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Found 9 results

  1. Greenbank, Freedom City Friday, January 10th, 8:00pm They'd all started getting whispers, but they came from different places. Shadowblade was still making her mark on the city, but she'd heard rumors on more than one patrol that someone was restarting the same sort of experiment she'd busted up at that school just a few weeks ago. Except, this sounded bigger. With even more planning and setup, and in an area few seemed to care about. Blodeuwedd's patrols had gotten her a lot of rumblings about...well, it wasn't so much a "gang war" as it was "outsiders gobbling up territory". Except these outsiders played things smart. One day, suddenly several of the not-quite-empty warehouses were no longer under their existing management. Some of the previous tenants had made it out with rumors of men (and a few women) in matte black uniforms moving like ghosts in the night. People in uniforms that sometimes had guns, sometimes nothing. Always scary. Not all of the tenants (a polite term for small and medium gangs squatting in warehouses and other buildings) made it out, though some were whispering they weren't dead, they just switched "sides". Graft had been hearing rumbles from many of his patients coming through the clinic. Most were homeless people who'd seen these strange people lurking about, or just barely missed their "grabs". But they didn't seem to be primarily targeting the random homeless and transients. Instead, the primary targets were gang members! The folks Graft talked to mentioned at one point seeing black-clothed figures nab a half-dozen gang-bangers without killing them. A couple nights later, it seemed like there were even more paramilitary folks running around... Comrade Frost, meanwhile, had gotten some disturbing rumors himself. Rumors of the mafiya being paid a pretty penny to help move a lot of very interesting things into a couple of warehouses right on the river. Things like lots of high-end scientific materials, loads and loads of wires and cables and pipes and ropes, prefabricated housing and other long-term residence supplies... And weapons. Nothing too big, all man-portable, and nothing incredibly advanced. But weapons nonetheless. But it wasn't a continuing operation; it was a one-and-done transport deal, conducted with some people who were so professional you could cut paper on it. Not a pretty picture, but he hadn't heard of anything major getting blown up. Yet. Now, what would they all be doing about it?
  2. The thread where our heroes deal with some shady, shady things.
  3. Freedom City University  January 4, 2014    It was late on the night of January 4th when the alarm began ringing at Freedom City University's Physics Building; the clang-a-lang-a-lang of the old brass striker in the big red alarms located high above each of the building's original entrances. The campus was mostly quiet right now; classes weren't back in session and most students were still away lingering over the holidays with their families, and it was late enough that most of the people who used the campus for other purposes were home. Under dark, cloudy skies and a mostly empty, snow-covered campus, lit only by the ever-present glow of security lights, the alarms rang again and again - while dark deeds were carried out in the shadowed Physics building and a man's life lay in the balance. 
  4. Let's see some crime scene-related rolls! Notice, Investigate, Medicine, and maybe Survival all could be rolled here. 
  5. From the album: Corsecjedi's Character Portraits

    Updated picture, to reflect a couple design changes.
  6. From the album: Corsecjedi's Character Portraits

    Shadowblade's working clothes.
  7. December 16th 9:00 PM The Fens The world was cold. Frost and ice decorated the rooftops and streets, and snow, mixed with light rain, came from above. All in all, the weather was miserable. Still, Shadowblade was not deterred. She teleported to another roof, this one a convenience store. Just as she landed, she heard the distinct sound of a struggle. As she looked down, she saw five men in jet black suits grab a homeless man who was bundled up in a corner, and throw him roughly into a nearby van. Tonight already brought trouble.
  8. Corsecjedi


    Table of Contents >Origin Story >Interview/20Q >HellQ >Reputation
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