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Lucien Lockwood, Murderer!

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For Gather Information,


Lorena was not staying in a fancy hotel.  Instead, she had brought a private unmarked boat.  Which Lucien was able to scrounge up the location to in North Bay.  Although the Detective did not offer up the exact location of her death while interviewing Lord Steam, one can infer that North Bay is not the sort of location to have easily seen dumpsters out in the open.  Making some calls he is able to inquire that her body was found on the other end of the bay in a hispanic neighborhood inside of Lincoln.



For Current Events,


The big business deal that Lorena was seeking to strike with Rupert would have been a major one for the man.  With rumors persisting of questionable ethics on his part as far as business matters went, the publicity would have been a major boon for him.  On the flipside, his reputation has negatively impacted Lorena's with the shareholders who are a proponent of her new ethically driven approach to business.


For Business,


The óleo de leão corp, has had some vocal criticism by some of its shareholders to the new energy friendly policies.


So what's the game plan?

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Chase Scene


I'm going to play with the rules just to see how this works.  Could just narrate.  But let's have the dice add some drama!


Since 2e doesn't have an Athletics skill instead you two will chase with opposed con scores.  Occasional climb/reflex/acrobatics checks depending on obstacles.  Or even Stealth/notice depending on intended actions.  Staying within 5 intervals of each other keeps the pace.  If one gets 5 or more than the other then he gets 5' closer (With +1' for every 2 after that).  For argument's sake he started with a 10' lead.


Will be able to run at full speed for 1/2 Con score rounds.  Then a DC11 (+1 for every round thereafter) Fort Save.  Failing once, puts one of the two in fatigued.  A second time in exhausted.  A speed difference of 2 would give give a +2 and a Speed difference of 3 a +5 Circumstance bonus.  Since you two have the same speed, I'll say Fatigued will give the +2 and Exhausted the +5.  


Now of course, I'm going to assume it doesn't go on long enough to worry about that.  Tackling will be an unarmed attack follow by a grapple.  Or you could overrun.  Or if something in the description of what you see in the GM posts inspires something else like shooting something down to crash land on him depending on the narrative just go for it.

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Chase Round 2
CON: 1d20+0 17  


If Lord Steam Rolls 6+ above DC17 on the Con check feel free to do something in melee range like tackling our pal to the ground.  If he gets below 12 then our friend gets to pull a lead.  It doesn't get rid of ranged actions but there is now a crowd to worry about.


Want to try something fancy like flanking him say so and can set it up with a stealth check and/or any other appropriate skills that fit the narative as mentioned before.

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The Boat Sneak's Notice: 1d20+3 6 Well that was close.
Lockwood didn't sneak.  But, I will give the sneak a surprise round for being startled.
Shots fired (DC18): 1d20+7 13 He misses though with Steam's Uncanny Dodge
Boat Sneak's Initiative Initiative: 1d20+1 13


Round 1

22 - Lord Steam - 2HP, Unharmed

13 - Boat Sneak - GM, Unharmed

Edited by HG Morrison
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