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Abductions in the Cold (OOC)

Thunder King

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The building seems to be a standard brownstone building, at least at first. Careful observation reveals that there are some men in the windows, one of which appears to be carrying some form of weapon, like a rifle or laser weapon. Shadowblade spots a back entrance that seems to be unguarded and even possibly unnoticed.

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Ok, so hit the lights, teleport down to the floor nearish the homeless guy, then full round action to use my teleport area attack to get both guards and all but one of the scientists if they're all close enough (60 ft. radius).  And that none of them are wearing night vision goggles!


Attack roll: 29


DC 21 Toughness, 23 with Sneak Attack if I'm getting off the surprise attack.

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Follow up attack on the still-conscious guard (Going to Power attack, and then compensate with All-out attack, so +3 to damage/-3 to Defense): 24.


Toughness save on that is going to be 24, since I'm pretty sure he's not flat-footed while dazed.


If that takes him down, I'm going to free the homeless guy and try to get him up on the balcony out of the way or something.

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