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Late Night on Silverstar (OOC)

Thunder King

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Solvrytter got a 16 on his attack roll. Barely good enough to hit. He's swinging at Thug 1, who I've decided is closest to him for simplicity's sake.


Guy rolled a 7 So he's out.


Solvrytter's going to use takedown attack to try another one. Thug 2


How did he roll 2 16s?!


Second guy is out, too, but Solvrytter can't move in to a third.


Thug 3 is going to take a swing at Solvrytter to no effect


Thug 4 is going to take a swing at Polarity, to no effect either


Thug 2 would go next, but he got dropped before he could do anything.


Thug 6 is gonna crit on Solvrytter! That's a DC26 TOU save. Ouch


Solvrytter is bruised!


The boss is gonna take a swing at Polarity, it's a hit and a DC19 TOU save


Thug 5 is gonna take a swing at Polarity and miss


Thug 1 is down, so he's not here.


New Initiative;


1: Polarity: 2 HP

2: Solvrytter 3 HP, bruised

3: Thug 3

4: Thug 4

5: Thug 2 - OUT

6: Thug 6

7: Boss - SLOW

8. Thug 5

9: Thug 1 - OUT


Polarity is up!

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