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"Shadow League" Brainstorming


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This is for the Team Eve Martel/Blue Fox/Sage is assembling that is intended to be FCPbPs Birds of Prey analog which will have a 'core' roster as well as a rotating expanded roster. Possible team members, figuring out HQ stuff, that sort of thing should be worked out here. Since there will be an expanded roster, players non-core members (or potential members) should feel free to contribute.

So, let's work out the details, shall we?

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It's highly unlikely that I or any of mine will ever be involved, but I'd love to try and influence the new team somehow.


First, calling it the Shadow League is a road best left for alternate versions; it brings to mind the idea of it as some kind of secret superhero police(rather dodgy, and making superheroes THAT much The Establishment just feels off), the very name 'Shadow' has deeply unpleasant in-universe connotations, and this being a sort of quieter alternative to the more open vigilante teams is better emphasized by not using a name associated with the historic Leagues of the past. Thus, I would offer either 1) Outright mimicking the Birds and having an avian-themed name to signify their non-exclusive nature/watchfulness(the Hawks, grey or otherwise) or something to do with their subtler mission(the Unseen, maybe calling out to the Outsiders?).


Second, their headquarters should best be something relatively inconspicuous. A 'generic' skyscraper in Wading or Midtown could work admirably, with a hidden floor and security measures concealing the top-notch crime-fighting lab and resources hidden within. Multiple secret ways in might be cool as well, though teleportation is of course much stealthier.


Third, what is the central aim of the team? Just to make it clear.

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Additional team name suggestions: the Secret Alliance, the Unknown Saviors, the Samaritans, the Secret Society(of Justice/Freedom/Truth), the Ghosts, the Spectres, the Wraiths, the Raptors, the Hawks, the Talons,  MASK, SOTERES(cheating because I already used saviors, but the Greek and being an acronym distinguish it), SAUVEURS, the Empathy Enclave, the Silent, the Grey Guard, Vox Populii, Squad Dark, the Black Knights, the Watchwomen, the Justice Force.

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Anyway, for a focus, I believe you've already said in Paying it Forward that Eve intends the team to deal with underhanded corporation shenanigans rather than more high-stakes and public threats to human life and happiness. In that case a whole lot of possibilities open up given the ties some of the larger companies in Freedom City have to organized crime, not to mention the Grant Conglomerate & El Laberinto del Toro.


However, a problem emerges.

The characters you already have pegged as perfect for the team(Crimson Tiger, Ghost Girl, Wraith & Blue Fox) will be more than a match for most of the goons that can feasibly be fielded against them by their enemies without the PL-scale going absolutely crazy. Ideally the big guns won't need to be employed right away to present a physical challenge, and that wouldn't be the only kind they face.


This wouldn't be an issue ordinarily, but the Birds of Prey were notable as being a remarkably low-powered team for the most part. Huntress, Lady Blackhawk, Oracle, for a while the biggest bruiser was Black Canary. Of course the easy way to avoid that is just have enemies they can't reach to beat into submission...when dealing with a psychic, an infiltration-monster, and a ghost.


Putting their foes initially beyond the reach of the law, with the team needing to slowly gather evidence as the Magnate of the Year puts them through a gauntlet of hired baddies from Conundrum to Warden could work but might take a freaking long time.


Am I off-base on this?

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No. And while I am downgrading Eve 1 PL, and the force mix is a little strong, my hope is that the threads are less "here is a group of bad guys, punch them" and more investigative and infiltration based.

Of course some of those people they'd be up against have ties to things which AREN'T pushovers.

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