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Aces, Chases, Space Bases(OOC)


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Let's say he knows more or less all its specs(Lor are basically the Federation, thus scanners second to none!), and that normally the Celestia is invisible on the visible light spectrum, radio waves, ultraviolet radiation and the X-Ray(finer parts of the electromagnetic spectrum). Most times it doesn't broadcast anything, though the infrared radiation emitted from the hull and engines would make a good start.

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That definitely does catch something! Like a ship something. GM post upcoming.


Alright, so he's seen it before it's too close to non-frantically evade, and the crew is unaware of Cavalier's presence.

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Okay, since Cavalier's interested in a boarding action, there's a few ways to go about it.


First, just sending a pulse of energy into the thing using the Blast. It probably won't do much damage, but it will make the crew inclined to investigate.


Second, a Knowledge(Technology) and/or Galactic Lore roll, minimum DC for each being 15, to know how to send a signal directly to the ship's navcom that will make it just stop.


Third, trying to shoot out one of the Celestia's engines or blowing a hole in the hull. It's got a really good force-field to keep the atmosphere in and keep anything being blown into space.


Fourth, interact with the Blue Star.


Fifth...I dunno, some crazy trick Kyle picked up in the Cloud?

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Alright, this calls for a DC12 Sense Motive(what the robot's aim seems to be with its maneuverings), DC12 Knowledge(Technology)(how it's going about it), straight-up Wisdom roll, DC10, Stealth roll(also 10) to get a +4 bonus to one of the aforesaid rolls by having a clearer view of what Core-A is doing and what it affects, a DC15 Knowledge(Galactic Lore) roll to hit on some legendary situation uncannily like this one(with a miraculously relevant solution), or using a HP/making trouble* to call Admiral Kalf to get his and his large staff of extremely serious scientists' input.


*That is, requesting some future setback in exchange for a resolution to the current problem. Seeing as this is collaborative fiction and all.

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Alright, now for the second chase(because marketing was chewing me out for false advertising). HP awarded to to Kyle for doing the more subtle approach and for running off with a destablising space gem.

It's basically just an opposed sequence of Reflex rolls. At the end of each pair of rolls(let's say there's four pairs in total) Cavalier and Cerise try to shoot each other off-course, which is an Attack roll(using Accurate/Power/All-Out etc...if you wish) countered by a Toughness roll.

Going at Space Travel speeds, there's a decent chance Kyle can get the Star back to the Newtorch station, so long as he wins at least half of the pairs.

Does that work with you, troll, or would you prefer to do the scene differently?

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26, so not super-great. Zanvir manages to stay on Kyle's tail and tries to shoot him off-course with his blaster(Power Attacking +5 by aiming at weak spots or however you justify Power Attack without saying "They unleash MORE POWER"): 12. Curse your shiny metal ass's maneuverings, Star Knight! A miss.

Being shot off-course, in this case, essentially means the losing party automatically losing the next Reflex roll.

Three more...

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Well, Cavalier's got his Impervious up, so unless that has Penetrating on it, he's good. But just in case... whew, just made it.

Reflex: Ouch. Hero Point, which I think I still have. 21.

Attack: Cavalier cannot shoot, as he's got the Super-Strength part of his Array up, and not the Blast. However, if it does turn out Zanvir's blasts pierce his Impervious, he'll shift to Blast and return fire. We'll see what happens.

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Victory is the Star Knight's! He reaches Newtorch well ahead of Zanvir, who is repulsed into the void and has to go find his crew and salvage the Celestia.

Feel free to post Kyle's breakneck arrival at the research station, perhaps via the large hole Captain Cerise punched through it, and the handing off the artefact of horror for speedy secretion into a containment field.

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