

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Right then, cracking out a few checks.


Notice (to check the computers to see who might be coming upstairs): 24.

Acrobatics (for the climbing and positioning in general): 25.

Stealth (for the making it hard to see him): 28.


Haha, nice. He's not quite pulling a River Tam or whatnot, but he's darn close. 


And he will ready an action to initiate a Grapple on whoever comes into the room, with an eye toward using Chokehold to keep them quiet. 

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Since the guy coming in is a minion.  The grapple lands on account of only needing to take 10.  Will actually even give Nevermore +2 circumstance bonus on his grapple check.  As well as increasing the DC of the first fortitude by +2 due to the positioning.  Will go as far as fudging the rules and skip the initial grapple check actually prompting.
Bar Thug's Fortitude Save vs Chokehold (DC10): 1d20+5 10 That would make it if not for the initial circumstance bonus.  So he's unconscious.

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Notice (for the monitors): 16.

Stealth (for keeping quiet): 24.

Notice (seeing stuff in the papers on the desk and such): 16.

Computers (for the computer!): 14. (Must be Windows 95!)

Investigate (desk, computer, file cabinets; I'm not invoking his Investigator's kit as it doesn't seem appropriate to the situation): 10.


Well that was thoroughly disappointing.

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Going to use the cameras for a few things:

1.) Getting an idea of the patrol patterns of guards, as well as the positions of static guards.

2.) Getting an idea of possible hiding places along the way of sneaking about, and maybe something of an idea of the layout of the place.

3.) Seeing if he can spot a utility room or something.

4.) Seeing if he can determine if the girl in the bedroom is maybe a captive, a daughter, a mistress, or what.

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1. 2 Static guards directly behind him.  2 Roving guards, complacent though as they don't seem to be actively watchingthe entranceways to the room.

2.  The living room seems to be a circular design with two entrances.  The nearby one is just to the right of the cellar exit which also has access to the upstairs.

3. He can't spot a utility closet.  That isn't to say there isn't one the angle of the cameras just doesn't provide a vantage point that would reveal it.

4.  She seems to be watching TV bored upstairs.  If she is a captive, she's not one in distress.  H

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