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Small update on why Kristin isn't very happy to hear Zeus


She's just on her first trip back after getting nearly beaten to death by a PL13 guy calling himself a god and she's probably not overly keen to fight another one. That beating was probably on news reports because it was very public, so it's probably not a difficult knowledge check to know about it. Anybody paying attention to superhero news would have known about it.


Just for fun I'm going to self-impose a restriction on Glow. If action kicks off quickly without giving her time to get herself back under control I say she gets no action in the first round other than to interpose for any civilians that might get hurt. If talking happens she'll probably recover from the shock enough to be useful. Or hopefully useful.

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As a full-round action (here in the surprise round) - 

Zeus uses a Perception Range Move Object effect aimed at grabbing and throwing Cobalt Templar into a wall; the 'fluff' here is a mighty gust of wind! 


that's a DC 40 Grapple check to beat, KD - and DC 28 Damage if he does hit a wall (which he may well go through!) 

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That was a natural 20! And so it is indeed a crit. 


http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4275085/ = 15, staggered and dazed!  


'Hera' is up, and she is not happy! (have an HP for her continuing to act, IS) 


Because she's not a nice person, and she's in a bad mood after getting blasted, she goes ahead and uses a Rank 11 Mind Control effect on Glow! That's a DC 21 Will save, Scuffles. 

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Have an HP, KD! 


Out-of-combat question - the next round is going to be taken up by a Rank 15 Area Blast centered on Dr. Stratos' location - what will your heroes do to save the civilians who will surely be electrified by this? In a grim and gritty universe, this moment might end in you surrounded by dead bodies - in a happy one like Freedom City, now's a chance for you to coordinate what you'll be doing together! 


Once you guys have an idea, Cobalt Templar is up

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Okay, my thought:


Cobalt Templar switches to giant form, and "hugs" Stratos. This can be fluff for the rest.


At the same time, he uses his Create Object to enclose himself and Stratos in a box. However, his CO isn't super-powerful.


But maybe Glow and Starchaser help reinforce the box? 


That way, CT takes some damage but doesn't likely get KO'ed, and all the damage is contained inside the box. But he can't maintain the box entirely on his own! 


If that's not workable, my second idea is a shield around the civilians. But part of me likes the idea of trapping the blast in a box with CT. We could even say he takes a guaranteed Bruise no matter what, and the Toughness Save is instead to see if he takes an extra Bruise, or gets even worse status effects piled on him! 

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Glow has to stunt for create object, but when she does she can make a pretty tough one. Is create object restricted by PL even if it's not an attack? Because if not she can throw create object 15 straight up from her main array or up to absurd levels like create object 30 with a drawback like distracting. If she needs even more than that she can double stunt and throw the pp from her force field into the mix as well, but that's probably pretty much just asking for Hera to knock her into next week when her toughness is something like +2.


If she is restricted to PL then create object 10 probably helps stuff the worst of the lightning at least.


I'm game for the box-CT-in play or just throwing a wall between team bad-guy and the civilians.

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