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Disastrous Delinquency (OOC)

Brown Dynamite

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Alrighty.  Sam is able to spot an upturned grave, duh, but unlike the other disturbed graves the body is still inside this one.  What was a skeleton of what could best be described as some sort of cat from what she could tell.  A skeleton that was curiously broken open.  There were various powders, spices, and the like surrounding the grave.  With some sort of arcane carving set into the stone tombstone.

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Alrighty.  Sam is able to gather that Ophelia's, the non moving dead cat in question, grave plot belonged to a Myra Ayre.  Myra's listed address was a small home about a mile and a half South of the pet cemetery.  The cat is listed as having been buried with a ruby pendant around its neck.  There is no current contact number listed for Myra in their database.  Past a bit of chicken scratch and medical jargon that's all she really gets.

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Sam will use... um... Investigation?

Since they're close, depending on the accuracy of feather-based tracking, she can do some three-point triangulation to get an exact bead on the relic's location within the house, like if it's close to the window or deeper in, more like where a laundry room is.

Also, Magic Awareness kicks in. Is she feeling multiple magic signals floating around, or just the one? (Or nothing, despite knowing full well the one should be there.)

And, a Knowledge roll to suss out the general floorplan based like what I could expect it to be based on external observation and the layout of similar houses. Which, in conjunction with the Investigation roll, will hopefully get me the location of the relic down to a room level. I'm not actually sure which one it would be, since nothing really covers architecture. Art, Streetwise, History, Physical Science? So, I'll just roll the lot of 'em.

Investigate: 1d20+5=7

Notice for Magic Awareness: 1d20+5=12

Art: 1d20+5=20

History: 1d20+3=6

Streetwise: 1d20+3=7

Physical Science: 1d20+3=6

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Will give a situational +3 bonus from the feather to the non Knowledge things.


Sam  and  with a little feathery assistance figures out their target is upstairsish.  She also feels two blips on the ole magical awareness radar.


We'll go with Physical Science/History.  Technically Knowledge (Architecture) itself would be the best one or a Profession (Architect) but neither are applicable here.  And the Former isn't one of the default knowledges.  So we'll go with Physical Science/History.


She isn't able to formulate an exact floorplan.  But is able to make out where a contractor would have been likely to install an attic, cellar, and a general idea of the materials used in the construction based on the style of the home.

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