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Graft vs Host (IC)

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Doctor Charles Cross Medical Center, Lincoln

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

7:16 PM


Lincoln had never been known as the most affluent neighborhood South of the Boardwalk.  The hardworking residents who made up the majority of its population were often overlooked in favor of the contrasting number of gangbangers whom called the place home.  In reality Lincoln was no more predisposed to crime than the rest of the of the district South of the river.  Many business were dedicated to bettering life for the residents in the area.


The Doctor Charles Cross Medical Center was just one of those facilities.  A free clinic that had been operating since the 70's dedicated to providing health care to those whom couldn't otherwise afford it.  Currently it was run by the thirty six year old Beth Cross, whom before inheriting the family practice served as a surgeon for the Kingston Community Medical Center.  The facility especially saw the most use during the holiday season when people had the time to actually find out what the ailments they were ignoring for months meant.


The run down looking clinic was  covered head to toe with christmas lights in honor of the festive season.  Unfortunately, for the past thirty minutes the christmas lights had been paling in comparison to the amount of headlights from the police cars.  It had only been an hour since a group of six masked men had seized control of the clinic.  Holding it hostage after their demands for medical supplies were met with a silent alarm being tripped.


Foreshadow and Graft had arrived while the police where setting up their barricade and proceeded to sneak inside unseen.  An impressive feat considering how much of Graft there was to see.

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Graft, as he owned his own free clinic, was more than a little angry at what these men had done. He could imagine someone breaking into his clinic like they did this one, and making hostages of his own staff. So, he was quite willing to sneak into the facility and help arrest the men responsible for this. He wasn't going to let them get away with it, and wasn't going to let them hurt anyone.

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Foreshadow disliked hostage situations.  They had the potential for unaccounted messiness.  Especially if it turned out these were junkies just looking for a fix.  In this case it was a brazen move that affected a lot of people that wouldn't otherwise get treatment in the area.  So hooded acrobat did not honestly care about the men's motivations.  They were just going to have a painful ride to the station for their trouble.


Meeting up with Graft once more was a surprise.  Not that Erick allowed it to show on his face as he had no qualms with having someone to share the experience with as they educated the thieves on the ins and outs to proper medical care.

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Graft was not in the mood to tolerate these men, their motivations would not justify attacking a clinic. So when he saw the gun peeking around the corner, he extended a tentacle, lashed out and popped the man on the back of the head, sending him falling to the floor in an instant.


Still, he didn't like hurting people any more than he had to, and he did not want to risk them getting too antsy.

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Foreshadow crouched down after kicking the firearm away.  Making sure to handcuff the now unconscious robber for delivery to the police when they wrapped it up.  The last thing he needed was the guy coming to.   Quickly standing up he'd make a handsign towards the direction the thug had been facing before Graft took him out of the picture.  Not a word uttered between the men as he continued to maintain the professional atmosphere in the hopes of getting all the civilians out unharmed.


The tentacle was cool though.  Erick acknowledged this facet of admiration to himself.

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The two heroes had no issue rounding the corner where they'd come to a set of double marked doors with a small window at eye level.  Through the window they were able to see into the reception area of the clinic.  There were two large muscular men holding shotguns on opposite ends of the room.  In the center of the room directly below the light fixture was a family of three, a mother and her two children, as well as an elderly man.  Along with the patrons was a short middle aged woman with glasses and an id tag matching the credentials of the building.  Most likely the receptionist.


The two armed men kept their eyes on the first set of hostages that the heroes had run into.  Completely unaware to the fact that at that very moment two pairs of eyes were locked right on them.  The door which had an electronic lock was not sealed making it easy for their recently made unconscious partner to  travel about.  The six, now five, men were clearly not the most thorough bunch.

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One of Graft's tentacles lashed out and turned off the light switch nearby while his other tentacle struck one of the men in the chest. The darkness did nothing to inhibit his eyesight, rather he could see their infrared signatures. He always enjoyed seeing the world through the suit's many different kinds of eyes. Multifaceted, ultraviolet, infrared, it was virtually impossible to sneak up on him. In addition, he enjoyed the fact that he didn't even really need eyes. The undifferentiated biomass that made up the suit could form eyes in a way that other people couldn't see, leaving his face a single, unblemished plate of chitin.

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Foreshadow's mask was uninhibited by the effects of the darkness.  The lenses specifically designed so he could move about in the cover of darkness undeterred.  While Graft's tentacles were whipping out, Foreshadow was pulling out a series of his eye shaped throwing discs.  Two flew out and hit the remaining thug in the side of his legs.  While he was buckling forward a third disc smacked the crook by the side of his head and immediately knocked him out.  Although the discs looked sharp they were blunt and dull, not that it helped Foreshadow's target any after being pelted by it.


He wasted no time in closing the distance after the men were knocked unconscious to begin running towards the hostages.  Doubting that his dark hooded demeanor or Graft's tentacled spectacle were matters of comfort in the middle of the dark.  Especially with those in the room having been in a high stress hostage situation prior to the lights being taken out above them

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