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After the End (OOC)

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Harrier goes on 11

>The Shadow Paragon goes on 4

The bad Erotes (using TT's Anteros) go on 16

The Fop (using Dok's Vampire with a Power Ring) goes on 3

The Shadow Shifter (using TT's Shadow Controller) goes on 4


Erote Twins: 16

Gabriel: 15 

Harrier: 11

Shadow Paragon: 4 

Shadow Shifter: 4

Fop: 2 


The Eroti? Both feint as a move action - and roll so badly, oh well  . They're targeting Gabriel, spokesperson (in their minds) for an enemy pantheon. 

They shoot! Pew pew!


Oh well. Gimmie a quick sec to edit...

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Haha, right then, let's see...


Move Action: Put himself in front of the door into the building.

Free Action: Switch Sonic Control to Emotion Control 12(Extras: Area [General, Shapeable, 12 5ft cubes]).

Standard Action: Use said EC power. Shape the area to hit all 5 of the attackers and no one else. Specific emotion: Despair! DC 22 Will Saves for everyone!

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Harrier goes ahead and attacks the Erotes left unaffected by the attack. 

Well, a 30 does hit!

+5 Autofire Damage bonus, and I will spend an HP to buy Improved Crit on the staff. 

12+5+5=22=DC 37 Damage 


http://tou vs 37 = 3 http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4273033/


Welp, that's done. 


Shadow Paragon blasts Harrier 

-2 from Shaken = 22

That does hit! TOU DC is 25

http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4273045/ = 13 


You know what, I will take it! Harrier is dazed and staggered. I'll spend an HP to shake the dazed. 


And just in time, because here comes the Fop 

-2 from Shaken = 24

That also hits! Tou DC is 25 


And that's a bruise. Ow! 


New round! (might as well)

The last Erotes shoots Harrier, the weakened one! 

vs 22 



+5 Autofire bonus 

10+5=15 = DC 30!

http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4273127/ = 18 

Well, i don't want him unconscious...

http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4273135/ = 25 Bruised again though, owwie. 

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Gabriel is going to bank on the apparent mind control ending if both the instigators are down and out. He can't heal Harrier, unfortunately, so he's just going to have to take down the opposition.


Free Action: Switch Sonic Control to Blast. 

Standard Action: Ranged Attack vs Erotes...uh, whichever one is still up and running. 20. Blarg. So that hits but likely doesn't engage the Autofire, so DC 27 Toughness Save. 

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