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Starchaser (PL10) - ImpliedSpider

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Player Name: ImpliedSpider
Character Name: Starchaser
Power Level: 10 (150/152 PP)
Trade-Offs: +5 Toughness/-5 Defence, +3 Damage/-3 Attack (Melee), -3 Damage/+3 Attack (Star Vision)
Unspent Power Points: 2
Progress to Bronze Status: 2/30.
In Brief: Paragon created by Greek Titan as a weapon currently unaware of his origins.
Alternate Identity: Alexander Anderson
Identity: Secret, known to his family.
Birthplace: Freedom City.
Occupation: Architect.
Affiliations: None.
Family: Errol Anderson (Adopted father), Bethany Anderson (Adopted mother), Elizabeth Anderson (Adopted sister).
Age: Approximately 30 (Born 1986, but unaware of his exact age).
Gender: Male.
Ethnicity: Caucasian.
Height: 6’2â€.
Weight: 200 lbs.
Eyes: Brown.
Hair: Brown.
Starchaser’s costume comprises primarily of a white spandex suit, with golden five-pointed stars running down the sleeves and the legs of his pants. He wears a pair of knee high blue boots, ringed at the top with a gold double line that drops to run beneath a star. A blue v-belt encircles his waist. His cape is held near his right shoulder with a clasp. The cape itself is blue, with a line of gold stars running up either side of the external side. An eight-pointed star is emblazoned on the chest of his costume.
Power Description:
Most of Starchaser’s powers are relatively unremarkable in appearance, though he gives off a faint glow of light while using any of them. This glow is more prominent during sustained application of his abilities, in other words, becoming fully apparent when he draws most upon the star fuelling him. His aura is easily visible while he is in flight, moving at full speed, or using his strength to its fullest effect. Additionally, whenever he takes a blow, the aura flares brightly wherever he was struck. Finally, his eyes give off an intense white light whenever he is using either his blast or dazzle powers, both of which involve a direct projection of the solar energy stored inside him.
After Zeus granted clemency to the Titans and freed them from Tartarus, they scattered, most of them vanishing into obscurity, never to be heard from in the mortal world again. Hyperion and Theia were two such titans. They retreated to somewhere in the Eastern Hemisphere – that part of the world over which Hyperion had once ruled – and nursed their grudge against Zeus for millennia. Forbidden from meddling in the affairs of mortals by Zeus, and prevented from entering the mortal world by the Pact, they were forced to watch as humanity fumbled its way through the ages. But with the rise of superheroes, the two Titans saw a new chance to try their hand at creation, and, they hoped, at revenge against Zeus.
While the Pact forbade him entry to the mortal world without first being invited, Hyperion had left behind a number of artefacts through which he could receive such an invitation. One was unearthed by an archaeological dig in the 1980s, a bronze statue that the expedition leader, Errol Anderson, concluded must either be of Hyperion or Apollo. 
Anderson was, at the time, facing somewhat strained circumstances of his own. He and his wife had been unable to conceive, and their attempts to adopt had been stalled at every turn, as though fate was conspiring against them. One night, at the Hunter Museum, amongst the many items brought back from their dig, Anderson took a moment to pray for the resolution of his situation. The statue of Hyperion stood nearby, and through it, Hyperion himself heard the man's plea.
Hyperion accepted it as an invitation, and entered the mortal world once more with Theia at his side. The Titans selected a young boy from an orphanage in the Fens as their gift, and then went a step further. Anderson had prayed that he and his wife be blessed with a child. Hyperion applied a liberal interpretation to this plea, deciding that the child himself should be blessed.
He bestowed a measure of divinity upon the young boy and infused him with the power of the star. Then, less than a month after Anderson had prayed for a child, a man showed up on the doorstep of the Andersons' home in Hanover late at night. Errol was later unable to tell his son much about the mysterious visitor, only that he was tall, dressed in an impeccably white suit, and that his skin was almost metallically gold. The man said nothing to Errol, merely handed over the child before disappearing again into the night.
Starchaser was raised as Alexander Anderson. His powers developed gradually, slowly enough for him to learn to control them. To aid his development, Hyperion sent him flashes of what Alexander believed to be inspiration, allowing him to master his powers without revealing his identity to anyone outside his family. Starchaser is unaware of the true source of his powers, knowing only that they are somehow derived from solar energy.
Unbeknownst to him, however, the Titans left him with a weakness. Hyperion and Theia were forced by the terms of their summons to leave Starchaser with the Andersons, or else they would have to wait for another opportunity to enter the mortal world. But leaving Starchaser to be raised amongst mortals, the titans knew it was possible that he would refuse to obey them when the time came. With this in mind, Hyperion left within the boy a drastic impurity: if exposed to daka crystals, the energy of the star within him would be disrupted. He would immediately lose the ability to draw on its power, rendering him as mortal as his family. With this fate to hold over their creation, Hyperion and Theia were convinced that they would be able to force his hand, if it came to it.
Personality & Motivation:
Alexander has a strong sense of morality. He believes that he has a duty to help everyone he can, and to teach others to live up to their own potential. He also believes that heroism is conditional upon the will to do what is right, not on super powers, and his contact with humanity – particularly many of the heroes of Freedom City – has only reinforced this belief. He worries sometimes that people will become too reliant on heroes to solve their problems. However, seeing that this has not yet translated into abject carelessness within humanity, he continues to do everything he can to help others, and would hold himself responsible for any failure.
Powers & Tactics:
Starchaser is painfully aware of the extent of his strength, and is terrified of the idea of killing someone out of carelessness. As such, he tends to reign in his strength as much as possible against ordinary humans, focusing on using grapples or his light vision to subdue them. Against enemies who can take it, however, such as robotic opponents or sufficiently strong metahumans, he is more than willing to go all out, using his strength to disable them as quickly as possible. Against such opponents, he is also willing to use his laser vision.
He is neither a tactician nor a martial artist, and this is apparent in his literally ham-fisted fighting style. He punches hard and fast, and faces his enemies head on. He often tries to talk his enemies down, seeking a peaceful solution wherever possible.
Family: Alexander is devoted to his family, and considers himself personally responsible for their protection.
Honour: Starchaser does not believe that the ends justify the means, and is unlikely to cooperate with any scheme that involves what he would regard as unjustifiable illegality. He will prevent, if possible, an illegal search of a suspect’s home, though he will investigate someone he knows to be a criminal. In Starchaser’s mind, a hero should be able to provide court-worthy evidence for their suspicions. Further, a hero should work to ensure that a court is able to convict a villain. This means not only capturing the villain, but also establishing clear evidence of their actions. While he places a premium on the need to keep people safe, Starchaser is not one to “cut corners†if it can be safely avoided.
Pawn of a god: Though he is unaware of his origins, there will come a day when Hyperion will demand that he fulfil the “purpose†of his existence: the defeat of Zeus.
Heart of a star: Starchaser is fuelled by the energy of a star. He might be able to contain the heat within him, but he presents a beacon to anyone relying on infravision. Additionally, he gives off a faint light, equal in brightness to that of a distant star. While this is all but invisible to the naked eye, particularly during the day, he can be easily seen at night by anyone using ultravision.
Pulls his punches: Against human opponents, Starchaser compulsively pulls back out of fear of severely injuring someone. Until he establishes that a human foe is actually incredibly tough, or robotic, undead, or similarly resilient, he may use no more than half his total possible damage bonus against them.
Nyctophobia: Between spending his early years in a dingy orphanage in the Fens, and a subconscious association of darkness with pure evil as a result of Hyperion's intervention, Alexander has developed a deep fear of the dark. This leads to a heightened level of tension and a preoccupation with the surrounding darkness at night. Without decent sources of light, this can translate into complete inaction if he fails to compose himself. Further, he is somewhat distrustful of cowls and other heroes with a preference for darkness.
Abilities: 6 + 0 + 4 + 0 + 4 + 2 = 16PP
Strength: 16/36 (+3/+13)
Dex: 10 (+0)
Con: 14/34 (+2/+12)
Int: 10 (+0)
Wis: 14 (+2)
Cha: 12 (+1)
Combat: 10 + 10 = 20PP
Initiative: +0
Attack: +5 base, +7 melee, +13 Starvision Array.
Grapple: +8 without powers, +18 with powers, +28 with powers and full super strength.
Defence: +5 base, +2 Flat-Footed.
Knockback: -1 / -7.
Saves: 0 + 4 + 4 = 8PP
Toughness: +2/+15 (+2/+12 Con, +3 Protection)
Fortitude +2/+12 (+2/+12 Con)
Reflex +4 (+0 Dex, +4)
Will +6 (+2 Wis, +4)
Skills: 24R = 6PP
Craft (Artistic) 5 (+5)
Craft (Structure) 5 (+5)
Notice 4 (+6)
Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 6 (+6)
Diplomacy 4 (+5)
Feats: 6PP
Attack Focus Melee 2
Weapon Break
Powers: 19 + 19 + 24 + 9 + 2 + 21 = 94PP
Enhanced Constitution 20. (Drawbacks: Power loss 1 [Daka Crystals]) [19PP]
Enhanced Strength 20. (Drawbacks: Power loss 1 [Daka Crystals]) [19PP]
Hero Array (20PP Array. Feats: Alternate Power 2, Dynamic 3. Drawbacks: Power loss [Daka Crystals]) [24PP]

Base Dynamic Power: Flight 10 (10,000 MPH). [20/20PP]
Alternate Dynamic Power: Super-strength 10. [20/20PP]
Alternate Dynamic Power: Linked Speed 10 (10,000mph), Quickness 10 (2500x speed) [20/20PP]

Immunity 10 (Life Support, Aging; Drawbacks: Power loss [Daka Crystals]) [9PP]
Protection 3 (Drawbacks: Power loss [Daka Crystals]) [2PP]

Star Vision Array (20 PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 2. Drawbacks: Power loss [Daka Crystals]) [21PP]
Base power: Blast 7 (Feats: Accurate 4, Precise, Variable Descriptor 1 [Electromagnetic Spectrum]) "Energy Beam". [20/20 PP]
Alternate Power: Super-senses 20 (Analytical [All Visual] [2], Extended 2 [All Visual, 1000' Increments], Infravision, Visual Counters Obscure [5], Visual Detects Electromagnetic Spectrum [3], Visual Penetrates Concealment,  Ultravision) [20/20PP]
Alternate Power: Dazzle 7 (Visual. Feats: Accurate 4, Precise, Ricochet ) "Light Beam" [20/20 PP]


DC Block
Attack      Range  Save               Effect
Unarmed     Touch  Toughness DC18/28  Damage (Physical)
Blast       Vision Toughness DC22     Damage (Energy)
Dazzle      Vision Reflex DC18        Blindness
Totals: Abilities (16) + Combat (20) + Saving Throws (8) + Skills (6) + Feats (6) + Powers (94) = 150/152 Edited by AvengerAssembled
November Edits (1 PP) - AA
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I have taken the liberty of making numerous edits to the format to bring it up to scratch, Spider, I hope that is ok. For reference, you may wish to note the changes I have made by comparing it with the Character Building version (so you get to know our formatting system - which help us all when you submit character edits and indeed if you wish to submit a second PC!)


At this stage I think I can give your first



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